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Hell Hath No Fury Like, Totally a Woman Scorned :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 16 0
My Deviant ID 2 by Ehlanna by AmberSmyth My Deviant ID 2 by Ehlanna :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 9 9
Instant Message... Instant Justice
Instant Message... Instant Justice
By Amber Smyth
After a long day, Lily wanted to just relax and do a bit of friendly chatting, online, in the comfort of her home. She starts up her computer and logs in to her favorite chat room. She's disappointed as she sees that the chat room is empty... at least that is, until somebody enters the chat room. Somebody with the username "AwesomeNinja57".
"Who is this person? At least it's someone to chat with. Hope whoever it is, is nice."
AwesomeNinja57: Hey, how's it going? Mind if I join you in here?
"Ok. Seems innocent enough... so far."
SexyGirlyGirlXOXO: Ummm, yea sure, I guess.
AwesomeNinja57: So, wanna start a private chat? I can promise you it might be more fun. ;) After all, I'm sure a sexy girly girl like you is always interested in some action...hey, do you happen to have a profile pic?
"Ughhh. Of course. He's a guy who's also a sexist sleaze. Why am I not shocked?"
SexyGirlyGirlXOXO: Excuse me. I am not here looking for "action". I'm jus
:iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 144 78
My Deviant ID by Ehlanna by AmberSmyth My Deviant ID by Ehlanna :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 31 91
At The Stroke Of 8PM
At The Stroke Of 8PM
By Jill Shaw
Bret Mitchell is a real ladies man. Whenever he sees an
attractive woman, he swoops in and starts hitting on her. It is
at this point that women fall at his feet. The women just find
him irresistible. Bret, of course, has everything to back this
up. He is 29, a junior executive at a big clothing company, he
lives in a loft, and most importantly, he is a sexy hunk of a
man. He, pretty much, has everything.
One day, Bret was really happy. He, for once, got to leave early
from work. Then he planned for tonight. Even though he would be
leaving at 4:30, which is just a 1/2-hour before he usually
leaves, it was still extra time to get ready and go to the clubs.
He said goodbye to some people before he left. Then he quickly
drove off for home, probably a little too quickly.
As he got close to home, he drove past a park where he saw a
bunch of weird looking people who dressed funny. What he didn't
notice was the old lady walking out in the street. He turned
:iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 84 51
My Deviant ID by sturkwurk by AmberSmyth My Deviant ID by sturkwurk :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 44 0 Amber at the club - Character: Amber (close-up) by AmberSmyth Amber at the club - Character: Amber (close-up) :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 37 14 Amber at the club - Character: Amber Smithe by AmberSmyth Amber at the club - Character: Amber Smithe :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 51 17 Amber at the club - Character: Sexy Girl by AmberSmyth Amber at the club - Character: Sexy Girl :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 64 1 Amber at the club - Character: Jerk Guy by AmberSmyth Amber at the club - Character: Jerk Guy :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 24 5 Amber at the club - Pg. 4 by AmberSmyth Amber at the club - Pg. 4 :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 299 225 Amber at the club - Pg. 3 by AmberSmyth Amber at the club - Pg. 3 :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 216 4 Amber at the club - Pg. 2 by AmberSmyth Amber at the club - Pg. 2 :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 218 8 Amber at the club - Pg. 1 by AmberSmyth Amber at the club - Pg. 1 :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 227 6
Midnight Kiss
Midnight Kiss
By Amber Smithe
It's New Year's Eve and everybody is having a good time at this New Years party! Well, not everybody. Not Dennis.
"Woo-Hoo! Time to ring in the new year! And that means one thing... party! I love parties! Free food! Booze! and, best of all, the girls! Really hot and sexy babes! And, they're all drinking! That should make it easier to get one these hotties to come home with me. At least it should be. What with these chicks?! They should be drunkly hanging off of me right now. Instead, they're chatting with their friends or talking to their boyfriends. Oh great! This really sucks! Stupid broads! They don't know what they're missing."
Dennis creeps over to a couple of girls on the dance floor and starts using cliche one liners on them. All the girls turn him down. Understandably.
"What is up with these stuck-up girls?! All they need is some alcohol in them and they will be so much easier for me to pick up and have my way with them. That doesn't look like that
:iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 86 15
My Deviant ID 2 by krioss by AmberSmyth My Deviant ID 2 by krioss :iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 10 65

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Wishes out of airplanes
Making wishes out of airplanes
By : Yurix
I've been hearing tales, stories, urban legends… most are hodgepodge nonsense, but others have a bit of truth. In fact, some of those stories amuse me so much that I make them come true.
You see, I've been keeping an ear to all things wishes. I mean, someone has to, right? Don't call me a spirit or a guardian angel… and I'm not a demon, either. I'm just someone who's been wandering around. You probably saw me before, from the corner of your eye, only to be gone the next second. That's just who I am.
You see, not all wishes come true. Most people make materialistic wishes, or very selfish ones. I can't stop counting the number of wishes for wealth, fame, power, etc… I can't believe so many people lack originality, or compassion, in their wishes. I usually like the more subtle ones, or ones that are either heart-warming, or rather silly. I've also seen countless methods to make wishes.
One of the strangest ones I've heard rece
:iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 50 27


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Amber Smyth
United States
A bit of a girly girl who luvs to go out and party, but also sometimes luvs a quiet night in curled up on the sofa, with a good book and a glass of wine. Or maybe relaxing in a nice, warm, soothing bubble bath. :)

I also really luv TG transformations!


New Deviantart Username

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 21, 2015, 11:43 PM
Hiya everybody. Long time, no see. I'm sorry for not posting any new gender transformation stories. I got a bunch of ideas, I just need to motivate myself into finally getting around to making those ideas into stories and find the time to do that as well. In the meantime, I've been doing stuff with my Deviantart page using the benefits I get from having a premium/core membership. I put up a new poll, asking what kind of girl would you all want to be TG'ed into (not surprisingly, "Girly Girl/Bimbo" got the highest, followed closely by "Innocent, Sweet, Good Girl" and then "Elegant, Classy, Sophisticated Woman) and made a widget for my YouTube channel (which so far, only has 1 video (should really post more videos; ideas anyone?)) and a widget for my picks for "TG Transformation Video Of The Day", which I tried my best to keep up with. But the one thing I've been meaning to do for so long was change my Deviantart username. For years here, I've gone by the name "sexycurvybabe". Honestly, I didn't put much thought into that name when I picked it because when I first started this account, I only intended to use it to checkout other people's TG art and stories. So back then, I didn't care what name I used, since I was just here check out other people's work. Now that I write TG stories myself (or at least I would be if I got my cute ass around to writing them), I wanted to give myself a name I actually put some thought into thinking of. But with this being my last day with a premium account/core membership, I changed my Deviantart username to the only name I could think of, my own name, "AmberSmyth". It's a name I've been using for a couple of years on a couple of TG sites. I like it. I think it works. Straight forward and simple. Well, at least I put more effort into coming up with this Deviantart username than my old one. :lol:

Anyway, let me know what you think of changing my Deviantart username. Do you like the new one or did you prefer my old one. I'm just a bit curious. And also, any suggestions on what to post on my YouTube channel? I'm kind of thinking of just posting random gender transformation clips that I can find, to have them all in one place, but any suggestions gender transformation clips you wanna see that I could add? Maybe a gender transformation clip from a movie/show/music video that is hard to find on YouTube? I'll see what I can do. :)

And so, tomorrow, my premium/core membership ends. *sigh* It was fun while it lasted. Wish I posted new stuff while I had it, but oh well. Hopefully I can get some money together in the future and buy more time with a premium/core membership, but for now, I'm going to work on getting myself to finally work on some new gender transformation stories... maybe after a warm, soothing, relaxing bubble bath... with a nice glass of wine... mmmmmmmmm... what can I say? It's been a long work week. :giggle: :)

:hug: & :blowkiss:
with much :heart: :love: :heart:
Amber Smyth

  • Reading: Romance Novel
  • Drinking: Wine

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