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Little Mermaid: He loves me

By AmberDust
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Edit: Changed minor details, such as hair, tail, mouth and hand. Perfectionist at work. :P

This is a digital artwork of Ariel from the Little Mermaid, I used screenshots from the film to help with the style and colours, and based it on the scene when Ariel is pulling the petals from an underwater flower, just before Sebastian sings "Under the Sea".
I worked hard to keep the original style of Ariel, but hopefully also with an added a bit of realism. I also kept to the original colour scheme, and design. It was very fun to colour and I didn't have too much trouble, except for the pink leaves on the rock which were a right pain. XD
And surprise, surprise, there's actually a background! It took a long time to do, so I hope it came out right. I also spent a lot of time on Ariel's face, it was surprisingly hard to get a balance between it looking like she does in the movie, while also making it "3D" and painting it in what I hope is my own style. XD
TLM is one of my favourite Disney movies, so I just had to paint her! ^^

I think I went a little overboard with details, which is why it took so long, but hopefully it was worth it. :D
At least I learnt quite a lot during this, so it wasn't a waste of time! :P
Don't forget to look at the details!: [link]

Full view recommended.
Comments and +favourites appreciated! ^^

Size: Roughly a quarter of the original.
Details: [link]
WIP: [link]
Original Sketch: [link]
Time spent: Roughly 30 hours over two weeks.
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS and my trusty Wacom Tablet. ^^
Ariel "The Little Mermaid" is ©Disney.
Art ©AmberDust 2006.
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© 2006 - 2021 AmberDust
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Great Job, Nice, Hi

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This is really good, I like it. Well done! xx
Wow I'm stupid I thought she had a Pringle for a second.
AmberDust's avatar
Ha ha! I can just imagine that on a packet of Pringles now! :P
OMG YES...They could be tuna flavored.....ugh....that wouldnt taste very good.
AmberDust's avatar
Ha ha no, but you could always have Prawn Cocktail! That is actually a flavour I think :P
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wonderful artwork
AmberDust's avatar
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loved how you used it in Demyx's room :D
ThatGiiirl's avatar
this is soo cool! 8D
MagdaLsWorkshop's avatar
It's so beautiful! Is it OK if I embed this picture to my website. I'll credit you for sure! <faves>
AmberDust's avatar
Thank you! :) Sure that's fine
Mingbatrox108's avatar
This was my favourite scene xD
AmberDust's avatar
Ha ha, one of mine too! :)
Mingbatrox108's avatar
Heehee, what a coincidence xD
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I love this. I loved the way Disney did Tangled and this reminds me of that style. Makes me wish they would completely redo this movie in that style. You did a great job! :aww:
AmberDust's avatar
Thank you! :) Personally, I love The Little Mermaid as it is! I wish they had decided to make Tangled in 2D, ha ha! :P Although the 3D is still very pretty! ^^
CaptainSwanForever's avatar
yeah it would have been adorable in 2d just to see what it would look like! :D Disney movies rock. I went to see Lion King tonight and it was as great as it was the first time I went to see it at the drive-in back in the day lol
AmberDust's avatar
Aww wow, I can't wait for the cinema release of the Lion King in the UK! America is so lucky to get it so early! I never got to see it in the cinema when it was first out, so I cannot wait! How was the 3D? :D
CaptainSwanForever's avatar
It was fantastic! I absolutely loved it. I saw it the first time at the good ol' drive in lol and I loved it. So this was just bringing back memories!!
AmberDust's avatar
That's awesome, finally saw it myself just the other day, it was amazing! I was very impressed with the 3D--looked much better than CG movies! :)
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