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Indicolite application- SDC by Amblygonite Indicolite application- SDC by Amblygonite
-he prefers to wear down his opponent with progressively stronger attacks as the battle goes on

-you could nuke him and he would be completely fine due to the constant sound waves emitted by him which he can solidify so it becomes nearly indestructible

-he can grab a quartz soldier with enough effort,he can carry using sound waves 

-he can do well at dodgeball although most of the time he's  stationery and moves slowly to be careful

-IF his sound barrier gets breached he can endure hits long enough for his barrier to reconstruct itself,so practically if his barriers are Down and you don't have enough force to poof him the battle could go on for eternity

-he knows everything there is about sound and the genres of music anything else ,he also smart enough to make tactical attacks

-his  audiokinesis is strong enough to hypnotize and lower the stats of others If he plays the right note 

Name: Indicolite 

Gem location: right shoulder

nicknames: mint colored brick with limbs,Jo,obsolete trash

height:half a foot taller than the canon jasper

rank: officer 

occupation: setting up barriers to protect kiron  from space debris or an attack From enemies of the court,entertains gems in their free time with music since the planet is not constantly under attack but he still has to keep the barriers up also helps in training gems develop new fighting techniques and he's the one they test it on since he won't feel a thing

Weapon: (main)record -cuts and blast gems with sound
(Secondary) headphones- if he takes it off a deafeningly loud sound of an air horn plays but it will really hurt if he puts it on the ears of another gem
Dance style:break dance,ballroom…
-he always has a barrier up somewhere
-the colors on his leg are the colors he can change Into based on what type of music he is playing
-he's  mostly stationary when someone is around but if you're not looking and he walks he'll fall down A LOT,he has the walking capacity of a baby
-technically if you compare his rank to a seems like comparing a jewel(indicolite) to a rock(sapphire)
-he's one of the lighter colors of indicolite,however he is often called mint because of it
-asks gems he knows if they want to contribute vocals in his  songs 
- his main genres of music are dubstep,chillstep,electro swing and house
- he has unique pronunciation of words ( great= gre,get=ge,party=pahty,block=blawk)
- all indicolite are naturally sadistic by nature
superior audiokinesis- he can control sound to the molecular level and even solidify it into hexagon shaped cells which can only be seen when hit 
issue: it's still sound and it will crush you if he loses focus for even a while

micronote- he can produce faint beeps which can affect another gem without even noticing it. It causes his opponent to progressively get weaker as the battle goes on (the longer you fight him the lower your stats get) .ticking sounds can hypnotize a gem not making them his slave but it makes them hallucinate
 Issue: he cannot deactivate this,anyone at any time will feel considerably weaker after simply being within earshot of him

Origin:kindergarten minor on mars,yellow diamond's court 

history: back when homeworld was still progressing meteors and space debris often fell and caused destruction.the role of a rare type of gem,an indicolite was to protect the planet ,they did so many times allowing home world to progress.after many cycles of blocking projectiles home world  deemed them obsolete and useless and ordered them to be shattered alongside with other types of early gems like rubellites,no longer needed to gather information,ajoites,no longer needed to hunt down gems and cubic zirconias a gem with asimilar purpose as Indicolite,no longer needed to solidify light

however due to the rareness of  those gems they were given a final chance on an evacuation mission. Each group consisting of  one indicolite,selenite,ajoite,rubellite and cubic zirconia on a planet to count how many gems were still on it .the rubellite of his crew counting 90143. HE protected the evacuation ships while the gems escaped but when it was time to meet up only rubellite and indicolite showed up ,they left on the last ship still boarding both of them watching the attack commence as their old selves withered away 

they both wait for for a chance to find the last  member of their crew 


Protective-"safety is my first priority"
-he's  always going to protect his friends no matter what will happen to him

friendly-"nice to meet ya "
-he can get anyone to open up .hes a really nice guy and the only time he's unfriendly is if you have a bad attitude

cunning-"yes it's still strange im obsolete "
-this is his most subtle trait.he always finds loopholes for his friends and always manages to get them out of trouble 

-it's a tourmaline thing. He's always ready to cheer you on even though your losing .he always convinces his friends that they can do it and he's with them  100% the whole time

caring-"Because i care about you,dummy!"
-he cares for others so much that it ends up hurting him but he doesn't care how much he gets hurt ,he only cares  about how much you're getting hurt 

secretive-"oh ,im fine don't worry about me "
-he always conceals his pain and suffering from others because he wants them to stay happy,he believes his problems should only trouble him and no one else.if you took of his glasses and  bandanna it would show how much he suffers each day

comical-"wanna hear a joke?"
-whenever a gem gets worried or concerned about how he's doing he'll try to dismiss it with a joke.hes just hiding it all under a smile

gentle-"look ,I would never hurt you"
-he doesn't  like fighting but he will if he has to or if his opponent is fine with it ,he couldn't hurt a fly

Positive-"let's get this party started!"
-he shows this 24/7 ,he never tells anyone they can't do something.hes fairly energetic that only a few other gems can keep up with him

thats it for my shy mint dood
(he's rubellite's partner)

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MadKingMarc Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg look at this bab
i wanna make a bab
like this
he screams at ppls
its gr8 
but ur art is goo art keep it up >w<
Jeclrs Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I gotta ask, when you say he and Rubellite are "partners", do you mean partnered Sovereign and Officer, or just partners in general? Because we have a nit-picky rule that one member can't have both the reigning Sovereign and Officer of the same state. Too much power, man. If that's not what you meant, then I apologize for wasting your time .-.

Anyway, this guy has absolutely wicked claws, and I love them. His sort of street performer/DJ look is definitely unique among the other court characters, and I think you make it work. The world needs more break dancing. It's a sort of romantic touch that he can also ballroom dance :meow:

Most of all, I enjoy how completely different Indicolite is from Rubellite, both in personality and design. I can imagine they have an incredibly fun to watch dynamic.
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What I meant was that those two are almost always with each other and they are super coordinated with each other's next move so they can make an on the spot comedy act
Jeclrs Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
That's awesome :D I'm glad to have unique and dynamic characters like them in the group~
grabthebow Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017
I like it's mouth design and the sound wave idea it is pretty cool
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's covering his mouth in a bandanna so his mouth is almost always covered
grabthebow Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017
well still i like it its neat
QuarterOfADollar Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
QuarterOfADollar Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017
His design is just yes.
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Much thank 😉
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