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Q+D Anatomy Lessons- Arms and Shoulders

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Gold on the Bridge- Halofanart


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Sandy Mansnoozie Inspired Nail Art


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Combat Medic Ziegler

RVB,RWBY, Roosterteeth

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Purple boxer

Her wrists and ankles hurt, the pain pulsating upwards her arms and legs. She could barely move them without inflicting more pain them due to the tightly tied rope around them. Every little movement made the rope dig deeper into her ankles and wrists, making the pain constant. She couldn’t see anything because of the blindfold over her eyes and she couldn’t scream or make any noise due the gag in her mouth. Her cheeks were wet from tears and she was shaking as she quietly sobbed. There were hardly any sounds around her beside the sound of tires against a road. The sound seemed to ripple the air but she couldn’t make anything


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Transformers Prime: Mirage


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