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Together Always .:Contest Entry:. by Amberstorm233 Together Always .:Contest Entry:. by Amberstorm233

This is a contest entry for :iconnova-shadow26: In this contest we had to draw an AU we had from Warriors and then explain what happens in the AU. Before I get too far into this, there are some things I’d like to explain. Rockkit is the unnamed kit of Goldenflower and Patchpelt, littermate to Swiftpaw. There is zero information on how he dies in canon, so in my universe he ends up getting accidently killed when ShadowClan attacks ThuderClan. It’s the same battle Frostfur kits are taken.

Weaselkit and Tanglekit are the unnamed kits from Brindleface’s and Redtail’s second litter, their littermates with Ashfur and Ferncloud. They both died from greencough as kits. We all know who Snowkit is but Mistlekit is his sister who had Whitecough in Fire and Ice. However she is said to have recovered and was just forgotten about. In my canon she gets to live to become an apprentice. She wants her warrior name so she goes with Swiftpaw and Brightpaw to the snakerocks. She and Swiftpaw are killed by the dogs making Brightpaw the only survivor.

Now onto the AU! I had so many possible AU ideas to do for this contest. When it comes to Warriors I’m such a sucker for AUs and have so many ideas. At first I thought of the Mosskit lives AU but with my own twist on it. I had a few rough sketches of it and while I didn’t hate it, I wanted to flesh out and plan the idea a little more before I did anything for it. As I was writing the next chapter to my fanfic A Brindled Heart(Link:…) I started thinking about the ThunderClan kits who died or were forgotten about in the first series and I started to wonder what things would’ve been like if they had lived and thus this idea was born. Rockkit survives the attack with ShadowClan, Weaselkit and Tanglekit are able to recover from their greencough, Snowkit either gets to safety before the hawk takes him or the warriors are quick enough and Mistlepaw never goes with Brightpaw and Swiftpaw or survives the attack too.


Rockkit has always had an interest in medicine. While the other kits didn’t understand why, they all were supportive of it, especially Swiftpaw. He trains under Yellowfang and they have a close bond together. As he trains Cinderpaw gets injured on the Thunderpath. Bluestar suggest she becomes a medicine cat but Yellowfang is against the idea of three medicine cats in ThunderClan. She suggests Cinderpaw trains as a warrior and points out that Deadfoot, the deputy of WindClan, is managing fine with one less paw. With reluctance Bluestar agrees and with the help of Rockpaw, Yellowfang, Fireheart, Brackenpaw and her mother, Cinderpaw is able to stay a warrior. She only looses a few moons of training but is able to serve her Clan as a warrior. She and Yellowfang still have a close bond because of this while she and Rockpaw also become close. Rockpaw ends up earning the name Rockfeather for his calm, even personality. When Yellowfang dies, he and Cinderpelt are both torn up by the loss. When the battle with BloodClan happens, he helps watch over the camp and works day and night once the battle is over to heal his Clan. When Leafpool and Squirrelflight are born, Leafkit would often visit the medicine den. When they become apprentices he takes her as his own. They grow quite close. When Leafpool meets with Crowfeather, he warns against her doing so causing a rift between them. When the badgers attack, he helps Sorreltail with the birth. When a badger breaches the nursery, he helps defend Sorreltail. As he does so, Rainwhisker comes to the rescue and ends up dying in Rockfeather’s place. Sorreltail’s kits get the names Poppykit, Molekit, Honeykit and Stonekit instead of Cinderkit because Cinderpelt lives.

When Leafpool becomes pregnant with Crowfeather’s kits Rockfeather is mad at her. However, much to his conflicting emotions, he agrees to help hide the fact. He sends Leafpool and Squirrelflight on a mission together to scout around the new territory for herb patches they possible find. While many protest, Firestar reluctantly agrees and the she-cats leave. Two moons later they return with Lionkit, Hollykit and Jaykit. Leafpool says Squirrelflight was pregnant and had given birth while they were away. When asked why they didn’t come back when they found out, they both lie and say Squirrelflight was too stubborn to give up their mission. When Jaykit is found out to be blind, many cats want him to be a medicine cat however Rockfeather, like his mentor before him, says there shouldn’t be three medicine cats and convinces everyone he should train as a warrior pointing out Snowbee, Brightheart and Cinderpelt. When Squirrelflight’s kits become apprentices, all three kits become warriors. Brightheart trains Jaypaw, but Cloudtail and Snowbee help out with his training from time to time. Firestar trains Hollypaw because leaders only train the kits of the deputy and Ashfur trains Lionpaw. Things stay relatively normal and the three kits grow up none the wiser of their parentage. When the secret does come out though, Rockfeather can’t handle his apprentice and Squirrelflight getting blamed, so he tells everyone he convinced them to plan everything. He explains that he set up the two moon adventure to cover up for them and later convinced Leafpool and Squirrelfight to lie about who the kits belonged to. With his name tarnished, he’s forced to step down. However he doesn’t regret it because Squirrelfligth and Leafpool are not nearly put to fault as he is. He fights in the great battle and later helps heal his Clan after the battle. He last dies from old age surrounded by his friends and family.


Weaselkit and Tanglekit both survived the greencough outbreak and live the relatively normal lives of apprentices. Weaselpaw’s mentor is Sandstorm and Tanglepaw’s mentor is Runningwing. When Brightpaw, Mistlepaw and Swiftpaw are all attacked, both siblings are horrified. Weaselpaw helps comfort Cinderpelt over her sister and the two become close. Meanwhile Tanglepaw is always there for Mistlepaw much like Cloudtail was for Brightpaw. Alongside Brightpaw, Mistlepaw gets a new name too. Brightpaw becomes Lostface and Mistlepaw becomes Scarpelt. Everyone is horrified by the names. Tanglepaw and Weaselpaw both refuse to call the she-cats either of those names and continue to call them by their apprentice names. When Brindleface dies they’re both distraught. When Firestar becomes leader, all the apprentices earn their names. Brightpaw and Mistlepaw are renamed Brightheart and Mistleclaw. Thornpaw also earns the name Thornclaw. When the battle between BloodClan and LionClan happens, all of Brindleface’s kits fight to avenge their mother’s death. When the battle’s over, they all earn their names. Ashpaw and Fernpaw earn the names Ashfur and Ferncloud. Weaselpaw and Tanglepaw also earn the names Weaselfoot and Tanglecloud.

Soon after the BloodClan battle Weaselfoot and Cinderpelt became mates. Six moons before before the journey cats leave to find Midnight, the pair approached Longtail about having kits together and he agreed. Two moons later they each had one litter. Cinderpelt had two kits in hers and Weaselfoot had three kits in her own. Cinderpelt’s kits were named Acornkit and Creekkit. Weaselfoot’s kits were named Beetlekit, Redkit and Harekit. Weaselfoot was never the type who liked to be cooped up in the nursery. Instead Cinderpelt would often nurse their kits while Weaselfoot would go on patrol. This caused her to get an apprentice while still in the nursery. Weaselfoot ended up training Spiderpaw, later Spiderleg. Despite the challenges of being a queen and training an apprentice at the same time, Weaselfoot managed to balance both out. During the journey she helped out the other queens and kits from the other Clans. Through this she gained respect and new friends from the other three Clans. Soon after reaching the territories, Cinderpelt’s and Weaselfoot’s kits became apprentices. Acornpaw got Sandstorm, Creekpaw got Tanglecloud, Beetlepaw got Brambleclaw, Redpaw got Sootfur and Harepaw got Mistleclaw as mentors. During the badger attack, Weaselfoot and Cinderpelt fought side-by-side helping defend the nursery and elder’s den. When the battle had settled and the badgers were driven out, Rainwhisker was the only warrior lost in the fight. Later when Graystripe was presumed dead, Weaselfoot was chosen as the new deputy under Firestar. She served her Clan well as deputy. Her kits later got their warrior names; Acornspring, Creekwhisker, Beetlestep, Redstripe and Harenose. Later when the secret came out, she supported her friend, Rockfeather, as well as Leafpool and Squirrelflight. She was also horrified and shocked to find out what Ashfur had done during the fire. The rest of her time as deputy went on fine until Firestar died. The old ThunderClan leader passed away after the battle with ShadowClan. His wounds became infected and it was too much for him. Weaselfoot earned the name Weaselstar and went to get her nine lives. She chose Squirrelflight as her deputy and fulfilled her duty as leader. During the great battle, Weaselstar lost a few lives, however she fought valiantly. When Rockfeather died, she mourned his loss greatly but stayed strong for her Clan. She later died peacefully in her sleep a few days before Cinderpelt passed on too.

Tanglecloud took longer to settle down. He was a bachelor at heart, however he and Mistleclaw became close. Soon he found himself head-over-heels for him. He would constantly flirt with her and wanted to be mates. However every time he asked to be her mate, Mistleclaw would reject him. He finally asked why she rejected him and she said he was too immature. Tanglecloud had no idea what she meant by that but started to try different things to impress her. He tried everything, getting her gifts, hunting for her, going on walks with her but nothing worked. When he got Creekpaw as an apprentice, he thought that would prove his maturity to her. However that didn’t work. During the badger attack he helped lead the Clan alongside his sister. They worked together to guide the warriors to fight off the badgers, which was one of the things that helped the Clan win. When the battle died down Mistleclaw and Tanglecloud talked. They became mates and were very happy together. Moons later they had kits of their own. They were five moons younger than Jaykit, Holykit and Lionkit and were the light of their parents’ lives. They had two she-cats and two toms named Antkit, Thrushkit, Grasskit and Thymekit. However the happiness didn’t last long. Thymekit died a moon after birth due to greencough. Despite the loss the family pushed on. Later the kits became apprentices and worked hard. Thrushpaw got Dustpelt, Antpaw got Sorreltail and Grasspaw got Spiderleg. Once more things were looking up for the family until the fire came. Grasspaw wasn’t quick enough and a burning branch fell on him. He became trapped in the fire and burned to death. However that didn’t split up Mistleclaw and Tanglecloud. Instead their relationship became stronger because of the losses. When the secret came out, Tanglecloud didn’t know how to feel. He felt betrayed by Rockfeather and thought he could trust his friend. However he also understood where they all came from. Nonetheless he supported Rockfeather, Leafpool and Squirrelflight. When he learned about Ashfur’s treachery, he had many mixed emotions. He loved his brother but also resented him for what he did. When the great battle came, Tanglecloud fought with all his strength. He later died after getting greencough alongside his mate. They died on the same day.


Snowkit is saved before the hawk takes him. Brackenfur wrapped his body protectively around the tom. They both live, however Brackenfur now has scars from the talons on his back. Mistlepaw goes with Swiftpaw and Brightpaw and becomes severely injured like Brightpaw but doesn’t die. Snowkit and Mistlekit both get apprenticed on time and together. Brackenfur got to mentor Snowpaw while Mousefur mentored Mistlepaw. Snowpaw had a lot more trouble with his training. Due to his deafness he had a harder time understanding the moves and hunting could sometimes cause him trouble. But after a while he found a way to understand what his Clanmates were saying and with some practice he was able to speak himself though holding conversations with others could be difficult. Everything went well with Mistlepaw’s training. She went through it relatively normal apprenticeship.When Swiftpaw and Brightpaw decide to go to the snakerocks, Mistlepaw goes with them. When they get there, the dogs attack them. Later the three apprentices are found. When they were found, Swiftpaw is dead while Brightpaw and Mistlepaw were clinging to life. Patches of fur was missing form Mistlepaw’s pelt, an ear was gone and she had a scar over her eye. However it wasn’t nearly as bad as Brightpaw’s injuries. Brightpaw was renamed Lostface and Mistlepaw was renamed Scarpelt. During her time in the den, she and Lostface became close. Snowpaw, Tanglepaw and Weaselpaw also often visited Scarpelt. Things were looking bleak for her, then Fireheart became Firestar. He renamed both Lostface and Scarpelt. They were now called Brightheart and Mistleclaw. While Mistleclaw was able to continue her training, Brightherat was forced to the elder’s den. With the help of Cloudtail, Mistleclaw was able to help train Brightheart. When the BloodClan battle came, Mistleclaw and Snowpaw fought alongside their family and friends.

Snowpaw ended up earning the name Snowbee for his fighting spirit. He lives a normal warriors life but felt lonely. Sure he had family and friends he could talk to, but he always felt like something was missing. When Sootfur became a warrior, he had found that missing piece. He and Sootfur began to hang out more and soon enough both toms found themselves in love. When the badger battle came, Sootfur was severely injured and it was unknown if he would make it for a while. Luckily he pulled through and the two toms became even closer. Things went well for the toms and they grew to love each other. When the Eclipse battle came through, Sootfur and Snowbee both almost died. They survived however they realized just how much they meant to each other and became mates. When the great battle came they both survived and later retired. As elders they would tell stories to the kits and were a nice fixture to the Clan. Towards the end of Weaselstar’s leadership Snowbee died from an infection. A few moons later Sootfur followed him.

Mistleclaw had grown close to Tanglecloud after he helped her after the dog attack. She and Brightheart were still very close and she acted like an aunt towards Whitewing. She knew she wanted to have a mate and be a mother one day, however she knew she had to find the right tom. When Tanglecloud asked her to be his mate, she was ecstatic with the idea, but rejected him. She didn’t believe he was mature enough yet. When he got an apprentice it still wasn’t enough to convince her but when the badgers attacked and he helped his sister order the Clan around, that’s when she was convinced of his maturity. After the battle she and Tanglecloud officially became mates and a few moons later they had kits together. They lost two of their kits, Thymekit and Grasspaw, however the two remained close and loyal to each other. When the great battle came they both fought side by side with their Clanamtes. They both survived the attack and retired many moons after Snowbee and Sootfur did. When a greencough outbreak hit, they both died on the same day.

Top Left to Right: Tanglecloud and Weaselfoot/star
Bottom Left to Right: Rockfeather, Snowbee and Mistleclaw

Rockfeather- Amber tom with green eyes
Weaselstar- Tortoiseshell spotted tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Tanglecloud- Fluffy, black tom with yellow eyes
Snowbee- White tom with blue eyes
Mistleclaw- Scarred, gray ticked tabby she-cat with hazel eyes

Kits: Acornspring(Cinnamon smoke tom with amber eyes) and Creekwhisker(Gray mackerel tabby she-cat with yellow-green eyes)

Weaselstar- Tortoiseshell spotted tabby with amber eyes
Kits: Beetlestep(Tortoiseshell mackerel tabby she-cat with green eyes), Redstripe(Ginger spotted tabby tom with amber eyes) and Harenose(Cinnamon spotted tabby she-cat with golden eyes)

Kits: Thrushwhisker(Fluffy, lilac ticked tabby tom with orange eyes), Antsong(Black she-cat with hazel eyes), Grasspaw(Chocolate tom with green eyes) and Thymekit(Fluffy, gray ticked tabby she-cat with yellow eyes)

As for the image itself, I'm quite proud of it. I attempted some lighting and shading but it didn't show up well on the scanner I used. It also looks messy because of the scanner as well. I might just have to take a picture with my phone and post it that way. Anyway I used Prisma colored pencils to color the piece and Prisma liners to line the entire piece.

And that’s the end of it. Wow that took forever. I may have to find a way to shorten this or link this to its own separate journal because it’s so long. But no matter it was still so fun to do! Thank you :iconnova-shadow26: for hosting this contest! It was great to do! Also I’m probably going to make a story from this AU in the future because I love it so much. So yeah hope you enjoyed this long thing.

If anyone's interested in joining the contest, here's the link:…

AAAA I love this so much! I love how you put so much detail into your AU, that must've taken a lot of time and planning! I also love your designs for all of them! Thank you so much for joining, and I'm glad you enjoyed participating in it!
Amberstorm233 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist
Ah thanks! Yeah it took a bit, however I was writing my own fanfic and the idea popped into my head and I couldn't stopped planning and thus this was born. Oh and because of this I'm now probably going to turn this into a fanfic so that's fun! Anyway thanks for hosting this contest! I absolutely loved the contest and wished we got more contest like this. I quiet enjoyed it!
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