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Ajoite-SDC by Amblygonite Ajoite-SDC by Amblygonite
- do you deliberately want to get beaten up?
-pretty good
-he is muscular but is actually quite average
-he is fast but prefers walking to get around
-he can take a few direct hits while still being able to fight
-he can solve a rubik's cube without even touching it
-he is extremely heavy in this region of specialty

given name: fancy blue waiter

component A: Musgravite
component B: Blue Alabaster

Rank: solo agent

weapon: plasma guns- he can summon a multitude of floating guns that he can control at will, these are the types
pistol- shoots out small but fast circular projectiles
detainer- shoots out a light blue glowing plasma snake that delivers a debilitating shock when it coils around you
rifle- it shoots a beam of glowing blue light that deals medium damage but takes a while to be fired again
Gauss cannon- shoots a giant laser burst of light blue energy that can destroy an unarmored ship in a single hit but it can only be fired once in an hour


Serpent Arbiter- he can summon and manipulate glowing blue plasma snakes that can vary in size the biggest being enough to completely wrap a diamond while the smallest being enough to fit in a keyhole, these snakes are electric so touching one can shock or stun you. also when he touches you a light blue snake tattoo will appear on you and spread very slowly, when a snake tattoo is on you attempting to use your ability will cause an excruciating pain to fill that part of the body, growing more intense the harder you try

Tip the scale- he can warp reality to literally change the odds, this can manifest in extreme misfortune or extreme fortune on a designated target. this can cause totally random things to fall on you, things that are influenced by tip the scale will have objects  glow blue before something bad will happen to them involving that object

stasis ward- anything that looks into his eyes will be paralysed instantly, during paralysis summoning weapons and abilities are disabled however this only lasts for as long as he is looking at you or you are looking at him.

Rift Stage-he can produce a light blue pulse that can literally warp reality around him, this can involve an environmental change or even a completely different situation because this can ''stack'' matter on matter creating a sort of ''rift'', this is commonly used for creating a dungeon or trapped area for Ajoite's escape during  a battle

history: he was created accidentally when musgravite saved alabaster which accidentally fused them hence creating ajoite, since the first time they fused they were scared of who they became when they were together yet they wanted to be together but alabaster knew his place as only his guard , so musgravite found a way for them to have a reason to be together. they decided that they wanted to protect each other but they couldn't  do it apart so as time went on they became less and less afraid of ajoite so this time they fused for just a little bit longer... but then they lost themselves.... creating the gem you now know as ajoite, but since the arrival of the gem diplomat known as enstatite he managed to split apart and regain themselves but enstatite warned them that when they fused neither musgravite or alabaster would be in control only ajoite. but they knew that they wanted to protect each other and because enstatite had loved musgravite for the longest time he allowed them to fuse so they would be happy together and here he is now as ''one'' individual under the watchful eye of musgravite's beloved enstatite.


laid back- he is usually quite lazy and just stands idly by as time passes until he is called to serve

standoffish- he tries really hard to look independent so this often puts him in the light that he doesn't need help unless he says so. But if you somehow manage to get past his act he can actually be a really good guy but this accomplishment is nearly impossible

irritated- he often seems really grumpy,angry,frustrated and all that stuff because he's really hard to understand, this also shows when he has one sided friendships with other gems

flirtatious- he can be a silver tongued charmer when he wants to which often causes issues in the relationships of other gems when he gets involved but of course he only sees this as nothing big and only does it so he can see their hilarious reaction. this is especially dominant when the masculine counterpart in the relationship is present. he even enjoys stealing other gems hearts so that he makes sure that he's unforgettable. he usually has competitions with others to see who can get more to fall for them

entertaining- when he's around there is never a dull moment and not because he tells jokes but because he can start drama and somehow not be involved in anyway whatsoever, he won't even be suspected unless he himself admits it. this is especially useful in causing enemies to fight each other

acts dull- he is extremely intelligent but doesn't show or act like it, this often leaves the negative impression on others that he is quite dull, which he willingly accepts because doesn't want others to ask him advanced science questions that he can easily answer

loyal- it may not seem like it but he is loyal to a fault serving until the end of his days

manly- he acts super masculine completely on impulse , this often helps him getting others to fall for him especially if they like the manly type

 vulgar- he says lots of bad words in korean so its lucky he is hard to understand

hard to hate- despite how he acts its really hard to hate someone like him especially since he can get into your head

enhanced characteristics:

korean speaking-due to musgravite and alabaster no longer having any control over the fusion this caused ajoite's korean speaking trait to come out rather than speaking english

rag doll body- he can get pierced and have things lodged in his body that would usually be enough to poof a normal gem, the only real way to ''damage'' him is through slicing attacks and blasts of some sort

- he used to be able to speak english when musgravite and alabaster had control over him
- he has a rrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllyyyyyy heavy korean accent which even though he tried to speak english it would be really hard to understand him
- he gives derogatory nicknames to people he doesn't like such as ''stone boy'', ''no legs girl'',''disco ball kid''
- when he wants to get your attention he says ''yah!''
- he sometimes sits on the edge of a cliff and sulks because he ''misses'' musgravite and alabaster because they are both ''not present'' when ajoite is around, this is the only time he drops his tough guy act and actually shows his true feelings
- he doesn't cry
- he can't feels pain but says ''ow'' anyway
- he has a few (love) interests in the court

head canons:
- ajoite's vest is actually a bulletproof sort of armor
- his hair is curled up at the front for some reason that ajoite doesn't know
- ajoites are valuable gems seeing as their components are both gems that are often associated with diamonds or even directly serve them
- ajoites are ilegally made on homeworld as servants on a black market which this ajoite actually experienced once on their escape to earth
- he has a one room in a mountain which inside is like a setup for a talk show which ajoite will speak in korean but there will magically be subtitles in the air, he often drags gems there so that he can interview them. his room is a combination of alabaster and musgravite's rooms which indicolite and rubellite also have

''yah!neo geogi dol sonyeon!''
( hey! you there stone boy!)

''geu joh-eun il-eun dangsin-i ihaehaji moshaneun hangug, dangsin-i wouldnt almyeon naneun im-eun srcastic ttoneun anibnida.''
(its a good thing you dont understand korean,cause you wouldnt know if im being srcastic or not.)

nongdam hae?!"
(are you kidding me?!)

babo gat-eun bil-eo meog-eul 'lego!''
(stupid damn fuckin' lego!)

"back when i could speak english,i told the diamonds to fuck off"

korean voice:
english voice: 
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MadKingMarc Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love him asdsfsakjfueiljasdf
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mah bab djdjsjsiaksiahdhsjajfadsfsf
Jeclrs Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, so how to do the stats wasn't very well explained (you did them almost perfectly though!), and he's short two points. When the components have stats that are equal to each other, that stat gains 2 points instead of just one. So for this boi, strength should have 3 points, and durability should have 4.

"given name" here means a name other than their gem type (they might not have one, especially if they're the only one of their kind around). A more personalized name- pretty much a nickname.

But... wai does he speak Korean? I'm not against it, just perplexed by it.
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaaannndd done!
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah! Thank you for your explanation! 
I kinda made him speak korean cause when i was making his app i noticed how similar he is to my friend's oc that also speaks korean so here he is now! :333333
ArkticBoi Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017  Hobbyist Artist

I wonder who "Disco Ball Kid" could be - v-
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ArkticBoi Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
“Stone boy” ???
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ArkticBoi Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
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