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Enstatite application-SDC by Amblygonite Enstatite application-SDC by Amblygonite

- Extremely poor at damaging others with his raw attacks
-he cannot really protect himself well if he is disabled
-He has a sort of impairment so he requires the cane to avoid falling
-He is more of a brawler gem so he is tough
- A *little* outdated when it comes to the modern world
-His abilities are rather powerful but he always must refrain from using them....or else his male wife gets mad...

name: Enstatite

gem location: above his left eye


height: stack lapis lazuli on top of jasper 

rank: solo agent

occupation: Clearing out overgrown areas and eliminating unwanted pests. but mainly training gems on how to fight without using abilities.

weapon: cane-sword - this is his main but rarely ever used weapon because he mostly uses it as a regular cane so he can surprise other when they see him sword fighting. the cane is also shown to be very durable as it can withstand containing his energy. the cane is also surprisingly heavy, being about as heavy as two pearls combined. the main use of its sheer weight is to drop it onto a weaker gem and they will be pinned underneath it

dance style: swing, rarely flamenco but in a dance he never lets himself be controlled, always balancing out the dance between partners 

head canons: 
- enstatites and musgravites are made from the blueprints of a long unused gem
-their presence is rather disturbing so capes were made for them to contain their energies
- enstatites are used to create a sort of post apocalyptic state in planets that homeworld chose
- enstatites are kept in containment cells when out of use
- the homewolrd stereotype for them is "oh you're an enstatite? you must be antagonistic and i should be scared!"

- enstatites are trained alongside terraformers because in any event the terraformer creates something "undesirable" the enstatite can simply turn the designated area into a barren wasteland or a "blank slate" so that the terraformer may try again. by personality enstatites are typically viewed as being bitter, cold and brutal to any thing they were commanded to oversee/get rid of.
- his body is actually bulkier when he doesn't wear the cape
-he loves musgravite more than anything and to an extension ajoite.
-he almost never uses any  of his abilities so he seems really weak


Grim tidings: this is a powerful energy that is expelled constantly from enstatite unless he wishes to block it . the effects of this energy on life can be detrimental which is why if you let him walk in a forest next thing you know its a forest full of dead and rotting biomass. the energy expelled however can be crammed into an area around the enstatite which will concentrate it but has lesser range. he however is quite ashamed of this power and prefers to keep it secret, he won't tell you about unless he really trusts you. this however has a negative effect to gems also, so it is not a good idea to stay near him during his free time. the ability somehow grows exponentially in strength based on how negative his emotions are, being the worst if he no longer cares. He has so far never used this on kiron yet.

paint your dreams haunted : he can expel another type of energy which inspires unnatural amounts of fear and horror to manifest to those who are around him, it is even worse with a touch because he can funnel more and more and more fear and horror into you until you are too traumatised to fight back

weakness: this deals  NO damage on its own.

origin: homeworld, terraformer training region

history:  enstatite started out as any other enstatite would, towering and heavily built they could intimidate any common gem. this enstatite was designated Q18D6 for his quality being 18 and his designation being a purpose class 6. he trained many terraformers in what to do when they were ordered to do their purpose, he was assigned to train musgravites which were purpose class 2. he witnessed the common issue with musgravites then and there.... it was their love for creation. he had opened the field so he could see just how bad it was. it was worse than he thought because the mugravites actually made a beautiful scenery and landscape, enstatite who was getting annoyed simply put his hand to the ground and the scenery was reduced to a husk, the musgravites were all irritated except for one. that peculiar musgravite had approached enstatite and asked him "why do you have to do that?", enstatite was shocked and simply replied "because it is my purpose". enstatite had attempted to shrug off the encounter but for some reason he couldn't , there was just something so strange about the musgravite. 

curiosity got the better of him, one day when the musgravite was out of training he was able to witness the musgravite creating plant life and making things that would enrage the diamonds and out of fear enstatite grabbed the musgravite by the wrist and forcefully held him up "what do you think you're doing?!" to that statement the musgravite only laughed and replied "isn't it obvious? i am only doing my purpose". enstatite was bewildered by those words, he knew gems were supposed to do what they were made to do and only that but this time.... it was different...this time he was different. enstatite had grown curious and was fascinated by the creations and marvelled, each passing day both of them spent more and more time with each other. until finally it was the day the batch of musgravites were to be tested , most of them passed but some others refused to change what they saw was already beautiful but it was then and there that the agate and aquamarine shattered them on the spot, enstatite knew that they were all more than capable of defeating the pair but why didn't they fight back? it was then that he remembered that musgravites are passive gems that required huge amounts of protection. once it was the peculiar musgravite's turn he had noticed that the musgravite also failed the test but enstatite could not bear to see him shattered.. the feeling was so strong and just when the aquamarine was about the slam his gem into the ground enstatite grabbed her by the neck and squeezed hard to inflict the greatest pain she would know, the agate was furious but was too terrified to fight back properly and once again when the agate had attempted to summon her whip to protect herself but enstatite was not fazed by it and simply grabbed her by the head and then by the shoulders and snapped her neck to poof her. 

of course the musgravites were horrified by the brutality such a gem could give and then enstatite had asked if any one of them knew how to edit personality and one did so he edited the personalities of the agate and aquamarine to be easier to traumatise. when they had reformed they immediately attempted to attack and they gave rude words to enstatite but once again he walked towards them and grabbed the aquamarine by both legs, hung her upside down and said "if you know what's good for you i suggest you keep quiet" and they did so because no one had discovered the fiasco yet. when it was time for them to leave training the peculiar musgravite had asked if enstatite would want to accompany him and he gladly agreed. world by world they had terraformed as the diamonds saw fit but musgravite was obviously displeased by his own actions. as time passed they had began to love each other but they felt it that they weren't good together so they stayed away from each other just enough. 

one day when they were on a planet for a short break it was witnessed that an alabaster had accidentally impaired musgravite. enstatite was boiling with  rage at what had happened but it was then that he blushed when musgravite asked if he could carry him. during the dawn of the rebellion the pair was actually asked by a high ranking official of the rebellion if they wanted to join rose quartz  in a quest to liberate all gems from tyranny and stating that their talents were needed and they could be something more. musgravite was obviously ecstatic at being able to create anything he wished but the same was not true to enstatite, he could only destroy and stop changes, totally opposite to what he wanted to do and he HATED himself for that. he could not go with the rebellion because they wished to save the earth and he would only ruin it so he declined. musgravite must have sensed this because he also declined. eventually the pair became more known but not in a good light, so they were ordered to be separated and so they unwillingly left each other.

enstatite was commissioned to multiple planets that needed destroying so he did so many times.he felt worse and worse each day they were apart to the point that the pain he felt began pouring out of him, the energy was sickening and horrifying as if to spread grief and suffering to anything around him. his ability was out of control to the point that the moment he touched a tree it died and withered into a hollow husk, he was disgusted with himself but he couldn't help it and it all went downhill from there. 

after a long time of his ability going berserk homeworld had finally decided to weaponise him despite him not being made to see the war. during the early rebellion he witnessed so many gems get sick and collapse right in front of him just because of how hollow he was inside ... he didn't care anymore because he only lived for one purpose and it was to destroy. he witnessed the new gems being made in kindergartens but that was when he met a green indicolite, he looked strange. its true their purpose is defence but his form was more like a design for a shock absorber because of the huge amount of hair he had to the point it went around his neck like a scarf. they talked for a bit and he had told enstatite that "indicolites are too expensive so lets send whats left of them to earth to get themselves shattered for us", honestly for the first time enstatite actually felt pity for him as they once protected homeworld from cataclysmic meteors so how could they just throw them away like that?

finally he was thrown into the fray with many other gems for the battle. the destruction was massive and it almost seemed as if enstatite was enjoying the chaos, he was finally somewhere he liked so he raged on in the battle and took some serious blows but endured the hard battle to come until it was time that rubellites  scrambled all over the battle field to gather the remains of shattered gems and to evacuate the survivors
. they didn't say anything but urged the survivors to leave immediately, he was about to leave until he saw musgravite on the ground along with a few other gems having a stressful conversation with the very same green indicolite he had met. the indicolite had carried one of the other gems on his shoulder bu he wasn't able to carry musgravite as good. but it was that moment that enstatite bolts to him and helped to carry him onto the ship. many other gems had also scrambled along into the ship following a chevron amethyst and enstatite could only think "how interesting"

onboard the retribution they had been told of a new life awaiting them where they would be loved, musgravite and enstatite were reunited after so long and almost everything was perfect until it came to them. enstatite's power would destroy the planet if he had decided to live there so an agreement was made between the archdukes and enstatite. he was told that his powers must be forcefully restrained to preserve the ecosystem so he had to be chained and bound by the legs.  he was told about cuffs that  went around his legs to shock him if he attempted using his power but it also contained his power within him .he finally agreed, it was an easy decision for a new life. the cuffs went around his calves and his hair turned from its raven black to a foggy grey.


Blunt - " you are such an idiot for believing such an obvious lie"
he can be rather blunt with what he says , always saying whats on his mind without a second thought so this often paints him in the light o being incredibly mean but somehow true to his feelings about other people so this also makes him very direct and straight to the point.

philisophical- " life is full of surprises, its up to you wether or not you benefit from it"
despite his overall seriousness and stern demeanor he can be quite wise, giving life advice to those who ask him questions, he also never seems to be rattled by anything because he always expects the most negative outcome so when it does happen he is never shocked for any type of outcome, not even his own shattering.

stern-" i don't like wasting time and neither should you"
he is extraordinarily disciplined and strict to those that he is overseeing. most of the time he is serious and relentless to  teaching the manners in which you can do things and its either do it right or don't do it at all.

sardonic-" oh? you messed up? HA HA HA HA, fuckin' wimp"
he sometimes mocks people and laughs at all failures including his own .

cynical- " We only do things to get what we want, and i always get what i want"
he has lost hope in the belief that people do things for the greater good. he has placed his belief in the advocacy that we only act to get our own ends . he is rather distrustful of others who want to help him and he constantly suspects that they only do it to get on his good side. he does not believe in the aspect of integrity. he himself doesn't really care about others unless he needs to actually do his job. he has lost faith in ambition. he also openly shares it to others if they ever ask it or he tries teaching them a lesson.

 a teeny bit cruel- " its so pitiful that i could just laugh at this piece of garbage"
he crushes others dreams because to him its the easiest way to prevent the from being hurt anymore, he believes that it takes being hurt to make you a better gem.

committed- " i don't make promises, only commitments"
he always does what he is told to do, never being lazy. he also has never lied in his entire life because he has done everything he promises to you. he is wholeheartedly dedicated and loyal to the cause.

secretly a nice guy-" geez, acting like a grump isn't what i do all day ya know"
despite his stern and bitter demeanour that you think is his full personality he is actually somewhat a nice guy if you catch him in a 1 out of 10 chance every week. in this state he is actually a much nicer gem to the point you would wonder if he is really the same guy. he also laughs and has fun during certain times but this takes ENORMOUS  amounts of effort and the only time you see him being really happy is when he's around musgravite. the reason behind all of his cruel words is just so that you don't get hurt later on

pernicious- "its a cruel world out there"
he can slowly creep into the crevices of your being, making you question yourself if you listen to his voice for too long at once . he is overall being harmful to your mental state but he doesn't mean it 

dignified- " i won't bow down to some egotistical brat!"
he won't listen or even pay attention to you if he sees that you don't act dignified or proper because he thinks that you might be a brat. he really only obeys those who he sees as proper and strong. 

secretive-"I only have one ability, trust me"
he has never told any other gem except musgravite and the tourmaline pair about his power to wreak havoc. he views his own power as disgusting and unworthy to be in the presence of those he cares about (which are very few). he does not talk about 'grim tidings' in any way but if there is a gem that is smart enough to know about an enstatite's purpose he will quickly try to silence them privately either through threats or "some other way".
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