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The Visitor

She saw movement from the corner of her eye and quickly turned to see him there, as he always was. She could hear the others scampering about, muttering in their strange tongue. Though he was the only one who would come into her tower.

The first time he appeared in her window she was terrified of course. He had disappeared almost as quickly as he had come.

They had told her about them of course. But she hadn't really believed them.

Now she realized even the gargoyles knew she was lonely.

She would leave treats for them, she decided.

What did they eat she wondered. Could she ask him?

She carefully approached and he stared at her with those sad eyes.

"Can you understand me?" She asked softly, stepping closer.

He scurried from one column to the next, and looked at her over his shoulder.

"It's okay." She promised, holding out her hand.

He took one look at her fingers and bounded away out the window, scampering over the stones of the ancient castle like he had wings. She rushed to see him flee, hanging halfway out with the vines, and caught the sudden movement as many other of the fickle little creatures skittered away. Hidden around the angles and behind the vines.


Challenge - Introducing the Unusual stock folder by Unusual-Manips

Thank you for this awesome and unusual contest and thank you for the stock!!!!! :love: :hug:








vines 1…

vines 2…

Vines 3…


chameleon 2…


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great work, lovely composition and very well done!! :):)
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This came out beautifully! He does have a soulful look on his face, like he would really like to speak with the lady but is afraid for some reason :aww:

Thank you for using my stock!
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Excellet piece, Thanks for using my stock!
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Excellent work!
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