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FFX-2 Paine Coloured

Coloured lineart of Paine from Final Fantasy X-2.

This artwork is based on Tetsuya Nomura's wallpaper artwork for Yuna from FFX-2, but with Paine instead of Yuna.

Original Lineart: [link]
Rikku Version: [link]

Wow, the comparison with my old Rikku version is shocking! :O
Which can only mean I'm improving! Whoop! ^^

Thanks to for inspiring me to draw this. :D

Time spent: 3 hours
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS and my Wacom Intuos3 Tablet
Reference: Official FFX-2 art and wallpapers.

'Final Fantasy X-2' and 'Paine' ©Square-Enix
Character Design ©Tetsuya Nomura

Art ©AmberDust 2006

And all that jazz.
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© 2006 - 2021 AmberDust
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Husky-Arts's avatar
Damn that's original :D
love it love it love it!!!
Blacknny's avatar
The idea is cool...but I hate that tiny...sword?
4pikachu4's avatar
Musta been hard to think up a new way for her hands to go, since she has one weapon not two, lol.
Great job! Have you ever considered working in the Final Fantasy character design/art department? LOL, JK, but it is a very nice piece of work, though, great job!
AmberDust's avatar
Ha ha, thanks! It was pretty difficult but the pose came through quite well once I got started. Working for Final Fantasy would be a dream come true! Something like that's a long way off though! XD
4pikachu4's avatar
OMIGOODNESS, I wouldn't say its very far off at all, that looks so nice.
It would be my dream to work as a character concept/design drawer person for Final Fantasy, lol. It's like my favorite game in the world.
AmberDust's avatar
Lol, thanks! Well thing is they wouldn't exactly want a duplicate of Tetsuya's work, they'd probably want something new and it'd take a long time for me to develop a new style lol! 'Tis something I'd love to do though!
4pikachu4's avatar
Same here! Anyways, lovely work, I'd love to see more Final Fnatasy work.
Terrali's avatar
i love this i actually like that game its so fun too bad i suck at video games lol^_^
AmberDust's avatar
Hee hee, thanks. :)
Terrali's avatar
your so very welcome^_^
halofarm's avatar
This however, I love so much Imma gonna havta fave it.

AmberDust's avatar
halofarm's avatar
You're welcome ^_^
Banryuunokizu's avatar
Wow!!! the colors are amazing!!! Paine is one of fav female characters in the Fantasy series!!!! Great job on this girl!!
AmberDust's avatar
Yay! Thank you! ^^
Banryuunokizu's avatar
XDXD No problem!!! :hug:
Kaze-The-Dark-Wind's avatar
Oh wow!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!! Having her touching the sword with the other hand was the perfect alternative!!!!! Thank you for letting me know about it! You did a fantastic job! ::hugs::
AmberDust's avatar
Thanks so much! Much appreciated! :D
Tabogganwheel's avatar
They're both great! I love the texturing on this one tho =D
AmberDust's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, I did the Rikku one ages ago, (or maybe it was just earlier this year, feels longer XD) so I think I did a better job on Paine.
I don't know, maybe I'll go back to the Rikku picture and add some more detail, it looks really blurred. XD
Thanks again! :D
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