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[MLP] Beach summer fun buddies (contest entry) by AmberPone, visual art


[Invader Zim] Lovebug AU by AmberPone, visual art


[MLP] Mane6 GEN5 redesigns by AmberPone, visual art


[IZ] I just want them to hang out by AmberPone, visual art

Artist // Student // Digital Art
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I'm a 20 years old, mentally exhausted art student, who in their free time prefers to either draw cute & colorful things or play TF2.

Because of multiple projects each week I'm not as active as I used to be, but after this circus I plan to fully go back to making whatever I want.

Drawing pones is a comfort thing for me (despite not being much into this show anymore), but besides that I enjoy doing fan art for other media, especially Invader Zim. Just whatever comes to my mind next time I do a sketch.

Things are difficult on this website since the launch of Eclipse, so any kind of support, even a simple :+fav: I appreciate a lot <3


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Thanks to everyone who donated! You helped me reach my goal!
Currently working on a few redraws of my old art, I have to admit I missed drawing the cute pones (Yes I like to plan the whole drawing before I do lineart)
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Me looking at my gallery after almost a year of not posting any serious digital art be like " What is this" But yeah I'm not dead yet, and I'm finally done with art school for the next few months. I'm gonna try to draw something during that time, even if it's just a few art trades or (would be nice) commissions. I would post some animation projects I did this year, but dA doesn't tolerate the format they are in so F. Thank you to all the people who haven't decided to unwatch me during this hellish year (even if it's only because they forgot my profile exists). Have a great day/night. Ps. Is it just me or is core membership like twice as expensive now? I wanted to get it back but holy hell, even the most basic one costs way more than I remembered D:
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Me trying to come up with a bit updated version of my horses art style, wish I had time to actually draw them digitally :T
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