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Aerith Evanesce

More fanart, nevermind eh?
This was mainly an exercise for attempting more realistic lighting and getting a more '3D' face. The art shows Aeris/Aerith from FFVII as she dies, I doubt this is much of a spoiler anymore. <.< >.>

I started painting in black and white and liked the look of it, so I only adjusted colours slightly at the end to keep the monochrome look. Overall, pretty happy with this one, but any c&c is welcome and appreciated, I promise I'll get some more original concepts up here soon!

Full view please, enjoy! :)

Tools: Photoshop and Wacom
Time Consumed: Ten hours approx. over several days
Aeris/Aerith is © Square and Tetsuya Nomura
Art ©AmberDust 2007
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© 2007 - 2021 AmberDust
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So beautiful!!! O_O
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Love the art, but I have a question. Why does the name differ so much? I have a friend who is an avid FF player, and he couldn't even answer that for me. So what's the difference between Aeris and Aerith????
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Thank you! Yes, Aerith was named "Aeris" in the International versions of FFVII, but was changed to Aerith in all games/movies since (i.e. Advent Children). Aeris is an incorrect translation, Aerith being the correct Japanese translation. Although the reason that it was Aeris was never explained, I read speculation once that it may have been due to how we would pronounce it. For example in the game they say "Aeris's dress" but trying to say "Aerithes' dress" is considerably more complicated! Hope that offers you and your friend some insight! :)
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Thanks! That really helps! Much appreciated :)
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This is truly great!
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poor Aerith,why you that to her :(
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I love Aeris as a character, but I like to portray this moment as a sad and emotional image in memory of her death in FFVII. :(
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I did not mean it nastily ^^
I find your pictures very nice. Only as an Aerith died I have cried and then to see pictures the remirrors this make me simply again sad.
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Ha ha, sorry to misunderstand! Thanks. :)
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I think it looks great! very awesome detail
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It makes me think of a album title, because your art looks like a cover.

Let's see..."Necroamory"?
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Her skin is so radiant---beautiful composition; I love her posture--the lighting is fantastic:D
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Beautiful piece of art. I really like the de-saturated colours of it.
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Thanks very much! :)
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