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My Bio

A comic book artist, cartoonist, portraitist and caricaturist living in the wilds of Fredericton, NB. Now that's a lot of hats to wear, isn't it?

I am available for commissions as time allows, and I am happy to work with you to make sure your commission is everything you want. Happy customers are a good thing! But I have a few hard "nopes" -- hardcore porn, fetishes, excessive gore, inappropriate sexualization of children or things related to them, and real-life political propaganda.

I like that stuff called "money". I am not interested in "exposure". People can die of it.

Trades, requests, and gift art are subject to scheduling. Paying work takes priority, a girl's gotta eat!…

ART USAGE POLICY: You may link to my dA image pages, but please do not redistribute or host my image files on other sites without my express written permission, or place them on the same pages with NSFW material. Thank you. This applies only to original characters, I do not permit redistribution of fan art of copyrighted characters. Those are done for recreational purposes only.

My DriveThru Comics shop:…


My TeePublic store:

Favourite Visual Artist
Alex Toth, Will Eisner, Alec Raymond, Russ Manning, Wally Wood
Favourite Movies
Army of Darkness, Cars and WoC spinoffs, Enemy Mine, LoTR trilogy, anything Miyazaki, The Avengers, The Fifth Element
Favourite TV Shows
Sherlock, Star Trek, Babylon 5, classic Leiji Matsumoto and other old school anime, all things Gerry Anderson, all things Sid & Marty Krofft
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Leslie Fish, Julia Ecklar, Great Big Sea, Sarah MacLaughlan, Stan Rogers, Gordon Lightfoot, Urban Tapestry, Ookla the Mok
Favourite Books
Heinlein juveniles, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, The Stainless Steel Rat, Honor Harrington series
Tools of the Trade
Too many to count
I now have a TeePublic store, and some of my dA works are included there as designs, and many others besides. These designs can be had on mugs, totes, stickers and wall art as well. I've had sort of a soft opening but here it is officially:
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I have turned my 3Machines strips loose in the regular gallery. I figure those who will buy it will buy regardless, and everybody else... well...
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This is awkward, but I've seen a couple of my fan art pieces show up on the site's detection system in the galleries of others. I can't enforce a copyright on fan art, the characters don't belong to me, but I am concerned for those who get in the habit of doing this who might one day get on the wrong side of a creator who does own everything in a given work and takes definite steps to enforce it. If you wish to use a work, please ask the creator. Sometimes you might be declined, but it's better for everyone involved.
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Do you like my drawing of a UH60 Blackhawk?

UH60 Blackhawk in google drawings

Thank you so much for the watch!!! <3

I'm glad..

Thank you for watching me. I enjoy your line drawings and dialogue with the vehicles. There have been times I thought equipment had a mind of its own.

Years ago I read a Russian science fiction story about equipment that had come to life. Since then I have come across a couple of others. Yours is the first that has a bit of humor mixed in.

Thanks for the watch! :hug:

thanks for the like :3

[I know it's been years since you first started writing the fanfic, but is there any chance that you might continue with Wild Wendy? I just reread it yesterday.]

Thank you for the watch!!!!

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