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Magic Psy-Fi Tablet Prototype Techno Mage

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Rendered in DAZ 4.7; moderate postwork in Photoshop CS6. The background comes from (darkened it by setting it's brightness down and blurred it with Guassian Blur)! The tablet's wallpaper comes from Star's Magic Circle right here in dA! This pic was actually created BEFORE Magic Psy-Fi Tablet Plasma Strike Prototype, LOL.....

You remember this gal from Fuzzy Club Girls Beta? Well, thanks to :iconzephyronze:, her name is now Carola! She's mostly Meridiana (1.0), but she has some Lilith 6 (0.6), Xiao Mei (0.25), and Zahara (0.25) in her; so, she's an authentic "Avalancher custom original" character. So what is she? Caucasian, Asian, and Black Latina??? She's not as "authentic" as KariKari has a bunch of morphs mixed into her....

This MILF caught my fancy when I was trying her out with that Sheriff hat, guns, and Bodysuit (make the suit dark red in the surfaces tab; I did sort of the same thing with the guns LOL!)! She spoke to me, "C'mon, Avalancher, I know you like my hat and my womanly curves! Why don't you render me? You know I'm the only Avalancher original that stands a chance against Kari! Let me show you my technopsychic powers... My tablet can convert raw data into matter...!" So, I had to give her another shot (like she gave me a choice; that black-market tablet is dangerous...!), but I don't know if she stands a chance against Kari, LOL! Plus, even if she could beat Kari, what about her twin half-sister TigerKari!?

OK, for the DAZ/Photoshop technical crap:

In DAZ, I used my magical Hero FXs (check 'em out at DAZ3D) and that tablet to create a modern version of a magic book, LOL! I don't know if I quite achieved what I was trying to do, but it's a prototype... 

1. Anyways, I rendered the woman with Keshi's lights as a PNG. I render her three times again (without Keshi's lights) with three pinkish spotlights: one coming from the right, the left, and the bottom (I forgot the bottom left, LOL!). So, I rendered each light separately as a PNG.

2. THEN, I hid the woman and all her clothes, hair, holsters, tablet, etc. and unhid all the glyphs (Hero FXs). I turned off ALL the lights and rendered all the FX (except the bottom glyph) as a PNG. Then, I rendered the bottom glyph by itself as a PNG...

3. Now, this is were the magic begins! I put 'em all in Photoshop CS6. First I made a background (just loaded one of the rendered pics and set its brightness to 0 for a black background). (This is optional if you're gonna put another background in... I thought of putting a background in after I was finished...)

4. Then, I added the bottom glyph layer (Normal blending mode); duplicated this layer and is set it to Screen blending mode; duplicated the Screen layer and Gaussian blurred it (I don't remember how much...); duplicated the Screen blurred layer and set it to Linear Light.

5. Afterwards, I added the Keshi lights render layer (Normal blending mode) and then all the spotlight renders (Screen blending mode). Duplicated the left and right spotlight layers and Gaussian blurred them by 10. Duplicated the bottom spotlight layer and created a layer mask; with the layer mask, I used the gradient tool (white to black from the bottom to the top) to fake "falloff" of the spotlight so the light wouldn't shine on the womans' face, since she has too many lights on her already... Duplicated this masked layer.....

6. Next, I hid ALL the layers (yes, even that black "background"!) except for the woman layers. I created a stamp (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E) on top of the topmost woman layer. Duplicated this stamp twice for that famous Amazing Freaky Details (both values are 20 for the Surface blur)! Set the whole group to 50% opacity.

7. Then, I added the other glyphs PNG (Normal blending mode) and duplicated it (Screen). I did pretty much the same as Step 4.

8. Created a transparent new layer [Linear Dodge (Add) blending mode] at. With the brush tool (with this color value: e396f7; make sure the brush is soft!), I made some "haze effects" with the glyphs and set this layer to 18% fill. Duplicated this layer and set it to 10% opacity and 50% fill. 

9. Created another transparent layer (ColorDodge blending mode). With a soft brush, I brushed some parts of the woman to add more light to make the side spotlights look more "convincing." Set this layer to 15% opacity...

10. I created another group and put EVERYTHING (except that lousy black background) in that group and called it "Girl and Glyphs" for alliteration, LOL. I don't know if this step is all that necessary, but just in case....

11. Added the city wallpaper over that lousy black background layer and below the group (kept this background in Normal blending mode). Scaled it and moved it around to my liking; then, I decreased its lightness (Ctrl+U) down to -80, if I remember... Might wanna make the background a smart object...... Gaussian blurred this background (I forgot how much!).

Check out the watermelon tigress:

Mature Content

Watermelon Tigress Prototype by ambient-avalancher

More DAZ technical crap:

Her hair is Flirty Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s), in case y'all're wondering...

OK: here's her morphs!! I know you want 'em!!!

:star: Face morphs:
- Meridiana Head (duh!!) = 1.0
- Lilith 6 Head = 0.6
- Xiao Mei Head / Zahara Head = 0.25

:star: Body morphs (if you want that womanly, curvy "flavor")
- Giselle 6 Body = 0.4
- DD_LilyBody / Meridiana Body (duh!!) = 1.0
- Lilith 6 Body = 0.7
- Fitness / Fitness Details / Fitness Size = 0.5
- Voluptuous = 0.75 ;)
- Waist Width = -0.2
- Hip Size / Glutes Upper Depth / Breasts Natural / Breasts Shape 04 = 0.2
- Breasts Implants / Breasts Cleavage = 0.5 ;)
- Toenails Claws / Fingernails Claws = 1 ;)
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Looks great
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nicely done  ;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin) Thumbs Up 
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You think she stands a chance against Kari or TigerKari?
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np, & yeah ;) (Wink) Thumbs Up 
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Sexy!!!! Claws beat psychic powers anytime!!!!!!
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Thanks, LOL! Oh, by the way, have you seen TigerKari and Elenita together in Be OUR Valentine?
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Wow! This is awesome! I really like her design. It's very sexy. :floating:
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You are welcome! :floating:
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Woah! She's awesome! :)
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This... was made in Daz? O.O

I... I.... WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! I love curvy women, I think they're so beautiful and feminine and lovely, and this girl just...

I'm jaw dropped, this is incredible!! <3
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Thanks, for the fave, too!

Yep, good ole DAZ3D, with a "little" help in Photoshop; none of those external renders, LOL; can you believe it? Almost reminds me of my other pic "Lady Revolver"!

Yeah, curvy women RULE! If you like curvy gals, my gallery and especially :iconlarsmidnatt:'s gallery are loaded with curvy gals!
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That is pretty amazing! But I've got my best results from these fancy external renders, I've never been able to get the hang of 3Delight. :< But there's no 'right' render engine or workflow out there for everyone to follow! It's what makes art unique. :3

But I really do love your art, the stuff is fantastically detailed and creative, especially for Daz work - none of this vacant barbie staring, there's so much oomph to it! <3 And I'll check both galleries out and enjoy them!!
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Thanks! Without Photoshop, 3Delight would suck, LOL! You can render each light separately and combine/tweak them in Photoshop as layers, hahaha! Also, there's a lot of Photoshop tutorials on Youtube that can help enhance the pic....

I guess it doesn't matter how you make the art, as long as it looks good, LOL!
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she needs a sister in blue. but insted of a cowboy hat have a bandana with a pirate outfit look. and her magic weapons are gems.
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