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Katawa Shoujo - Hanako x Lilly

Don't take advantage of blind people too much now will you Hanako. :evillaugh:

Go for it Hanako!

P.S. I'm worried that Lilly doesn't look oblivious enough...
Also Lilly kinda looks like she's sleeping, with Hanako probing around in her mouth with the Pocky stick lawl OTL.

The lineart is here: [link]
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I'd support the pairing. But it would feel like incest since their relationship is mother and daughter. Not that I mind!
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I think that maybe you should draw lily with her eyes open with pale blue clouded-over looking iris'. She's blind so there's not much point in closing her eyes to eat a pocky/pokki.

Mind you, I could just take Lily's place and I would be a very happy man :D

<3 Hanako
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Awww, how cute! >D
If it was a yuri game, these two would be an amazing couple! :heart:

Since they're my favourite girls from the game.
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I'm a Hanako fan as well : D
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Nice to hear that! She is awesome. :D
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You know, somebody on actually wrote something based on this piece. I have always liked this.
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Sure looks like it
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cool im playing this game right now
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ah cool which route did you go first?
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:mangapunksai: I havent finished playing yet
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This is seriously really good
I agree with anonym2004
Oh too cute, I shall die.
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I'm glad it had that effect.

I think.
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So gorgeous and cute! <3
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:lol: this is great x3

i love the hair colouring
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yeah I had alot of fun with that part of the picture, especially Lilly's drawn back hair.
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