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Coucher de Soleil

By amberfoxwing
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When your title sucks, put it in a different language! .....and it'll still be weird.



So I finally got a new Wacom Stylus, cause my other one was devoured by the room monster. Sooo I have a commission to do, and I was trying to make it work and it wasn't. It felt like my wacom skillz died. Therefore I did this to see if I was as rusty as I felt.

I'm not! Hooray! So...I'm proud of it....took me SO LONG to do (in Caytlin drawing time)

and um

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aw, love :)

this is very very cute
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Link: I love you.

The sole greatest artist I know to exist that can capture a character so very perfectly. Lass and I got together with only our jeans on too. It was the most peaceful experience I can remember having. Mm... I thank you so much for this. It's beauty's most precious gift.
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*sneaks away to hide in shy embarassment* 8.8 You're so nice to meeeee....thaaank you T___T
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Beautiful. *sign*....... :heart:
Love is beautiful if you have it.
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Link: I admit, at first, I thought the background was a little too blank. On closer inspection, and after admiring it for a little while, I have come to another conclusion:

The tails! Omigosh I love the tails! And they're only wearing jeans, how perfectly... beautiful. Waaaaaaah envy. Another wonderful piece, truly.
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Uh...lemme guess...*emphatically does NOT use a translation tool; I wanna get this WRONG* Pants of the Sun?
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wow, this just really got to me, such a loving scene...
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^.^ Aww thank you so much....
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Aww.... *pokes* >.> maybe I should get you to make me a couple piccy for my girlfriend... >.>
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I would love too 8D Couple pics is like all I draw lately! Liek UHMAHGAWD!

*is hit over the head with a brick of stupid*
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XD aww.... poor foxling no hitting self..... Ryan would kill me O_O;;
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What if I used a mallet? >.>
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It turned out absolutely beautifully, hun. The soft colours of the sunset draw the focus to the couple (and aren't yew both just kyute). the posse are very natural and you can see the adoration in their eyes. Very gorgeous.
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*blush!* Thank you so much! Aieeee! *proud andflattered*
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You should, like, SO be proud! *paws and huggles*
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Very romantic with simplified background. The pair is so lovely! :D
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Awww....thank you!~ *blush* :heart:
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great job! i love all your stuff! it's so amazing! :+fav:
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Kyaaa, thank you *blush!*
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I like that a lot. I'd like to get a tablet, but I don't have the money. Very nice work!
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Tablets are tres expensive :( It took me a long time and some christmas moneys to save up for one. (If you ever get one, for the love of EVERYTHING, GET A WACOM AND NO OTHER BRAND. They SUCK. It's really worth the investment, if you have the cash)
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For the record, I'm pretty happy with my IBM tablet. And this picture is -amazing-. ^^

(And they seem to have changed the commenting system since the last time I was on dA. Hm. )
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Well yeah but you have a tablet *PC*, and those just rock ANYWAYS.
But for regular tablets, don't get anything less than Wacom (i.e. HYPERPEN WHICH SUCKS.)

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