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mid year update

Wed Jun 13, 2018, 10:56 PM

been meaning to submit a journal for the past several months but really hadn't had the desire until now.

creative-type things since my last deviation submission (the plush doll, i think?):

- decided concentrated watercolors weren't for me (an expensive yikes) and i like pan watercolors over tube watercolors.

- did more mixed media type stuff with all the pieces i have in boxes and wherever else.

- tried out acrylics and gouache and liked the latter more though i need more practice.

- painted a lot of portraits with only black ink and a brush and a background of acrylics

- finally completed a 60 page mix media sketch book in 12 months.

- experimented with color palettes, different media and reference

- reading more books on art history and artists i like

- visited the art museum a few times when art/writing was getting stale

- made a bunch of new characters and expanded on existing ones

- fashion! and a lot of brainstorming clothing for all 9 cultures *dead*

- lots of writing and having to rework an important event in the plot. :(

- buying art supplies (new watercolor palette, gouache, sketchbooks, refill inks, etc.)

i think that might be it.

so i'm back to sewing and writing which is a good thing. i think i get burnt out just doing art and end up switching to something familiar but different from the previous thing i was doing.

and also not to rush a project. i'll get it done soon enough.

if anyone reading this (lol) wants a toyhouse code, i have a bunch to give away!

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august update

Fri Aug 11, 2017, 12:35 PM

i feel like i should update so i can look back on this later.

finished my 3rd plush doll (Alex) and it's probably the most complicated and time consuming out of the three i've done. buttons, snaps and rivets are fiddly for me and i've nearly lost a couple sets of rivets when attaching them to the clothes due to the tiny size. most of the notions are not much bigger than the head of a straight pin!

i'm relieved the Alex plush is completed and at the same time kind of looking back i wish i was back at the concept stage. the Alex character has evolved a lot like most of my characters - personality, appearance, placement in the story and the like.

making the Alex plush was certainly a learning experience with dying fabric and the importance of letting it dry on a flat surface to avoid puddling splotches, attaching rivets and studs and not pinching my fingers with the pliers, and making different hair styles with wool roving.

so, important things to remember or really think on for the next plush doll redos:

:bulletblack: dying fabric and how to do light colors
:bulletblack: notions and tiny doll sized buttons, fasteners and chains
:bulletblack: measuring the facial features and maybe considering practicing before you paint.
:bulletblack: not getting frustrated too much with the progress of new patterns and techniques never tested/tried before
:bulletblack: and much much more

i've got to think about lighter colored haired dolls as i've got one coming up to redo.

on a different note; completed the 20k word goal for Camp Nanowrimo which i'm pleased to bits about. i just need to finish the rest of the plot, it's getting to the all important meeting between Ani and R. i have to do it right and it'll probably need a few redos to get it the way i imagined.

anyway, i've got a bunch of things to do on dA and my toyhouse and my projects.

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Sun Jul 2, 2017, 12:13 AM

writing for camp nano July 2017 session. i only want to add 20k words to my novel. i think it's doable so i'm going to try it.

still sewing my third plush doll with the most complicated outfit i've ever attempted before.

i may redo the trousers however they are the perfect color. said color stained my fingernails for 4 days so there's that. and i attached the hardware to the waistband anyway...

doing some major clean out and organizing my art and sewing stuff and that's made me short on time to work on anything especially after a 10 hour work day. 

i have a bunch of stuff i need to scan and maybe a drawing or two left in my stash. i forget, it's been over a month since i drew anything.

the closest thing to drawing (non-sewing) is my (loosely put that is) bullet journal aka the book of lists of shit i need to keep note of and various other things relating to art/errands/chores/shopping lists.

i don't even know anymore. 

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reminder to myself

Fri May 26, 2017, 12:01 AM

♦ it's just a drawing/painting/sewn piece
♦ it doesn't have to be realistic
♦ everyone has their own style and their own pace
♦ it can be about enjoying yourself with drawing/painting/sewing than the end result
♦ it's just fine to experiment (and maybe get it wrong)
♦ if it doesn't go well, step back and examine your mistakes and failures
♦ be kind and good to yourself
♦ it can be finished later
♦ it doesn't have to be finished all
♦ it's not anything scary, just blank/unfinished
♦ be carefree about drawing (maybe not so much with sewing)

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things i want to draw

Thu Jan 5, 2017, 11:02 PM

i figure making a list would at least help with a reminder and i can add as i go along.

:thumb632214085: the Guesthouse. not just from the front (like the one time) but from all sides. maybe even in different seasons with rain and snow.

:thumb632214085: Guesthouse layout. finalize the second floor loft area. downstairs plan is fine the way it is. maybe create some interior pictures of the kitchen, fireplace room and bedroom.

:thumb632214085: Poppy's shop.

                 - Interior drawings of the rooms: front left, front right, the counter area, behind the counter area, hallway facing the front, hallway facing the back, the work room (where plants are dried, prepped, etc.) from the left and right angles, Poppy's kitchen from the doorway and from the rear wall, Poppy's bedroom from the doorway and from the rear wall.
                - Exterior drawings of the building: the bottom floor where the shop is located, a view of the entire building including the burnt out upper/second floor, the side alley to the left and right.
                - Characters: Poppy; behind the counter, drinking behind the counter, perched on his stool behind the counter with coins, lecturing Ani about plants, etc.
                 - Characters: Anikos; doing chores- dusting, sweeping and organizing his plant collections, sitting awkwardly on the stool on the customer side of the counter, avoiding touching the counter because of the multiple layers of spells on the surface (to prevent contamination, etc.)

:thumb632214085: Collectory. expand more on the exterior and the layers of protection on the facade/walls. maybe throw in drawings of the interior with all the shelves of books, containers of scrolls, etc. and the sitting area used by visitors.

:thumb632214085: Clarens Hospital. the outside gates and facade. the rear and side of the property including the burning pyre.

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the struggle of writing

Wed Nov 2, 2016, 11:29 PM

freshly composed plot edited to the bones in both Scrivener and with minor adjustments for printing purposes in Word, i am so not ready to deal with NaNoWriMo.

i'm very used to handwriting in a notebook on a Saturday for a few hours but there's no way in hell i'd be able to hit the 1667 daily word count even with that incredibly rare moment of inspiration. 

it's day 2 of nanowrimo and i'm already behind! i figured i'd be lagging behind in the first week but already??? 

so i'm plodding along and of course struggled with the first paragraph. the middle parts i can do but the beginning section is terrible to do!

i have 78 Major points with a ton of minor details underneath each of those 78 points. and if i write all that, i'll be changing my middle name to 'Dolce' because that's sweet.

anyway, i'm embarrassingly proud of my outline. it's printed in brown ink and formatted in 2 columns so i can bind it and put it in my journal. the cover is one i found and is meant to keep track of my word count, chapter title and any other notes. and i put washi tape on the edges of my outline to mark what season it is in my story (important to note for myself).

someone in my region is already up to 15k words. they must be very inspired and i hope i have a day like that where the words just come to mind and can be written with ease.

i'm sure i'll be fine once i get passed the beginning parts.

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*clever title here*

Mon Oct 17, 2016, 11:03 PM

it'd rained over the weekend. thankfully not while i was going to and from places.

anyway. i'm having lots of good things happen with my story plotting. i haven't been plotting too much this month aside from a few days to clean up some ideas (stupid, reuse later maybe) so Saturday was my big push to finish up the story line so far.

is it me, or is it a definite struggle to put words down?

there was one time when i started writing and there was a moment where it was so easy and simple and words flowed so easily. i hadn't had a time like that in about ten years. maybe i'll never have one again but i think Saturday i had a moment like it, i was sure i was writing so fast my hand was hurting and my words were scribbly.

25 points in about 2 hours before i ran out of post it notes i brought along for brainstorming/reminders.

i think i got over that hurdle of 'how do i fill up the stuff between the middle and end' thing i made up for myself.

and i think it was blah i got charged for the grande passion ice tea and ended up getting a tall passion ice tea because if i had to leave to use the toilet, i don't think i would've got those 25 points down.

shakespeare by jimmyjets

the only small thing i have to figure out is how a certain character looks like because there have been multiple incarnations and none of them fit right now. 

Hearts [B/Gray] by RevPixy Hearts [B/Gray] by RevPixy Hearts [B/Gray] by RevPixy Hearts [B/Gray] by RevPixy Hearts [B/Gray] by RevPixy Hearts [B/Gray] by RevPixy

which brings me to the next thing: scheduling the last sketch book i finished a month ago and starting a new one but which?

<da:thumb id="632214085"/> watercolor (which i'm not very good at because i'm impatient and i have limited time for art) 
<da:thumb id="632214085"/> colored pencil (okay skilled at this)
<da:thumb id="632214085"/> mixed media (everything mixed up because that's easy to do)

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it's the month of halloween

Mon Oct 3, 2016, 8:31 PM

october is going to be busy with nanowrimo prep and my sewing projects.

plot is pretty solid, i need to fix a few things but i'm content with what i have.

i just finished sewing a plush doll with a pattern i put together from some of my earlier test patterns. it looks okay and much smaller than my finished plush dolls.

the finished doll body is sitting on my desk right now with no face or hair but has a knitted scarf.

figuring out a few things i want to do different with this plush doll project is going to take time, some money and experimenting.

i need more tv shows to marathon while i'm sewing and writing. 

currently participating in inktober and so far so good.

busy as a bumblebee

Sat Jul 30, 2016, 12:19 AM

now that i'm a lot less contagious and no longer banned from work because of that stupid cold, i have been quite busy with that.


bought a small sketch book with the intent to draw chibi characters in it as way of getting into drawing again and so far so good.

all 40 pages have outlined characters with skin, hair and eyes colored in. the hardest part will be the clothes and the background.

i'm also working on keeping each one with a selective palette as a challenge.
in other news relating to writing:

i'm scrapping the first 2 parts of Willow Crest Memory and starting over.

Characters are staying with minor adjustments but the plot is being reworked.
i'm not happy with where it was going in Part 3 which was a struggle to plot and summarize (for myself) in a couple of sentences.

i decided to rework the plot with something complete different within the WCM world and that's my weekend plans until i get it to some sense.

i'm feeling apprehensive about the whole thing but it really needs to be done before i can continue writing anything else.

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Sat Jul 2, 2016, 8:57 AM

i can't believe i got sick in the middle of summer. 
thursday - ehhh. i hope it goes away.
friday - no voice, cough and disgusting nose situation
saturday - slightly better/whatever

kinda ruining my holiday weekend!

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yikes. meant to write a journal a week ago but here we are.


i've been working much slower on my plush doll project than i wanted when i first started. i mean, i think i've been thinking/writing/updating my tumblr about it for a few months at least.

and i finally got the pattern to where i wanted. the entire body gave me the most trouble but i've got it down where it looks exactly as i want it:
                a. proportional,
                b. human(oid) shaped,
                c. cute.
all of those are important! i sewed 4 different prototypes before the final one put all the elements together with my above average sewing skills.
i'm stepping back from plush sewing but not putting all my sewing stuff away; i still want to re-sew all my OCs as plush dolls again now that i have the pattern ready and a lot of fabric waiting to be used.
more works in progress:
i'm all done with sewing so i was going back into drawing. i figure i'll ease myself into it one page at a time. i bought myself a new sketch book in my preferred size and have yet to crack it open since i bought it.

oh well.

ideas are floating around and i'm looking at gathering inspiration on my side blog too.
now that i've finished Willow Crest Memory Part 2 (shall be renamed something other than 'Growing Secrets and The Prized Child aka the old titles), i've been wanting to get a start on Part 3.

it's really hard. i've got the idea and it was set up to begin in Part 2 but it seems kind of bland and not as interesting as i believed it was while writing the previous story.

i wish i had someone to talk to about this but i don't. :(

for now i'm trying to come up with a single sentence summary and i'm still not satisfied with it.

maybe i should take a break from writing and work on the other two things i want to do: drawing and sewing.

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May Journal Update 2

Mon May 16, 2016, 10:50 PM

unoriginal title but it's late and i can't be bothered.


plush doll pattern project
still working on plush doll pattern v2. i think i got 70% of the pattern just right and i'm happy with the results as of this moment. 

also i stuck pins in the test plush doll of version 1 pattern. heh.

finished writing WCM part 2 on Sunday (wow that was a struggle wrapping up loose ends) and this coming weekend i'm going to try and edit it or at least as much as i can.

Coloring and other mixed media type things
went to get some new sketch books because i didn't realize i have none with a coupon from Michael's (couldn't be bothered to go to Blicks in the city) and the size i was looking for wasn't there.

so i guess i'm going to try sewing my own sketch book together and throwing on a soft fabric or paper cover. 

it's not like i'm haven't made a book before. :)

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MAY journal update

Tue May 3, 2016, 9:19 PM

because there wasn't one in April (i guess, w/e)

it's really hard making a new plush doll pattern and i have no idea how i did it last time (pattern has since been removed from my gallery - sorry not sorry)

but now i'm in the 'zone' so to speak and after testing two different patterns and tossing out both, i'm on my third attempt.

i mean, i knew this was going to be a challenge but it's kind of ridiculous. i've been working on it nearly every day since April and going into May.

i'll get it eventually and be happy with it.


anyway, writing progress is good and i'm still wrapping up loose ends before i revise/edit part 2 a second time. 

i may very well go and do SB3 aka sketch book 3 to at some variety the 3-4 hours i have each night to work on fun stuff.

more sewing this month, nevertheless.

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exciting news, but not really

Mon Mar 21, 2016, 11:10 PM


sketch book 2 has been completed and the first page was scheduled for today. idk what time and it's kind of a drag to schedule them all but i figure two a week is okay while i'm working on my new project.

the time has come. 
Anikos Amatsuki Plush Doll by amberwillow

i was so so proud of myself for making this plush and the clothes. in fact, i had done it with seven of my characters over a 12 months. admittedly i got kind of burnt out (and my eczema was a major factor as well) over sewing, i switched over to writing. 

the sketch book thing wrapped up and my writing/editing on weekends, i needed something to occupy myself.

and sewing was it.

unfortunately that plush doll is no more. i took it apart thinking i would only redo the wig which led to the face and well.

i just made a new, smaller doll. smaller for better details.

i'm waiting on some fabric i ordered last night.

perhaps i'm taking on too much but hopefully my skills haven't totally vanished and i've got plans.

for each of the eight plush dolls; four different outfits and appropriate accessories. the hair will be better material and the facial features will be something new. 

i'm really excited but subdued about starting this new project.

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busy busy busy

Mon Mar 7, 2016, 10:08 PM

trying to finish things before i start new things is hard.

it's not that i don't want to do the 'old' things but it's hard not to be distracted by shiny newness.

:bulletblack: finished sketch book Two and scanned all the pictures. i finished editing them (color corrections and cropping the trapper keeper out, etc.) 

:bulletblack: tying up the loose ends in Willow Crest Memory part 2 has been going along very well. the only downside is having to type them up! it's hard doing that at hope as i admittedly get distracted a lot. i've got to learn how to focus or something.

a very simple goal i've taken upon is trying to comment more on group/watcher deviations. i understand a favorite is nice and knowing there's someone out there at likes so and so deviation but not enough to actually comment... well, i admittedly fave and run but i'm trying to comment more in addition to adding favorites.

i don't know what my next non-writing project should be.

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Tue Feb 16, 2016, 11:04 PM

things have been super busy as of late. 
work has been draining and when i get home i honestly don't want to do much writing or drawing.
and that's been prolonging things i want to finish and making me feel more exhausted on weekends because i'm trying to catch up (of sorts)

anyway, i've done a couple of things i have mentally bolded and starred in my brain:

:bulletblack: printing and editing Willow Crest Memory Part 2. i had completely redid the plot (it makes more sense(?)), typed the entire thing once before for nanowrimo before scrapping it and writing it again only by hand and ending up with a measly 39k words. the last part i wrote doesn't end very well and i need to write more to close up loose ends. 

:bulletblack: sketchbook 2 has been entirely outlined and all but 4 or 5 entries haven't been colored but the rest have. i have some idea what i'm going to be doing for the backgrounds and all those other details and i'm trying something new to make it more interesting than the first sketchbook project i did.

and now that it is late and tomorrow is an important work day, i will go away now.

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Clean Up

Wed Feb 10, 2016, 10:12 PM
a work in progress.

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here we go

Fri Nov 13, 2015, 7:38 PM
i'm pleased to have finished the grand old book project that originally was going to have character profiles but i kind of misjudged that part of it and i need to fill up those pages.

now i'm working on editing all the photos i took since my scanner decided to crap out. no updated drivers, troubleshooting would work on it. maybe i'm stuck out of a scanner. at least they're a lot more reasonably priced these days.

much to edit and i'll need to figure out how i'm going to submit this thing.

in sections? by character?
and what category?
mixed media? photography? traditional art? 

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might as well

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 12, 2015, 10:49 PM
when you have your mind set to do one thing and you suddenly feel the need to do a different thing because you have the inspiration/drive/good timing to  do it.

you might as well take advantage of that.

i don't know what it is. i really struggle with wanting to use my laptop and this cool writing program i got and just type directly like that. but noooo. why must it be simple like that? it was difficult to get the words out despite writing out that 21 page outline, researching over a week the different elements that show up in said story and then painfully type out a measly 200 words per night.

instead i'm writing everything on cheap dollar store filler binder paper. and i'm successful. it's been about 2 weeks and i scribbled (it's readable!) over 35 pages of story. 

it's fantastic and i've even switched POVs which helps immensely. i'll have to change WCM: part one to the same POV but whatever.

anyhoo, i've also been thinking of other projects to do in between writing that are completely different so i won't get overwhelmed or burnt out writing.

variety is the spice of life, right??

sooooo flavors of August: pink ball point pens, paper covered composition books, good ol' single subject notebooks, washi tape, gelly roll pens!!! art journaling tumblr blogs. my 2.5 year old plant finally blooming!! <---- is exciting. my sailormoon anime music. Music animal crossing: new leaf, gray summer days. NO MUGGY DAYS ALLOWED.

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