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This is now available as a print, poster and greeting card here on RedBubble: [link]

Quickie Ariel A5 sketch I did in about 15 minutes this afternoon, I liked it so much I scanned it in to colour, taking about 1-2 hours.

I'm pretty happy with it, particularly as I didn't use reference, (and I think there's some improvement from my last Ariel painting, except for the lack of background: [link]) save for a small image by Glen Keane for Ariel's face: [link]

I really want to do more original art now, way too much fan art in my gallery, I need to stop going back to it for a bit. XD
Anyway, got some research for college tomorrow to do, hope you like! ^^

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Tablet, A5 sketchbook
Time: 'Bout 2 hours total
Ariel from The Little Mermaid is © Disney
Art ©AmberDust
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© 2007 - 2021 AmberDust
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She’s beautiful I love the little mermaid
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Excellent. I love Ariel she is so beautiful.
Hello !
I'm a french Youtuber and I'm recording a cover of Ariel. I need a picture for my thymbnail and yours is amazing ! Would you mind if I use it as a thumbnail ? I will notice your name and the link of the art in the video description.
Thank you very much !

PRC - Piano, Reprises et Compositions
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Bonjour ! Bien sûre ! A credit to 'AmberDust' and a link to my website or DeviantArt would be great, merci! Good luck for the cover, bon courage! :)
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She looks beautiful. Excellent work.
Pretty good artwork of Ariel, especially when she actually looks like how she appeared in the film.

I know she looks a bit... well, scrawny, but on the other hand, I think she looks good all the same. In fact, considering the likely underwater pressures she'd have to endure just from living underwater, not to mention adapting to surfacing, not to mention her likely capacity of swimming really fast, her being hardy enough to actually survive a severely high drop during the climax, and possibly having superhuman strength considering she moved that boulder with zero effort despite it blocking an underwater grotto, I'd argue she probably is impressively built ESPECIALLY for that kind of environment. In fact, I think that even when she became a human, she'd probably have a very massive metabolism (since I suspect considering her enduring the underwater depth pressure upon first becoming human to such an extent that the only thing she even needed to worry about is getting air at the surface fast and her retaining her ability to speak to marine animals that she most likely retained her more superhuman attributes from her time as a mermaid upon becoming a human permanently), requiring a LOT of food intake just to maintain herself, sort of like Kara Zor-El or Kal-El, heck, even Son Goku/Kakarot (actually, come to think of it, having her pig out like Goku actually would be comedic gold).
Beautiful! Graceful fins
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This is beautiful

I thought you should know that I found it through this:…
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Aww thank you! Were you the one who credited me on jigidi? :)
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No problem :)
and yes I was
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Cool! Thanks so much for that! :aww:
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Really nice work. It looks like her
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