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Game On: 2009

A series of illustrations based on upcoming video games for 2009. This was done for my college magazine, ZED, for the gaming article "Game On" which was published two weeks ago. You can view the website here: [link] Enjoy!

Two more illustrations were painted by my sis, Deepsies, but you'll have to wait for her to upload them. :P

From left to right:
Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII ©Square-Enix
Nathan Drake from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves ©Naughty Dog and ©Sony Computer Entertainment
Ryu from Street Fighter IV ©Capcom
Soldier from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ©Infinity Ward and ©Activision
Little Mac from Punch-Out!! ©Next Level Games and ©Nintendo
Orbital Drop Shock Trooper from Halo 3: ODST ©Bungie and ©Microsoft Game Studios

Style inspired by the amazing :iconhardedge-maelstrom:

Art ©AmberDust 2009
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© 2009 - 2021 AmberDust
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Call of Duty is a mistake. Everything else is fine.
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I just love your style. :D
suteki-tori's avatar
This is really cool, I love the layout of it and the sketchy lines look awesome.
Psycho-Gaze's avatar
Nice piece!
Hey, I just realized; every other frame starting from the left has a gun.
AmberDust's avatar
Ha ha, so it does! That was unintentional, I just thought they looked better ordered that way! :)
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Cool art, nicely done.
LadyofRohan87's avatar
It's lovely! I really like the style of it and the colors of the background, it really makes all of the characters stand out. And yay for Nathan Drake! :D
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Ha ha, thanks! :D
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You did an amazing job on this!


Great work on each thing. LOVE GAMES!
Keep up the excellent work^^
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Hey, wow, where have you been? XD Been missing you too! ^^ How're you doing?
Thanks very much! ^^
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I'm alive. I'm trying for SSI disability since I can't work and my girl is living with me now. My mother is determined to break us up but things are rather good.

I'm becoming more active in my writing and drawing again^_^ I really need to practice coloring but yeah, over all everything is pretty good.

How are you and your sisters? Still having fun in college and are they still kicking but in martial arts LOL I'm glad to be on more now and see more of you and others^^

Please take care and I hope to talk again soon!
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I really like the style of colouring, it's sorta like my sketchwork only with much more depth and colour. Great job as always!
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Ha ha, thanks very much! ^^
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