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Super Mario Brothers: Subcon by AmbientZero Super Mario Brothers: Subcon by AmbientZero

~As with the last poster I wanted to make the resolution bigger and change some fonts~

At the end of "Super Mario Brothers", Mario and Luigi, with the help of the Princesses Daisy and Peach, rescued King Toadstool from Bowser's grasp and restored his reign as king of the Mushroom Kingdom. Daisy goes back to Brooklyn with Mario and Luigi while Peach decides to stay behind and help her father rebuild. But, before the brothers and Daisy can get back to the city, Peach is kidnapped by a burly, ghost faced soldier known as a Shy Guy and taken into another tunnel outside of the Mushroom Kingdom and into the world of Subcon. It is later revealed that she has been taken

Toad is sent by the king to alert the brothers and Daisy of Peach's capture and request their assistance to bring her back. Mario, Luigi, Daisy, and Toad enter the beautiful, yet violent world of Subcon only to encounter a three-headed viper called a Tryclyde, a vicious dinosaur called Birdo, and an army of Subcons turned slaves called Shy Guys lead by a ruthless dictator known as Wart on a mission to conquer the outside world(s). Anyone in Wart's path is hypnotized and thrown into the Nightmare Machine to become a soldier under his power. The brothers run into the former king of Subcon and are told the story of it's demise. Soon after, the former king crosses worlds and alerts King Toadstool to raise an army to protect the Mushroom Kingdom from attack, all the while the brothers and Daisy battle with Wart himself over Peach's life. Wart captures Peach in order to trap the brothers, kill them, and begin his real reign of terror.

In the end, the Toadstool's defeat the Shy Guys, and the brothers defeat Wart and his generals to restore power to the king of Subcon and it's people. But, before Wart dies he leaves the brothers with a cryptic forewarning that he was only the beginning of something much, much worse, and that his presence will be made known when least expected. The brothers and the princesses celebrate their victory for now, but prepare for what lies next...

Zach Galifianakis.....Mario
Paul Dano.....Luigi
Amy Adams.....Peach
Amber Tamblyn.....Daisy
Philip Seymour Hoffman.....Wart (Voice)
Tim Roth.....King of Subcon
Bill Nighy.....King Toadstool
John Stocker.....Toad (and additional voices)

- - - - - - - - - -

Box Office Results (Based on "Views" and divided by 3 (representing opening weekend):

Opening Weekend: $116.4 (#16 All-Time)
Total Gross: $364 (#19 All-Time)
brandonp4778 Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
There is no way for Nintendo to release a sequel. The 1993 film was a major flop compared to

Tomb Raider (Viacom)
Resident Evil; Final Fantasy (Sony)
Pokemon (Time Warner Entertainment Company)
Elf Bowling (Screen Media)
AmbientZero Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Student General Artist
This is not a sequel to the 1993 film.
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