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Goldenite hornblende application - SC by Amblygonite Goldenite hornblende application - SC by Amblygonite


Name: Goldenite Hornblende
Nickname(s): Goldie, GOLDEN BLENDER, S-sir!
Pronouns: he/him

Gem type: goldenite
Rank: Special guest

Height: stack lapis lazuli on top of garnet.
Gem Location: back of right hand
Clothing: under is a dark gray kimono. A black kimono under with a golden sash around his waist. As well as a black upper layer with golden highlights and long, wide sleeves. He wears "socks" as well as black geta.

Abilities: Supreme Electricity Manipulation and creation. He can create nearly impossible amounts of electricty that if you tried to use his raw energy as powersource you would die from the electricity. but this also contributes to his frail and not-so-durable body.

Personality: he is a very pleasant gem that would rather not tick off others. Despite his "seemingly incompetent" nature, he's not the type of guy you want to dissapoint at least if you want to stay in one piece. He often loves meeting new people and he also is "easy to impress" despite his high standing on homeworld. He showers others in complememts and praise despite such a simple act such as succeeding to even walk near him. He is actually quite terrifying if he doesn't like you whic is nearly impossible because he "likes everyone". If you were to fight him he wouldn't seriously fight back, hence why he is easy to shatter.

- when gems first meet him, his aura seems crushing, hence why he has the nickname "S-sir!"
- he is abnormally lenient.
- he is the leader of a group which is yet to be revealed.
- he states that holding back his electricity generation is like holding back the urge to pee.
- He has this really thick japanese/korean accent, along with that is BROKEN ENGLISH.
- due to the ABNORMALLY HIGH amount of electricity he generates in one sitting, the gems that serve him are typically insulated or mentally prepared for his crushing presence.

Favorite Quotes:
When first meeting "oh? Hello, pardon me for being inconvenience".
When being attacked "I would not do that if I were you! At least..... if you wanna live"
When giving reviews "I love this place! What more can I say?"
When being asked about powers " I am essentially battery!"
When talking to someone that doesn't know him
"I am j-just average gem! E-eyup!"
IcebergCabbage Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unfluent in English characters are my favorite thing ever I love him bless
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 He's the type of foreigner that would say "whats wrong with you" instead of "How are you doing"
IcebergCabbage Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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