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((I ate a fortune cookie days ago while doing this, so enjoy.


The emperor and young chang'e got back from outside as, the empress was glad to see them her happiness fade away a bit as she saw the emperor's face is a bit red and was breathing heavily. "Dear, what's wrong with you?" She worried. "Its... im not that in the mood, you take care of chang'e outside while I rest here." He resisted. The empress looked at the girl was fade away from what was happening to him "Chang? What did you do?" "I didn’t do anything to him.." She feels like she was brag away a bit and everyone around her doesn't like her talking about this. Her face turned into a bluesy sad kind of look alike face the same way that she is while sipping on her tea. The empress held her back "I know, he's been like this all day." "Wait.. Why?" "it's... something tragic happened to him in the past... and it was his father.." Chang'e turned to her as she thinks why the emperor would have a bad time in the past just the same as hers. She wants to tell his backstory but suddenly it will make the emperor even more depressed and to turn back on being the maiden's fault instead, so she fought to talk about it later during the feast. 


As the emperor cooled off a little later, chang'e slowly came in as she was a child who did not sleep the rest of the night, "Your majesty?" She told, he looked up as he saw the girl walking towards his throne. "am I going to be shown to those "brave and trustworthy" warriors you been talking about..?" He suddenly about to gasp and jumped off of the throne, he breathed in and coughed "OH MY-ahem.." He yelped, the maiden shivered as like he was yelling at her or something, she ignores that and laughs a bit in her voice "as he she followed his orders again, fluffed her dress and standing up straight towards outside of the giant door and into the steps, the empress was finding pretty flowers outside of the palace "I'll be right back dear!" He yelled. The empress blushed a bit but does not care as she looked at the pretty flowers in the garden. 


Few minutes to the long bridge along from the palace there's another place towards and it’s The Forbidden Temple. The maiden was smiling big a little and her eyes were almost glimmering as she knows how gorgeous the place was, she wanted to look around but the emperor seems so sentient to her, she could follow him easily.  

When they finally got the other palace outside one of the 9 stone statues as they stand high up to the open wall, the statues are the "brave and trustworthy" gods and goddesses, the maiden didn’t even know them nor how they exist in the first place. The emperor went on talking, when he turn around he saw that the maiden was looking around not listening to him. The emperor grew a bit furious, normally people look around they don't even listen to there royal and kind ruler they know and love. "Chang'e.." He stalked to blur her daydream away as she snapped out of it. "oh, I'm sorry majesty, I can't help it.." She feel sorrow "it's fine, but when you want to it happens". She went around the statues, and noticed a statue of an old lady with a shell on her back and tree branches that grew out of it, she looks shaggy and the crack of the stone look like it came out around a thousand years. "majesty..." She looks concerned, the emperor walk towards the statue to what she's looking at, "chang'e dear, that's the "Silver Lost Lady" her name is "Lao ti" she has been held here young, centuries ago, all of that is lost when she was almost burnt for execution and lived on the moon, forever she remains to one of my most unknown students I meant this time, she was quiet and calm like you and lives at her most favorite place for years and someone punished her quite for that.." He suggested the story. "that's sad... she was a beautiful lady." She suddenly for sorrow at her chest for no reason "of course she is, she was just the reason I ment her, some of my allies like her as a sage because she taught them good lives and many reasons" as he finished chang'e feel down "anything the matter?" He suddenly wanted her to judge "...what.. does it feel like to be on the moon?.." She silenced. "Well..." He responded then felt quiet for a second. "it feels like you're in prison. You are cold and alone and no one can find you or on that planet, and.... it's my first brief punishment I ever had following my rules. I punish the others that live around here or the ones that irritate our masters properly they deserve to be trapped alone on a planet... that's why I had to let you learn't new things and just not being calm and quiet, or that happens.." 

Chang'e was quiet for a moment as she thought she has to do the best she can and tell the emperor what she really can do. "Your majesty.. I use to be a elegant dancer." She smiled, the emperor was in brief surprise he wants to have a moment but he never thought she would do something in her life "Explain." He examine. She took a breath "I been dancing since I was 10, I was the girl that any little child would be jealous of my skills.. I loved it, it was my whole life I was being doing awhile. They give me the title of being the elegant dancer of all of China but that changed, suddenly this day I was embarrassed and then my back begin to cramp, I feel tired and that's why I gone back to weaving..." She cut off the story. The emperor feel bad but he had an idea while she goes back to doing it.  

"how about this, you can do your training this evening during the feast, my wife will help you while I watch over the palace that anyone won't be able to break any of the equipment." She agreed and the both talk more over the other statues and wonderful stories about them as they walk back to the palace.

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