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England Would Fall Ch. 6
John’s phone buzzed, and he reached for it, plucking it off the stack of newspapers on the coffee table. There was one paper for every day that had passed since Sherlock…, and John didn’t have it in him to call to cancel the subscription or even move the papers.
Drinks. Tonight. 7. Michael’s Pub. Come if convenient.
For a split second, John expected to see a “-SH” at the bottom of the text, and his whole body thrummed with relief. But there weren’t any initials, and when he looked at the sender, it was James and not Sherlock. The sickening feeling in his gut was almost enough to make him throw his phone across the room for giving him hope then taking it away.
Instead, he typed out an affirmative and sent it off to James. The man had been there for him when he needed a drink. The least John could do was return the favor.
And, maybe, just maybe, get drunk enough to forget about Sherlock for a little while. Though he sincerely doubted it.
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 4 3
England Would Fall Ch. 5
“I think there’s someone watching me.”
Q sighed and looked up at the double-oh leaning against his desk. If it had been anyone else, he would have taken the statement seriously and set up surveillance to see if there actually was anyone watching him, but it was James Bond, and James Bond didn’t come to his Quartermaster with his fears of being watched. James Bond blew up a sizeable portion of London to eliminate the threat, spent half the night shagging some floozy in an expensive hotel, and lost every piece of equipment he had managed to wrangle out of Q in the interim.
“I’m sure you can handle the situation,” Q said dryly, his eyes going back to his computer screen. “If there even is one at all. Paranoia is common among agents, 007. I, other hand, have a very real, very tangible problem.”
“Indeed. Last night, someone broke into my flat.” Q spared the agent a glance over the rims of his glasses.
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 3 3
England Would Fall Ch. 4
Q was just setting up another test to check the firewalls as the last of the minions were trickling out of Q-branch. He had patched up the last few holes in the system that Mycroft had come through and was now literally trying to hack it himself, using varying degrees of sophisticated code. He was determined to make sure that neither of his brothers ever disturbed his work again.
Twenty minutes later, Q finished debriefing 009, his least favorite, most arrogant agent. The man was actually worse than Bond, and that was saying something. He checked the computer, smiling slightly as he read the results of the scan. If someone wanted to hack the system, they were going to have to be Q good, and only Q was Q good.
Q grabbed his laptop bag and his coat, nodding at the night guard as he left. It was slightly ridiculous, really, because even if there was no emergency, he’d be back in seven hours. If there was an emergency (like 009 getting Shanghaied again) he’d be ca
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 6 5
England Would Fall Ch. 3
James was lying on the end of his bed when his phone buzzed with a text. He reached over blindly for it before he realized that it was his personal line, not his work one. He opened the message, his eyes slowly softening in recognition.
Haven’t seen you in forever, mate. If you’re in the country, would you fancy a drink? -JW
God, he hadn’t seen John Watson since his Royal Navy days. He tried to remember what had happened, and he faintly remembered Watson getting injured in action, but that had been years after he’d been recruited to the double-oh program, and M had never exactly encouraged outside friendships.
India can wait. Michael’s Pub at seven?
See you then. -JW
John’s limp was back, and as much as he hated, as much as he knew it was psychosomatic, he couldn’t get rid of it. Everything that he thought had been fixed about him had returned when Sherlock fell: the limp, the nightmares… even his aversion to t
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 4 3
Mature content
Secrets: Chapter Thirty-Three :iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 1 4
England Would Fall Ch. 2
Q liked being alone in the mornings. He liked having time to settle in at his desk and have his second cup of Earl Grey before any of the agents or minions were around to bother him with their problems, so that was why he came into the office at ‘some ungodly hour,’ as Tanner put it.
That was how Eve found him an hour later, fingers curled around his Scrabble mug, eyes darting across lines of code. She walked into the room, newspaper in hand, a worried look on her face. “Q?”
Q’s eyes darted up, giving the woman he considered to be his best friend a searching look. “Yes?”
Eve realized that she hadn’t really thought this through. Not at all, actually. She walked forward to his desk and held the paper against her chest, blocking the headline from the hacker’s sight. It was only then that she noticed that the minions had started trickling in. Damn. She hadn’t wanted to do this in front of them. “Could we talk outside?”
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 9 10
Secrets: Chapter Thirty-Two
Secrets: Chapter Thirty-Two
Duty Calls
(POV Miguel King)
“I’m not going to give all my secrets away,” I muttered, watching Prentiss out of the corner of my eye. “I have ways of contacting Jules, and I will. But you have to realize that the last time I was in contact with him, I refused to do a hit for him. I don’t think he’s going to exactly be the most open to me right now.”
Prentiss shook his head. “I don’t exactly care, King. We have a deal. You give me the doctor, and you get to walk free. Your time is running out. What do you have left, four days? I’d get on it if I was you.”
I glared at him, getting to my feet. “I understand the terms of our deal. I’ll hold up my end.”
Making an unbelieving sound, Prentiss waved at the door. “Yeah, sure. It’s your hide that’s on the line if you don’t.”
“I know,” I muttered as I walked out the door, taking the stairs up to
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 0 4
004. Lock and Key
Lock and Key
If I could keep you within reach
Chained to me like an anchor in a storm
I would.
If I could keep you in a cage
Away from everyone who will hurt you
I would.
If I could sew your lips shut
And revel in the silence of your presence
I would.
What I’m saying, darling, is if I could have you my way
Not the world’s way
Purer and simpler and sweeter and so much more fair
(Be mine for forever and a day?
Just promise me you’ll stay)
I would
And I would be the only one who’d break you
If I could.
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 7 4
Secrets: Chapter Thirty-One
Secrets: Chapter Thirty-One
(POV Jessica Aden)
“I don’t care if the critics ever jump in line! And that includes you, Prentiss. Peter’s missing. There’s only one person we know that wants her gone. And Aden in there is the best shot we have at finding her!”
I listened to Jack shout at Prentiss for a good fifteen minutes straight. I’d never met Peter, but I’d heard both Jack and Miguel talk about her, about her work on the case, and even though I’d never seen her, I felt like I knew her. I certainly knew that Jack was in love with her.
Eventually, the yelling stopped. Jack came into my room a few minutes later, dark circles under his eyes and his jaw set tight. His whole body was tense, and my first thought was that I needed to remember that, remember how he looked, because I wanted to draw him later and call the drawing “Don’t Mess With Mine.”
Jack sat in the chair by my bed and leaned forward, folding his hands
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 0 6
England Would Fall Ch. 1
There were fourteen programs running, on three different screens, on Q’s one desk. Four were constantly monitoring security, searching for holes in the firewalls protecting the MI6 mainframe. Three of them were tracking double-oh agents, one in Germany, one in Russia, and one in Japan. Six were beta programs, ideas Q was toying with on how to improve security by lessening the number of gateways onto the system. Then there was the last one; created with the sole purpose of tracking down the equipment that James Bond had failed, yet again, to return.
One of the programs made itself known by causing its window to flash orange. A bit distantly, Q hoped it was the tracking device he’d designed to locate 007’s equipment, but when he clicked on the window, he was unsurprisingly disappointed. His marvelous machine hadn’t found the missing gun, but it had found something that wasn’t supposed to be in the system. Intrigued and almost excited, he pulled up another wi
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 13 24
Mature content
Secrets: Chapter Thirty :iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 0 6
Some souls go right through, you know? They don’t even pause. It’s right through limbo without a second glance, and then on to be judged and sent up or down. They’re the easy ones, because I can lay back and hold my lamp and they follow the light like moths to a flame, the ends of their frayed personalities fluttering even though there isn’t any wind.
While the masses go through without any problems, there are always those few troublemakers that just can’t seem to resist the lure of limbo. See, in limbo, there’s nothing, and while that may sound awful to you folks who are living halfway decent lives, to the souls that just came out of Hell on Earth, nothing is really attractive.
Limbo doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t feel good, either, but there’s no pain and no heartache and no wincing from the bruises on your back. There’s no joy, but there’s also no suffering or fatigue or withdrawal. There’s just… existence and
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 13 11
Secrets: Chapter Twenty-Nine
Secrets: Chapter Twenty-Nine
(POV Peter Rawles)
I’m never going to give all of my secrets away. I’m just not that kind of person. No one knows everything about me, and I like it that way.
Jack was getting dangerously close to being… close. To me. It hadn’t taken us very long to settle into a very domestic routine that included sleeping in the same bed, waking up together, showering (separately), and eating breakfast side by side at the island in his kitchen, along with Martin and Benedict.
Don’t say it. Yeah, it was slightly dysfunctional. There was me, a journalist, and apparently a future victim; Jack, an FBI agent and my sort-of-kind-of boyfriend; and Martin and Benedict, Jack’s subordinates, who were also sort-of-kind-of together. Breakfast consisted of bacon and weighted glances and awkward throat clearing and under-the-counter hand holding. It was like middle school all over again.
And then the nightmares started.
The content changed re
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 0 4
A Day May Come
A Day May Come
There were six of us, and we had found each other over the course of five years. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but we… we were special. Yes, I am aware of how utterly stuck-up that sounds, but we were. We are. Other than being ridiculously attractive, we had these… powers. Abilities, if you prefer. If I was a better storyteller, I’d start this with a flashback of the day I joined our little group, but I can’t do that.
I was the first. We all have different sets of strengths and weaknesses, and our personalities are as different as the plumage of the birds of the sky, but there is one thing and one thing only that sets me apart from my sisters.
I can’t die.
I am the Light, the Guide, the Point. I am the pathfinder. It is my duty, my calling, to light the way and be the first to face any obstacle. Because of that, because of the dangers I continually encounter, whatever Being that gifted me with my abilities de
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 3 9
Mature content
Secrets: Chapter Twenty-Eight :iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 0 6
Secrets: Chapter Twenty-Seven
Secrets: Chapter 27
Alone Again
(POV Jessica Aden)
Sometimes, I find myself wishing for something like those years. Childhood, you know? When everything was easy, and I didn’t spend every waking hour of my existence in a hospital bed, surrounded by people whose job it was to protect me, but who I knew thought I was crazy.
My days consisted of doctors and tests and blood samples and questions. So many questions. Who is Julian Rask? What are his plans? Who is Adriana Daily? Why is she important? What does this man want with you?
I could answer some. I could say that he (I) was Julian Rask, and that his (my) plans were to finish the list. I could say that Adriana Daily was on the list, and that meant that she had to die. I could listen to myself saying these things with no remorse, like I was talking about the weather or soccer.
I could never answer what Julian wanted with me. I tried to, and every time, my head started hurting and I would come dangerously close to fai
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 0 9

Random Favourites

 the   a
           i r
c a g e d
       in  your  pretty  lungs.
                       sweetness . . .
                                             I    am
:iconjetsetg0:jetsetg0 4 12
What Started it All (Day 1)
This is how it all began.
It is summer and you have nothing to do.
Strange, huh?
Usually you'd be thrilled and would waste the whole day either watching Television – usually movie marathons on HBO – or reading that new book you just bought the other night.
But you don't.
You're bored out of your mind and you want something new to do.
That's how you ended up in front of the computer.
Around those times you don't really find anything of much interest. That day was a slow one too. It took you five minutes to be able to watch a two minute video on Youtube; there were no new games on the few sites you remotely liked and chatting it up with others was a little too bothersome for you.
So you do something you never thought you'd do.
You read some stories online.
And that was a stretch for you. After all, you disliked them.
You hated it when people misspelled words and were too stubborn to change it or admit they made a mistake. You'd make a face whenever you saw a very clich
:iconscatterbrainkid13:scatterbrainkid13 4 7
Breaking Apart
Lets pretend that I'm
not so happy after all.
That all the wall's around
me are beginning to fall.
What would you say?
Would we fake our grins
and laugh at the flaws,
or close our eyes and
let the tears fall?
Let me hold you close,
remind you that I love
you the most, extend my
hands and slide to the ground,
where we try not to make a sound.
I love this world that
we live in,
We wear fake skins just
to fit in.
Maybe some day we won't
all just pretend,
realize that everything is
only false pretensions,
Fall asleep, and never wake
:icongothicxnightxowl:GothicxNightxOwl 9 10
Meaning of Innocence
People think I'm innocent.
And, I guess
I come across that way.
I kind of act like a little kid sometimes.
I can't control my emotions
And I'm easily excited.
Does that make me innocent?
What is innocence?
Is it not knowing real hurt?
if so,
Then I am far from innocent.
Is it never having bad thoughts?
If so,
Then I am far from innocent.
Is it never having thoughts
Of sex
Or hatred enter your mind?
Because if so
Then I am far from innocent.
Is it never feeling so angry that you can't breathe,
Never feeling so sad that you honestly wish you were dead,
Never feeling so numb that you worry you've gone mad?
If so,
Then I am far from innocent.
Is it being shoved down,
Again and again,
And still standing up and asking for a hug?
Is it being completely unable to comprehend cruelty,
Even when it stares you straight in the eye?
Is it believing the world is beautiful,
Even when you've seen how ugly it can be?
If so,
Then yeah
I guess I'm
:iconfireheart613:fireheart613 11 17
Valentine's Owls by ctaynay Valentine's Owls :iconctaynay:ctaynay 3 2
If I Must Say
You're mistaken if you think,
that I'll cuddle,
kiss and nuzzle,
pick flowers the other day
and shop for trinkets the next.
I relish those lips,
but not your cold kiss.
I adore your eyes,
but not the uncertain looks they give.
Must you speak of eternity,
when all I care about is today…
and fret over fickle love,
like it is something
I would ever understand?
Don't try so hard,
that you break yourself,
because I will never
pick up the pieces…
       even if they lie
           beneath my feet.
:iconsarboom:sarboom 4 0
I want to
tell you
I was never
much of a
when it comes
fight or flight
I spread
my wings
and fly.
That humour is
survival instinct
I hate
a world
where kindness is
a poison
to be sucked dry.
But I can tell you also
when birds make nests
I let them be
and that
I'll catch your smile when it falls
so you'll never lose it
and that
when harsh words and city streets
get too much for me
I hold my ears
sing 'la, la, la,'
and I'll lose no sleep
over feeling free
or choosing latter
in the word
:iconbonfirelights:bonfirelights 7 11
you're lucky if they kill you
she screams
deafening conversations of millions
footsteps and wine glasses of the smart and the dull,
clinking. clinking. laughter.
she screams
blankets pulled up to comforting warmth
smiles and dreams of the abandoned and the blessed,
whisper. whisper. peace.
she screams
a hand covers the delicate slopes of her lips
cries and pleasure of the chosen and the thief,
echoes. echoes. silence.
:iconizha:izha 14 18
no darling, don't stain me
no darling,
don't bleed here
because you just might
stain the carpet.
and i cant handle
walking past those lovely drops of you;
forever an unabashed sin
on my living-room floor.
as if i need a constant reminder
that i could've done so much more
to not be the razor
on your fingertips,
:iconhater12:hater12 9 27
SHERLOCK: It's been a year by Shigeako SHERLOCK: It's been a year :iconshigeako:Shigeako 207 97
Hot Chocolate and Redemption
"Because I'm a bad person, that's why."
Tammy's words stunned Ryan into silence. They'd had three good dates, and now this was her reason why she wouldn't go out on a fourth date. She'd been nothing but awesome, and this seemingly irrational rationale for rejection had him curious.
"I've seen you do nothing bad. You've been great with me." He leaned back in his chair, and took a sip of the coffeehouse's mocha hot chocolate. Her expression had hardened in a way he'd never seen before.
"That's because I don't let you see that side of me, Ryan.  Listen, you were really sweet and persistent which is why I went out with you, but I'm cutting this off before it goes too far.  I don't want to hurt you, and this will hurt less than you finding out what I'm really like." He noticed her hardened expression and flat tone shifted slightly during the last sentence, and they both showed him some pain.  He decided to play the card she'd just handed him.
"If you're so horrible, why be ni
:iconenigmaticsmile:enigmaticsmile 34 90
Internet Billboard II by Arkham-Insanity Internet Billboard II :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 2,739 581
You are the only person that can make
smoking seem attractive, the way you sit
there on the floor with your legs crossed
blowing smoke into stale air, it's entrancing.
I can't help but be engulfed in the movements
of your body. The way your arm twitches slightly
when you bring the sickness to your lips.
It's a dirty, disgusting habit, yet I sit back
and wonder, if I took up smoking, would I look
even half as beautiful as you do?
:iconlivesofbirds:livesofbirds 16 4
No One Cares About Your Story
GOOD NEWS: This is perfectly normal!
I can't remember the source, but a few years ago I read this famous author's account of how it felt to have his first book come out, and he mentioned buying a copy himself because he was afraid no one would take an interest. Now this is a guy who managed to get not only an agency but a publisher (which is a whole pile of people who were like yesplz), and he's still afraid readers won't care. I was like, 'whoa mind blown.'
But anyway, the fact is that we are all strangers on the Internet and, by default, there is no reason for you to read my stuff or vice-versa. If you went and stood in Times Square with copies of your latest story, how many people would give you more than a passing glance? And how many of those people would get to the end of your work, and how many of those would offer critical feedback?
And, if you were one of the passersby, whom would you stop for?
Okay, I'm done scaring the shi
:iconneurotype:neurotype 544 567
100 things you never knew you needed to know
So, :iconAmbiguous-Catharsis: did a list. Then :iconPen-Pen1996: did one. Well, now I've been forced to do one. Enjoy!
1. I often question what I'm doing with my life. The answer is never satisfactory.
2. One of my favorite feelings is the one where you do something that completly surprises someone who knows you well.
3. I like to write fiction
4. I recently moved from Oregon to Indiana.
5. I don't like Indiana.
6. I think a majority (about 99%) of the kids in my school are boring or stupid
7. I am not a fan of lists
8. I enjoy the company of crazy people
9. I worry about my lack of sanity. One day, it may get me into trouble.
10. I am having loads of trouble figuring out how to word these
11. Planning is a weakness of mine
12. I'm paranoid about food. I honestly don't trust it
13. The reasoning behind #12 is not poison. I don't want to eat something that will make me sick
14. I don't understand people who overeat. Why do they purposefully make themselves feel ill?
15. I will ask unans
:iconbewarethezombies:BewareTheZombies 2 28
I want to be....
I want to be one of those girls
The ones with the three inch gap between their thighs and the stick thin legs.
One of those teenagers
Who you see in the street with their arms all sliced up.
One of those children
Who don't have to count everything.
One of those kids
Who have a boyfriend and are never alone.
One of those students
Who has loads of friends.
One of those people
Who can be just 'Fine'.
But I want to be Normal.
I want to be able to eat.
I want to be able to not cut.
I want to be able to just relax.
I want to be able to not be alone.
I want to be able to make friends.
I want to be just fine.
:iconstarvingslicingteen:StarvingSlicingTeen 42 53


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