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Goldenite hornblende application - SC


Name: Goldenite Hornblende
Nickname(s): Goldie, GOLDEN BLENDER, S-sir!
Pronouns: he/him

Gem type: goldenite
Rank: Special guest

Height: stack lapis lazuli on top of garnet.
Gem Location: back of right hand
Clothing: under is a dark gray kimono. A black kimono under with a golden sash around his waist. As well as a black upper layer with golden highlights and long, wide sleeves. He wears "socks" as well as black geta.

Abilities: Supreme Electricity Manipulation and creation. He can create nearly impossible amounts of electricty that if you tried to use his raw energy as powersource you would die from the electricity. but this also contributes to his frail and not-so-durable body.

Personality: he is a very pleasant gem that would rather not tick off others. Despite his "seemingly incompetent" nature, he's not the type of guy you want to dissapoint at least if you want to stay in one piece. He often loves meeting new people and he also is "easy to impress" despite his high standing on homeworld. He showers others in complememts and praise despite such a simple act such as succeeding to even walk near him. He is actually quite terrifying if he doesn't like you whic is nearly impossible because he "likes everyone". If you were to fight him he wouldn't seriously fight back, hence why he is easy to shatter.

- when gems first meet him, his aura seems crushing, hence why he has the nickname "S-sir!"
- he is abnormally lenient.
- he is the leader of a group which is yet to be revealed.
- he states that holding back his electricity generation is like holding back the urge to pee.
- He has this really thick japanese/korean accent, along with that is BROKEN ENGLISH.
- due to the ABNORMALLY HIGH amount of electricity he generates in one sitting, the gems that serve him are typically insulated or mentally prepared for his crushing presence.

Favorite Quotes:
When first meeting "oh? Hello, pardon me for being inconvenience".
When being attacked "I would not do that if I were you! At least..... if you wanna live"
When giving reviews "I love this place! What more can I say?"
When being asked about powers " I am essentially battery!"
When talking to someone that doesn't know him
"I am j-just average gem! E-eyup!"
Black Sardonyx Application - BDC
Court: :iconblooddiamondscourt:

Name: Black Sardonyx
Nickname(s): Sad nyx (don't call him that if you want to live)
Gemstone: Sardonyx
Gem Location: Right eye
Height (compared to a cannon gem): slightly taller than rose quartz

Job: Spy/assassin
Class/Rank: Kindred
Home Planet: 1st
Weapon: Scythe
Powers: audiokinesis- he has dominion over sound. He can manipulate what you hear or what sound is around you (ex.He can make a pearl's voice sound like an amethyst's instead. It main offensive purpose is that the vibrations in the air can push back or (slightly) damage those he targets with it.

Bio/Personality: black sardonyx was made as an assasion who would stalk targets of the doamonds without anyone knowing. Their audiokinesis gave them the ability to silence their unfortunate targets before they can scream. Until one day during an assasination attempt he was caught, because a detector was near his target and he failed to kill them. He couldn't face the diamonds after such a failure. So he fled from homeworld along with afew other gems. Sad Nyx is a very hardworking individual despite his icy and cold demeanor. He prefers not to talk much but if he is talked to he can continue a conversation quite well but albeit with a very monotone and serious voice.he is very silent and can easily sneak up on gems with no detection abilities. Aside from his serious behavior he is actually EXTREMELY OUTDATED on new gems tech so he actually prefers not to use them. He tends to hide his weaknesses extraordinarily well but he also hides his emotions. He is a civil gem and knows his place but he doesn't pass out his respect for free, often fighting to determine whether or not you are worthy.overall 'Sad' in his nickname is quite accurate.

Fun -
Theme song: booty swing - parov stelar
Synchronized Dance Style: Ballroom
- it is still to be proven wether or not if the bands of a black sardonyx produce sound
- he actually composes music in his free time
- if he thinks that your'e too noisy, he will shut you up.
- he has a pony tail because he tried to fix his super messy hair.
-black sardonyxes are made for stealth and infiltration missions.
- his voice IS ABNORMALLY DEEP AND INTIMIDATING, so he usually changes his voice to fix his insecurity of his own voice.
- he doesn't have eyebags--
Spessartine Application- BDC

Name: Spessartine
Nickname(s): Spess
Gemstone: Spessartine (garnet)
Gem location: Right bicep region
Height: two heads taller than rainbow quartz (canon)

Job: preventing intruders from escaping/entering

Class/rank: Castle guard
Home planet: 2nd planet
Abilities: "my illusions are capable of slightly more advanced things such as appealing to more than the sense of sight. If I try hard enough I can make them somewhat tangible but it takes up quite a bit of energy (lowkey why he gets tired easily)"

Spess originated from white diamond's court, he served under her for millenia as her advisor until he eventually grew bored of her as she would not pique his interests. He left her court and eventually wound up here. Spess is a seemingly calm and ignorant gem, often being seen lazing around but in reality he has more malevolent intentions and a ridiculous and astonishing amount of knowledge but that is only when someone manages to discover it. Overall spess is a very pleasant as well as knowledgable gem who has an uncanny charm to him. He will also find each and every way to screw you over if he wants to. He can be seen being beaten in combat due to a lack of interest in his opponent which usually results in him being viewed as incompetent but in reality if he's feeling it, he can wreck a fool. The way he loves others the cute, super affectionate type. He is almost never seen getting mad or being strict but when he is working the most he says is "im working".

Theme song: Still in love with you- Electro velvet

Synchronized dance style: Swing

- spess is actually very annoyed by his bangs because it covers his other eye, thats probably the reason why he lacks depth perception.
- spess uses "she" because when he was in white diamond's court someone had thought he was a female from the back view although he will be very uncomfortable when you call him a "she"
- he has this habit of getting real close and personal.

- physically stronger than you think
- Seems really incompetent when fighting without any one around.
We Have arrived (SDC adopts)
(I like writing so have a supplement)

It was a strange place to be in , this new court, new diamond and new gems..... we would stick out..... but we tried our best not to. We had just stumbled across the last ship that was boarding but we didnt know this would happen

1. You may change their designs but not to the point of being unrecognisable
2. You cannot heavily base another piece of art on any of the gems here without owning it or without the current owner's consent
3. This is first come first serve but i might be doing reservations for the early birds
4. Once you have bought one, i will send it to you through a note or in discord if you have an account
5. When you use this image for the first time along with another piece, not just by itself. You must credit me.
6. You cannot sell the adopts for more than what you got them for
7. I will give you a copy of their image without a watermark if you so wish but you must buy them before that.
8. To buy one just send the points to me.

So the orange moster hands dude on the left is

Arcanite - 75
+10 for added shading

The smirking little gurl with wings is

Rose Gold sapphire - 75
+10 for added shading (just ask down below)

And last but not least the leaning blue dood over on the right is

Boulder Opal - 85
+10 for added shading

You may give me an extra 10 if you want me to shade them :)
The fantastic Spessartine
"Of course! I would love to put on a show... but let me...take care of something first.."

So i recently asked the guy who draws super great hair if i could draw a fusion between one of his gems and mine ! So the result of rubellite's personality plus fossil opal equals this dude.

Spessartine is sommonly seen with his eyes "arguing" where to look and there is a floaty glowing spear thing that is his weapon.

Spessartine can be described as dramatic yet charming and spontaneous, he's always looking for the flashiest way to win and he's practically an attention whore. Overall this fusion is surprisingly stable between components its just that the personality of the fusion itself seems uncontrollable
Roamers: wraiths that stay in the human world or have grown fond of humans
Isaac  The Tower
- prefers to take the form of an old man, true form is a large white snake-like dragon. He got his last owner killed because she tried to help him. Currently in David's possesion.
Hostility- 1/10             6/10       (in true form)
Speed-4/10                  8/10
Elusiveness- 4/10       7/10
Specialization- air based attacks and defense,especially favors his true form he can breathe out winds reaching up to a 1190 miles per hour

Bernard  The shark
-has "copied" the form of Dustin mayhew,he is seen wearing a white jacket with blue markings and a white hat with a blue plus sign.his true form is a gargantuan shark made out of water which hosts marine life within its body. He was ignored by his previous owners as being seen as weak and useless as a wraith. Currently in David's posession
Hostility - 3/10                         1/10
Speed- 6/10                              2/10
Elusiveness- 2/10                    9/10
Specialization- sea water based attacks and offensive purposes

Lorelei The maiden
- has copied the form of Clara olsson althogh she has waist length hair and a wears a flowing white blouse with a beach hat.her true form is that of a large white peahen with pink heart shaped jewels at the end of the tail feathers She was often ignored by her previous Owners. Currently in David's posession
Hostility- 3/10                       7/10
Speed- 5/10                           6/10
Elusiveness- 2/10                 7/10
Specialization- she can charm her enemies by sending red kiss marks towards them effectively countering damage from them.
She can also place a marking on an area which she can fling towards an enemy, its more powerful the further its from

- wandered off accidentally into the human world somewhere between the 5th and 6th century. He takes the form of a young man with light brown hair that wears a black button up shirt with a red stripe running along the back with a red and white striped tie. His true form is that of a brown quadrupedal wolf that is as large as a fully grown man, his teeth are made of a strange black material and seems to leave traces of charcoal on things he's bitten.
Hostility- 4/10                             9/10
Speed- 3/10                                 8/10
Elusiveness- 2/10                       4/10
Specialization- he is influenced by the wild element despite his teeth leaving charcoal, he is an expert at hit and run attacks and when a target is weak enough, he attacks and sometimes eats them.

Minski The festival lantern
- grew attached to a village which he cared for until his brother found out. He speaks fluent english and ocasional japanese. He almost always stays in his true form but when he is not hes either trying to annoy his brother or he is commanded to. His true form is a bipedal coyote as tall as a teenager wearing a white noh mask which displays the emotion hes currently feeling, he also wears an occasional white kimono with  a fire pattern on the back while in his teeth is usually a smooth wooden stick with a red paper latern attached to a string on the end of it .currently in David's possession
Hostility- 4/10                       6/10
Speed- 1/10                            7/10
Elusiveness- 3/10                  10/10
Specialization- he can break things down into ash and coal, he can then put them back together good as new, he also sports a number of fire based attacks using his lantern, he can also change he environment to night time whenever he wishes. He can control and start fires anywhere within his area of influence, he can place a lantern above you which can curse you or fall to explode on you.he is focused on area control and support.

France Tysterman  
- formerly terrorised a village yearly until caught by certain man who he later made a contract with in exchange for his freedom. He takes the form of a 19 year old man with dark brown hair and vermillion eyes, he wears a black and vermillion suit,under his button up shirt is a collar with a name on it.his true form is a large black bipedal werewolf like creature that is over 6 feet tall with sharp teeth and knife like claws.
Hostility -2/10                               9/10
Speed- 4/10                                  6/10
Elusiveness- 3/10                        1/10
Specialization- he can control thorny plants as well as stinging others to enhance or weaken their abilities. His claws are exceptionally sharp,being able to cut through metal like butter. He also has a minor control over illusions he is focused on offense.

Dango the Sky trident
- he is the one and only family head of the Akari house ,being their ancestor. Dango however, despite his surprising age he actually looks like a 21 year old. he wears a black and gold coloured kimono that covers his scarred arms and goes just above his feet, this is his "casual look" but he does resort to more "modern" outfits such as vests and white dress shirt along with a yellow bowtie which is his poor attempt at looking modern because he wants to get into what his grandchildren are interested in. his true form as of now is currently unknown but he confirmed to be abnormally powerful.
hostility- 0/10  1/10
speed- 10/10 20/10
elusiveness- 3/10  9/10
specialisation- it is known that his very presence itself causes storms to roll in and severe thunder strikes to hit random things in the area but if he ever desires he can simply redirect the lightning with a single swift movement. aside from this he also discharges huge amounts of electricity from his body which is another reason why he wears the kimono as an "insulator" his lowest energy reading ever was 100000 megawatts 

Mingu the Tide Raiser
- he is the elder brother of minski , being his only role model due to their father being wiped out by hunters as well as the same for their mother


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Christian Lawrence tan
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I am a completely random person who has absolutely horrible health issues that have threatened my life a number of times.i am nearly blind without my glasses or in dim light
So anyways I have this story I've been writing for a while now with a number of other people.

Requests: yasssss
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Commissions: maaaaaybeeeeee

Born: august 27 1995
Blood type: A+
Gender: male
Hair color : black
Eye color: dark brown


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