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Twilight on Vvardenfell

By Ambient-Vibe
A closeup pose of a Dark Elf (Dunmer) female.
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Love her soft features and grayish blue skin tone.
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I had one heck of a time making the skin come out right (and still don't feel very satisfied with it), but that was done in Poser 8, so it was more of a challenge (steeper learning curve).
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blue-skinned beauty
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Wow, she's amazing. Do you mind if I put her on our ESO guild cover? I'm currently tinkering a bit. (Great house Telvanni guild)
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Thank you very much - and of course I do not. Feel free to use the image as you need to. :)
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Amazing - I'll send you a link once the finished piece is up :)
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Thank you - I'll be looking forward to seeing that. :)
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Sinister elves are the best elves :D
Ambient-Vibe's avatar
That they are. ;) That gives me an idea for what I should do next ... xD
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Mmmm.....elf-alicious!  PS.  Fixed your gender setting on Ambient Dimension.  Would love if you posted this lovely there too!  :D
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That is beautiful! Looks like a dark skinned elf from Middle Earth too. <3
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Very pretty and nicely done! I love the colors!

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Thank you kindly! :)
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