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Opening the Chrysalis

She may be evil, but I adore Chrysalis's color scheme. I vectored this for use in a simple background that I will post soon.



Edit: Minor fix to horn glow and wings.
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You're right, she does indeed have a fantastic color scheme! :love: That said, fantastic vector you've made here :D
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What are you looking at you big bugged eye freak?
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Used this vector in my poster :)
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I don't know why but I just love Chrysalis as much as I love Luna
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I did too until I thought about the fact that she's basically a G-rated succubus.
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Yeah pretty much as well she has an awesome singing voice
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Hehe, nice. I like how you have her smile in there. I also have a vector of this same scene. But obviously it is quite different.
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And, apparently I'm blind. I see the opacity now, although 50% seemed slightly too high when I tried it earlier.
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50 seemed like the right opacity to me when i took the wing and put it in the same scene to see if it matched. Dunno. Ive seen many people disagree on the various things. Such a complicated character. Gonna give us vector artists a helluva hard time when it comes to agreeing xD
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I actually wasn't going to put the mouth in at first, but the still shot looks far less sinister without it.

I'll probably recolor mine with those colors you listed though. Just a couple things that I don't see mentioned there: What opacity do you think the wings are? I thought the top part of her wing was darker because it's folded over which makes it more opaque, is this not the case?
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