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Black Sardonyx Application - BDC by Amblygonite Black Sardonyx Application - BDC by Amblygonite
Court: :iconblooddiamondscourt:

Name: Black Sardonyx
Nickname(s): Sad nyx (don't call him that if you want to live)
Gemstone: Sardonyx
Gem Location: Right eye
Height (compared to a cannon gem): slightly taller than rose quartz

Job: Spy/assassin
Class/Rank: Kindred
Home Planet: 1st
Weapon: Scythe
Powers: audiokinesis- he has dominion over sound. He can manipulate what you hear or what sound is around you (ex.He can make a pearl's voice sound like an amethyst's instead. It main offensive purpose is that the vibrations in the air can push back or (slightly) damage those he targets with it.

Bio/Personality: black sardonyx was made as an assasion who would stalk targets of the doamonds without anyone knowing. Their audiokinesis gave them the ability to silence their unfortunate targets before they can scream. Until one day during an assasination attempt he was caught, because a detector was near his target and he failed to kill them. He couldn't face the diamonds after such a failure. So he fled from homeworld along with afew other gems. Sad Nyx is a very hardworking individual despite his icy and cold demeanor. He prefers not to talk much but if he is talked to he can continue a conversation quite well but albeit with a very monotone and serious voice.he is very silent and can easily sneak up on gems with no detection abilities. Aside from his serious behavior he is actually EXTREMELY OUTDATED on new gems tech so he actually prefers not to use them. He tends to hide his weaknesses extraordinarily well but he also hides his emotions. He is a civil gem and knows his place but he doesn't pass out his respect for free, often fighting to determine whether or not you are worthy.overall 'Sad' in his nickname is quite accurate.

Fun -
Theme song: booty swing - parov stelar
Synchronized Dance Style: Ballroom
- it is still to be proven wether or not if the bands of a black sardonyx produce sound
- he actually composes music in his free time
- if he thinks that your'e too noisy, he will shut you up.
- he has a pony tail because he tried to fix his super messy hair.
-black sardonyxes are made for stealth and infiltration missions.
- his voice IS ABNORMALLY DEEP AND INTIMIDATING, so he usually changes his voice to fix his insecurity of his own voice.
- he doesn't have eyebags--
sabrina2002g Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
his weapon and the design of sardonyx is so cool! I love it!
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ! I tried my best to  make him look like a grump
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March 26
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