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Enpu's CONTEST - Me meets me

By amberfoxwing
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For 's contest! This is what would happen if I met my male self, swear to god XD
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Win, good work as always.

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hahahahahaha!! xD i love it! ^-^
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Holy lord, I couldnt imagine my female self! XD
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XD My male self would be withdrawn put probably a snarky arse. :P
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XD I have no clue what my female self would be like.....probably a bit of a clutz......
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now why is everyone in the classroom looking at me funny...

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lol... ^-^ at first i thought that he was the boyfriend but thats still exstreemly funy ^-^ keep it up ^-^
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Link: I just burst out laughing! Hey, that's an awesome idea. What would happen if I met my female self? Oooo I'm tingling with the thought of it!
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Wrong on so many levels... I love it!!! :heart:
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Thats Great! XD
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May god have extreme mercy on your male-self.... >.<
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Whoa O___O....*faints*..
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xD! OMG.


It's great!
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*grins and bows* For yer contest XD
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Try bribery!! Works for me. =Þ
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What would happen if two parallel-universe versions of *me* met(reasonably similar universes), regardless of gender: WAY TOO EXPLICIT to even MENTION on deviantART, much less draw. XD~~
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Well I had to tone it down for DvA >.> (a lot) but this incredibly true. Naked people, no matter how sexual, make me think of DRAWING REFERENCE!!

...that's why I can't do pr0n. ^^
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Oddly enough, nudity doesn't add that much extra sexy for's rather the pose, the action, the manner--how someone is acting, that makes a situation sexual. Nudity can actually be less sexy than sexy clothes--it's just too pure.

Of course, nudity can also mean one is READY for sexual activity...but in that case it would *also* be betrayed by one's actions and demeanor.

I dunno, I tend to think of people as glompable regardless of clothes or lack thereof. *pouncehuggle* =^.^= And though I might seem at first blush to be a total perv, in reality my actual sexuality is kind of restricted to those I TRULY trust, while friendly cuddling is something I'd like to do with...well, with ALL my friends.

(And I *am* a total perv, as evidenced by some probably-inappropriate ideas that cropped up back when you mentioned your broad acceptance for commissions.)
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Yeah same for me. Nudity equates drawing reference for me, for the most part. I'm the same way with wanting to cuddleglomp everyone but sexual things are only with people I really trust.
And as for nasty things as a commission, hey, as long as its money, I'll do anything you ask.
...once on a dare I drew Simba reaming Mickey. And I'm STILL ashamed of it. But I drew it. So that shows you how far I'll go.
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What about weird fetishes? *blush*
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'Tis indeed babyfur. *blush again!*
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'Tis indeed babyfur. *blush again!*
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Pretty sure I can do...depends on what though XP If it's shit/piss, then no. But, if it were say, babyfur...then yes. :P
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