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FFXII - Ashe



Ok, this was SUPPOSED to be a speed painting-- a quick test to see how quickly I could draw a convincing character. But three or so hours in, it was obvious I was being a perfectionist. The face was really hard to get right, 'cause Ashe has a very unusual look, combining youth and maturity, so that took about an hour on it's own. Then after that I found the eye colour was wrong, I started with a brown/green/orange combination, then saw a screenshot of her with grey/blue eyes. :cries:
The hair was the fun part though, I managed to paint it really quickly and the colours fitted very well.

So my result? A portrait of Ashe that is neither a polished painting or a scrappy speed painting. :cries:
You may decide what you think it is for yourself, as for me this may be moved to scraps later, it's in my gallery for now because despite it not really looking like Ashe, I still like the face and hair. :P

Oh yes, and the costume may or may not be true to the original design-- I blame lack of reference! ^^;

I got loads more projects knocking about in my poor brain, so hopefully something more interesting will be uploaded shortly. :XD:

Time spent: 5 hours over one day
Reference: Official Ashe wallpapers and screenshots
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS and Wacom A5 Tablet.
Satisfied?: Yes, for now. -.-

Final Fantasy XII "Ashe" ©Square-Enix
Art ©AmberDust 2006
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nice work!! photoshop??