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I tried

Wasn't in the mood to draw a human, have a baby llama instead.
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gimme that llama is adorable

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This is cool. Very nice style. Thx for the llama! :*

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you draw with firealpaca don't you? hehe

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Nope, but nice one xD

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Lol I thought it was water sheep. Very cute drawing <3
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The colors are amazing :D

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This is adorable!!!

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this is so cute omg!

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that is a very good color combination makes her fur look like a big lush galaxy :,,D

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What better place to say "thank you for the lemma" than here? :P

Sooo. thank you for the lemma! :3

Also nice lama art ^^

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You're welcome :3 <3

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Fan fact: I live in Israel and the meaning of the word "למה" means both the name of the animal and "why" :3

Soooo cute!!! 💜💜

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this is just too cute!!!

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But at least you have done a great job too. Also, I like cute Llamas too. They're cute, but a few times they can be funny too. Fave are belong to yours, truly. =P

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Yeah seems like people like it. Thank you :D

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