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Indicolite application-SDC by Amblygonite Indicolite application-SDC by Amblygonite
So I remember being asked about making a criminal gem so here he is

-one clean hit from him is enough to poof a gem instantly
-an indicolite's role is determined by color,he just so happens to have average defense
-He usually uses sound to help him lift
-he's not that fast at running,but his aim is anything but slow
-he has lesser focus on defense,so he's less tough
-knows everything about sound and he knows how to make well placed hits
-unlike the other,his  audiokinesis deals damage over time

name: indicolite

gem location: upper back

nicknames: blue tourmaline,ro 

Height: all indicolites are half a foot taller than jaspers 

Rank: solo agent

Occupation:  helps in navigating the vast cave system system,searches the planet and other things for requested materials,occasionally intercepts meteors or space debris

weapon: megaphone-he uses this as a gun,and other purposes.this is shown to Improve others attack stat simply by hearing him yell

 Dance style: slow dance,ballroom
-an indicolites role is based on color,blue is offense while leaning to green is defense
-he's quite slow in terms of rate of fire (2,3,4,5,6 seconds ranging in projectile strength) so he often just yells random stuff in Russian while buffing some random fighter.
-indicolites are high ranking and powerful elites so it takes a lot of resources to make one,hence why they are obsolete and it is illegal to simply have one in custody
-its an achievement to even beat an indicolite
- indicolites have extremely poor eyesight but they can see sound waves.
-his genres of music are gabber,speedcore,footwork,dubstep and juke
- wonders why the other indicolite looks so different
- he has sudden urges to be polite despite wanting to Be rude .
- all indicolite are naturally sadistic by nature

abilities: superior audiokinesis-he can solidify sound into rectangles that are nearly indestructible ,they can be used as bullets,barriers or even transportation,this gives him echolocation
Issue:he cannot always keep track of these,so don't blame him if you can't get past a door

 meganote: this sound deals increasing damage to anything within earshot his however can be cancelled by another indicolite,it is characterized by footwork and dubstep
Issue:it does NOT discriminate,it does not care who or what you are,IT WILL STILL HURT YOU.

war command: he can buff a single target's stats by 2 or one stat by 14 by yelling things in Russian however this can be nullified if he gets incapacitated or cancelled out by another indicolite.
Issue:during this his original personality is known to be replaced by his standard personality,so he is prone to going haywire.

origin: homeworld kindergarten 836

history: he was made as a normal indicolite with the default weapon of a record and another one of choice ,back then he was a completely different gem compared to who he is now. He was made to assist in planetary defense of homeworld but HE had something special,only exclusive to the blue variation of indicolite ,the ability to strengthen gems.the diamonds exploited all blue variations of indicolite ,they were put under rigorous training and were beaten extremely often by their assigned agate.that made his old self melt away,but it didn't go as planned,the standard personality of indicolites are that they are tough,brutal,cunning,sadistic and war hungry but in his case 43% percent of them were traumatized and they turned "soft" but he managed to hide it and blend in with the standard.

he was sent to earth to assist in the war,he was assigned to a team of quartzes and jaspers. His sheer supporting ability was enough to overpower many of the rebels he even poofed a large fusion by simply shooting it once however they soon faced a large grey gem. His team was shattered with only him remaining ,the gem crushed his glasses and discarded his record ,leaving him with only his megaphone and the total lack of his glasses wasn't helping with the standard bad eyesight of indicolites. He managed to put up a fight with the gem but he was too injured to make a good shot ,just when the grey gem was about to shatter him a large green hexagon crushed the grey gem ,poofing her instantly.once the smoke cleared out an indicolite was the one who saved him ,a green variation in fact.the green indicolite grabbed his hand and pulled him to the ship ,but he wasn't alone. The green gem's friend Rubellite was waiting outside the door urging them to hurry.they boarded the last ship still accepting passengers,the Retribution. Now he retains his dedication to support and help all those around him as he struggles to fit in to what is expected of an indicolite.


Closed off- he still remembers the abuse he experienced while serving homeworld so he acts like how an indicolite should act.

stoic- he often just stands there in silence and manages an occasional hi,hello or even how are you?

energetic- during a fight or war he reverts to standard personality,he lowers his bandanna and starts yelling things in Russian as a buff to the gem he is targeting,he however rarely shows this side of him,sometimes in some situations he reverts to this side of him
:brutal- he doesn't hold back during a fight
:sadistic- he enjoys the pain of battle ,especially if the enemy is getting hurt
: cunning- he knows how to stay calm in a bad situation and turn it around

kind-if you get to know him ,he's just a real sweetheart

affectionate- he knows how to show back love to those he cares about with hugs

considerate- he knows how others will feel about something and tries his best to keep them happy

Protective- this is one of the few good standard indicolite traits.he doesn't care about what will happen to him,he just wants the gems he loves to be safe and he'll do everything he can to do that.

gentle- he wouldn't hurt something if he didn't need to .

nervous- he often pretends to be tough and calm around other gems but on the inside he is freaking out if he sees some adorable thing.
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UnakiteorWhatever Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017  Hobbyist
These gems are really interesting... I almost want to make one for myself XD

I haven't gotten a chance to comment on the other Indicolite yet, but I am really impressed
by how different they are from each other, despite being the same gem. You did a great job
giving them a lot of variety, and this outfit specifically is really stylish. As for his history, it's
awesome how all your gems' histories correlate to each other in some way, just awesome~!!
ArkticBoi Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Heyo you mind if I use him in a draw the squad meme????
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure you can use him~!
ArkticBoi Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Yay! Thanks!
grabthebow Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017
:3 I like it if but this might of progressed some stuff but it will still go slow and steady. MUWHAHAHAHA
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No one ever expected a support from me,MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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