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Toasterhead Revisited

Yes, this is going to date me, and some of you young'uns are going to figure out exactly how old I am, but screw it. In the early 80's, I was a serious ROM fangirl, and it wasn't easy, because the comics were damn hard to find in southern New Brunswick at the time. There weren't any comic shops in my neck of the woods until the mid-80's; I had to make do with whatever I could find at the newsstand. Anyway, having come across some fan art on dA, I got a bit nostalgic for Ol' Toasterhead and made a few ballpoint sketches. BTW, the "Beach Bum" reference comes from fan complaints that the original Dire Wraiths weren't sufficiently hideous and drooly enough. 
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"Old Toasterhead" like Iron Man's nick-name "Shell-head", LOL. It's great!
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:heart::heart::heart::heart:Oh wow!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

Nice to see another fan out there of the Rom series!  :)
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Where exactly is this from? Can't help but think I've seen it somewhere before. 
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His head always did look like a toaster but I love Rom all the same. Beach bum, lol.
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good job portraying Ron, i mean, ROM!
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Very nicely not you captured their looks beautifully!
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you mean i inspired you to do some ROM fan art? if i'm reading that right that's awesome . . and if i'm not that's still awesome this is a great piece i'll be sure to pass it along to my fellow ROM fans. and just for the record it seems we're pretty much in the same age bracket.
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by the way i was able to add a thumbnail preview link in my ROM/Beta Ray Bill posting to this fan art of yours here. so i have only one question for you now that i know they had Chuck E. Cheese up in Canada, do you lock your door when you're at home? it's a rumor here in the U.S. you guys don't feel the need to do that up there : )
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Well, I'm in semi-rural New Brunswick, and we don't worry about criminals in my neck of the woods so much as we worry about bears. People here are not generally in the habit of locking down tight in the daytime when they're at home. Of course, again this is rural East Canada, Jane and Finch in Toronto would be a different story Wink/Razz 
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