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Blue alabaster application-SDC by Amblygonite Blue alabaster application-SDC by Amblygonite
H A you were all expecting musgravite's kids to be a selenite and quartz but I got ya all there 

-his strikes are not that good at dealing damage but he is astonishingly accurate and quick
-his intelligence helps him to foresee attacks ,so he can block or dodge most attacks.
-he can lift musgravite,easy as pie
- he jumps and flips over enemies to dodge while still firing his arrows
-he is best at long  range battles,so please don't punch him
-he's quite smart but he hides it extremely well
-he's got powerful abilities,however they rely on his curses which are completely random

Gem: blue alabaster
gem location: chest
Nickname: my child,Al ,sometimes "quartz"
Height: a head taller than the canon pearls

Rank: soldier
Occupation: musgravite's bodyguard, hired assassin ,although most of the time he's a safety evaluator
  Weapon: Those symbols you see there each represent one thing
(main) bow and arrow- he is extremely agile and silent when using this weapon,if he manages to land three consecutive shots on a cursed target,the curse will double In effect.
(Secondary) explosive bear trap- this is an invisible trap that strangely lures a target In via curse
(combined) Aurora artillery- if he combines his beartrap and bow,it becomes a giant ballista that shoots a rain of arrows in the target area

looming dread- he can randomly and accidentally place a curse on an object,place,living thing or even other gems. The curses vary in effect,there are over 1000 different curses that can be placed on others, the same curse can be placed on the same target multiple times called a "stack".

volley dance- this is more a talent than an ability, alabasters are elegant fighters,they can fire with deadly accuracy even while moving,in this case while doing flips or jumps. Every time they land a shot they get considerably faster and even more accurate with their arrows.

Haunting waltz- alabasters can turn invisible,their first arrow after they  become invisible deals triple the usual damage.

Dance style: swing, sometimes he break dances 
Theme song: (facade) snails house-hot milk
(Reality) shindig-hiccup
-alabasters do not naturally look and act  like that,they are masculine,large,extroverted and calm
-this alabaster that you see here,has copied the form of another gem which is a regular white quartz
-an alabaster's hair can reflect their loyalty towards someone.
-those 'rib' like thing on his sides are something musgravite likes to call a detainment band
-when he's not in his real form and he's wearing detainment bands,he is suuuper weak
-when someone has a problem with how musgravite is,he becomes extremely nervous
-his necktie is a gift from musgravite,which musgravite wove himself.
-his eyes are pale because of exposure to something called a "searing lamp"
-his "clothes" are actually just worn over,they are not part of his actual form.
-he'll only show you his true appearance if he really trusts you or if you accidentally remove his tie (which is the lock for his detainment bands).
-he makes more puns than there are gems on homeworld

origin: homeworld,under white diamond
history: blue alabaster was made for the exact purpose of a quick,clean and silent elimination of threats or anything the diamonds did not like, they were also used as personal guards,as they are aesthetically pleasing, so to speak  they are like shiny guns. This alabaster served as the shiny toy of white diamond herself,he followed her every command like a loyal dog,there at her every beck and call. At one point when he was hesitant to shatter a threat to the diamonds,white diamond was shocked at how her "perfect toy" wouldn't obey her. White diamond simply dismissed it as a simple glitch expecting him to work properly. He was not by white diamond's side for about 100 years and during that time he met a unique pair, a musgravite and enstatite were together which wasn't a very good idea seeing as they leave a trail of ruin wherever they go. Alabaster was genuinely terrified by them but hid it well. He lost control of his curses and accidentally knocked the misgravite into a wall . Enstatite was incredulous at the sight of his partner laying on the ground,the musgravite attempted to get up and so he did but he discovered that he could not walk or even run,his legs were unable to move forward.

The musgravite discovered his cruel fate that he now knew,he accepted it and did not decide to even go to a healer seeing it as a "gift" from the alabaster,the misgravite soon asked for his friendship and he accepted along with enstatite who was hesitant. Eventually musgravite and enstatite were taken on missions further and further away from him,he felt truly forgotten and alone. He attempted to make new friends but no one else would be willing to interact with him and when someone was willing it was only to insult him. He felt like he was slipping away into obscurity,no one wanted him,no one loved him. He stayed in the same dark space for over 200 years with only one other gem ,until eventually two figures found him,it was a moonstone carrying a musgravite who apparently couldn't walk. The moonstone was wary but musgravite knew him,he knew that he was hurting on the inside so he made and offer, " will you willingly trade your power for your friends?" He of course complied with the offer,the musgravite weaved four rib like part and attached it to alabaster' side,alabaster felt greatly weakened, misgravite told him to take a less obvious form and so he did choosing the form of a white quartz,it was then that he went by the nickname of "quartz" and not alabaster. Musgravite was the first gem that ever truly loved alabaster for who he is .

He he was brought back to homeworld and he soon began making many more friends,musgravite took him to his building and he soon discovered that musgravite had been  finding many more gems to add to his family. Until a snoopy pearl reported it to white diamond. Once again he was losing the gems around by one a team of Jaspers dragged one gem out every day until only he and another gem was left. When it was his time to go ,musgravite did something against his own creed,he buried the jaspers into the ground and solidified the ground that they were in. Musgravite took him,moonstone and another on their escape to earth. On earth musgravite's family grew again they were happy......until the war,it was simply chaos ,musgravite was devastated. Moonstone had gotten shattered trying to protect them ,musgravite begged them to leave without him but they refused until a green indicolite asked musgravite a few questions and soon carried him and the others without breaking a sweat while being escorted by an indicolite. He now fights loyally by musgravite's side ,wishing that musgravite would not feel such grief again.


Natural: how he acts usually in his true form

accurate- alabaster never gives the general answer,he is known for giving exact and clear commands or information so no one ever gets confused

charming-he is quite social and he simply loves getting to know others,he's the kind of guy who can get you around his finger in an instant

energetic-he's practically a battery with limbs

supportive-even if you mess up he'll always be there to give you a hug no matter what

nervous-he's always nervous about what will happen if his friends see his true form,his most common thought are "will they hate me?","will they not like me anymore?","are they mad that I hid it from them?".

Pragmatic-he bases things off of logic instead of fanstasy but that doesn't mean that he's a party pooper!

extroverted-he loves making new friends and simply being with them

Calm- he's usually all smiles and and jokes when troubles come along

considerate- if you're hard working and he can see that you're tired he'll either offer to help you or even fill in for you which is often a wreck because kornerupine gets jealous easily

acting:unique added traits he shows when he's not in his real form
anxious-he's always worried about what will happen to musgravite at all times

overworked-he never stops working which is the reason for the dark rings around his eyes,he gets tired at times which looks like drowsiness

protective-he won't let gems get near musgravite if he doesn't get the command

Shy-if you're huge and all that he'll still try his best to befriend you although he'll just be a little shy around you.

common quotes: (this is not part of the ref but I just wanna do it)
true form quotes
-"well,well,well looks like we got some stragglers!"
-"It doesn't matter if you screw up or not,all that matters is that you try your best"
-"have I ever told you how fun you are to be around?"
-" do i look lonely? "
fake form quotes
-"oh dear,should we even be doing this?"
-"kornerupine,get down from there its not safe."
-"oh- uhhhhh... I-im b-blue a-alabaster, nice t-to m-m-meet you!"
-'' i'm a nervous wreck 24/7/365, are you impressed?!''
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MadKingMarc Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love him
hes adorable i cant
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just you wait until i reveal his partner
MadKingMarc Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
: O
Jeclrs Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Considering how impressive his special abilities are, despite being curse related, I think a few points should probably be moved to the special stat. Based on how you described his other stats, I'd suggest moving one from DEF, and perhaps ones from INT (just because there's enough to spare). At least five points total for SPEC would be ideal, but it could pass with four.

Also, "he can lift musgravite..." that made me laugh :D

I really love how tied together all of your characters are.
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