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FFX-2 Yuna Songstress

A coloured drawing of Yuna in her Songstress dressphere from Final Fantasy X-2, drawn in pencil and coloured in Adobe Photoshop CS.

Original character design; Tetsuya Nomura, Square-Enix.
Drawn and coloured by AmberDust.
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© 2006 - 2021 AmberDust
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She Looks Pretty
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i love that outfit^_^
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It's awesome! Only thing wrong with it is the hair - it looks a little too rounded, and there isn't her long red snake thing coming out of her head (XD) but apart from that, it is very awesomeness. Job well done.
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Oh my goodness! I just realised, I did forget her hair braid! I wonder how I managed that. XD
I think I was on holiday about a year ago at the time, I probably only had reference for Lenne. XD
Thanks very much. ^^
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^^ You're welcome :D Apart from that, it is an amazing drawing, though, so well done ^^
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OMG. That looks so beautiful! :+fav:
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Beautiful! :aww: Maybe her hand is kinda weird, but I really like her outfit :)
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Thanks! Yeah, the hand and hair look really strange to me now, but I spent time colouring it so... :P
Thanks! ^^
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Yea, I understand you.. :D
You're welcome! ^^
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wow that looks like a official pic !!!! loving it!
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wheeee!!! I love all the details!! ^_____^ <3<3
I'm actually cosplaying as her really soon!!! XD So I luff this <3
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Only thing that looks off is the hand and head. But great job everywhere else! ^.~
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