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Nebula Cosplay- Guardians of the Galaxy


"You see what he has turned me into? You kill him, and I will help you destroy a thousand planets..."
AmberSkies Cosplay ( cosplaying as everyone's favorite homicidal alien princess for a fun photoshoot on Xandar. <3

HI INTERNET FRIENDS! Here we finally have the first taste of our dear Nebula, SECOND favorite daughter of Thanos.There's plenty more photo span on the horizon, but for now, I present the long awaited product as a quick snapshot.

Please keep in mind this was only a FIRST test run, so photos you'll see at the end of this week will be much improved makeup and costume wise and make me feel even more confident in it! It'll be up to you to spot the tiny differences. ;)
All props/pieces/special effects makeup designed and hand crafted by myself and my incredibly artistic and helpful dad, (slash cosplayer crafting assistant) Randy!

A huge thank you to you all for keeping me motivated to finish this monster and go outside my little Disney comfort zone into the badass alien I've always been dreamt to be. <3

And especially to my number one fan, my dad for standing by my side (and spirit gumming my head) to make sure I looked picture perfect for this shoot. :)

Muahahhhhahhahahahahhaaaaaaaaaa you all have no idea the epicness I have in store for you.

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Hello, second-favorite daughter of Thanos.
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You nail every cosplay outfit. SOOOOO amazing!!!!:D (Big Grin) 
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This is so legit! You've freakin' nailed it.
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You look almost like the real deal! :D :jawdrop: