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Mature content
Belarus x Sister! Reader ~Forbidden~ LIME :iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 44 74
New Years in NYC (Nyo! America x Reader)
"(Nickname) wake up," my girlfriend said shaking the life out of me.
"Why?," I asked giving her a noogie.
"Oww. Remember you wanted to go to Time Square to see the ball drop," she said tackling me to the bed.
"Yes I do," I replied rolling on top of her while giving her a rough kiss.
"Now come on. The train leaves soon," I stated getting up leaving a flustered Amelia laying on the bed.
You see I lived in upstate New York all my life. I met Amelia when I went to college in the city. She lived in Manhattan all of her life so she would often take me on tours around the city. We went to the Empire State Building and even the Statue of Liberty but never Times Square. Once I said this to her she was determined to make my dreams come true. So we're staying at her apartment downtown for a week for New Years.
On the train...
We sat in a booth and Amelia ordered ice cream while I had tea. 
"I can't wait to see the ball drop," Amelia said while eating some of her ice cream
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 20 7
Belarus x Reader: Merry Christmas
It is only a week before Christmas, and at the same time a day before Christmas break. You planned that the first day of Christmas break, you will go ahead and buy presents for your friends in school, and a really nice present for one girl. A girl with long, straight flawless platinum blonde hair and beautiful dark blue eyes. That girl being Natalya Arlovskaya, though everyone says she is very harsh and creepy, with a well known fact that she has a very vulgar speech pattern, you still find her pretty cute and adorable.
Though, the only downside of this is that she's always after her big brother. Her brother being Ivan Braginsky, who is very pale, and has a round, childish face with a prominent and distinctive nose. His hair is slightly wavy and a pale ashen blond, and his eyes are violet. He also wears a scarf everywhere he goes, and all of that together makes him look so damn cute that you just want to adopt him as your child, but having him as a friend was good enough. But the downs
:iconroyalchrysanths:royalchrysanths 21 6
Insatiable [Jewelry Bonney x fem! reader]
" ate all our food..." (y/n)'s quiet voice met the womans ears, said woman's blue eyes grew wide at the current information sunk in.
"WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I HAVEN'T EVEN HAD ENOUGH TO FILL ME UP HALF WAY YET!" Bonney's horrified scream made all heads turn in her direction. Jewelry Bonney, AKA Big eater Bonney, the captain of the Bonney pirates.
Jewelry could go through a 5 months supply of food in one sitting, in fact, most of the weight upon the ship was from food for the Captain. Bonney had in insatiable appetite, (Y/n) was suprised that Bonney hadn't devoured the entire planet yet.
Despite being hungry nearly all the time, Bonney was a good pirate, and a great Captain. Evasion was Bonney's typical tactic, being that she could get more food this way. It was a wonder how she had such a high bounty, maybe it was because of her short temper when it came to not eating enough.
Most of the fights the Bonney pirates got into where about food.
"Sorry, captain. You'll have to wait
:iconriseagainstevil:riseagainstevil 95 13
Officially shipped [Fem! Reader x Shirahoshi]
"(Y/N)-SAMAAAAAAAAAAAAA, WAAAAAAH." A loud booming and feminine cry resounded through the Castle. (Y/n)'s (e/c) eyes widened, Shirahoshi was crying again. The beautiful mermaid princess was so timid, (y/n), a human female hired by the King to protect Shirahoshi had just gotten back from securing the castle perimiters.
Rushing towards Shirahoshi's room, (Y/n) brought up a list of things to say to calm the pink haired girl down. Shirahoshi was gorgeous, (Y/n) was quite fond of her. Shirahoshi was not only kind hearted but very sweet.
"Shirahoshi-hime, whats wrong?" (Y/n) called out to the pink haired girl, said girl paused crying to look at the (h/c) girl in front of her. Shirahoshi's face contorted again as she bit her lip, holding back tears. "(y/n)-sama!!!!!!!!!!!!" The teen mermaid cried, falling forward in attempts of wraping her arms around (Y/n).
(Y/n)'s fear was evident as the giant female came falling towards her, a loud resounding crash as Shirahoshi's body connected with the g
:iconriseagainstevil:riseagainstevil 139 51
Puella Amata [Fem!Rome x Reader | Yuri]
For the third night in a row Lucilla heard the door to her husband's room open. She listened with eyes staring unblinkingly at the ceiling as his footsteps passed by her chamber, pausing for only a moment, before continuing on down the hall towards the servants' quarters. She had grown accustomed to this in the four years of being married to Septimus. The humiliation and anger that had once burned through her veins now only flared weakly as she fidgeted beneath the sheets, forcing her eyes to close.
This is just the how it is to be a senator's wife. You know this by now. 
She often wondered how different her life would have been if she had not accepted his proposal. Would she have married a soldier instead? A farmer? Lucilla did not know. All she knew was that she was twenty-six years of age and her husband, who was over twice that, spent his days either arguing politics in the senate or sleeping in the beds of slave girls.
It was nights like these that Lucilla often allowe
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 117 32
What are you? (fem! Levi x fem!reader) AU
A long raven haired girl with  beautiful grey eyes was doing paper work on her desk as she would gently swing her bangs to the side so she could see, all the while patients would be exiting and coming in to the Sina Hospital.
The clock struck 2 o'clock as The raven haired doctor sighed in relief as it was lunch time, as her tiny stomach growled. With a scowl she gets up from her desk and punches out all the while she hears a familar and happy voice.
Dr. Levia Ackerman looks to see her happy nurse (name) talking with Krista Lenz, the Doctor looked away from the nurse quickly as she walked away although a familiar sound catches up to her.
"Dr. Ackerman! Wait up!"
The raven haired doctor presses the elevator button to go down as (name) catches up to her with her bright grin making the doctor roll her eyes annoyed.
"What nurse (name)?"
"I was wondering if I could eat with you, we don't talk like we used to. Remember girls night out every Saturday?"
The raven hair doctor nods while ste
:iconrukia2011:Rukia2011 194 56
Jealous America x Reader x Neko Russia
Movie night~
Your P.O.V
“Ah... finally some peace and quiet...” you sighed happily and started to read (f/book) one more time while you blocked out all the noise that came from the outside. It didn't take long before you were lost in your own world...  
Outside your house
America's P.O.V
“ Come on (name), let me in!” Alfred shouted as he was hitting his fists on the door.” I know it was a stupid plan and I'm sorry.  I love you (nickname)! Please don't do this to me babe~...” Alfred whined loudly.
“ This is all your fault you know, evil little furball”. He explained and glared down at the big fluffy cat on ground. The long haired cat looked back at him as if Ivan liked the idea of Alfred being kicked out of house by his finacé, which he did.
Ever since they first met the two of them have dislike each other. However they didn't show it whenever (name) was present. But once she left them alone; the cat fights could begin. So t
:iconblue-yellow-cloud:blue-yellow-cloud 170 33
--Protecting You-- Yandere!Mikasa x F!Reader [RQ]
—Protecting You— Yandere!Mikasa x Fem!Reader
[Trigger Warning: Mentions an abusive and possessive relationship.]
Today was the day a lot of the youth decided to join the Training Regiment to become brave soldiers. To be a solider meant to work together, and get along with your fellow cadets. It was essential that the youth learned that important lesson from the start, so they were required to have a bunkmate.
If only it were easy.
You watched as all the other girls quickly bonded with one another, and they had chosen their bunkmates. You were left standing alone.
You peered through the crowd, hoping to find one other girl who didn’t have a bunkmate yet. You hoped an odd number of girls didn’t enroll into the training regiment.
Your gazed landed on a girl, standing all on her own. She had beautiful, long black hair. A red scarf was wrapped around her neck, and she seemed to be hiding behind it.
You decided to approach her.
“Do you need a bunkmate?
:iconpaprikamist:PaprikaMist 264 57
Dragon age - MAYHEM by Kelgrid Dragon age - MAYHEM :iconkelgrid:Kelgrid 1,564 233 The Amell bloodline by Yuri-World-Ruler The Amell bloodline :iconyuri-world-ruler:Yuri-World-Ruler 11 4 4fem by Alteya 4fem :iconalteya:Alteya 354 47
promise? [yandere!MikasaxReader]
Mikasa loves warm things. She snuggles into her red scarf. Sometimes people ask, “Why is it so red?” It's true, carmine it is. The cloth brings back memories.
Mikasa, of course, always replies, “I clean it.” She's polite, unlike other people. Perhaps not all, at the corner of her eye. There's you, and you smile. She hides under the red, an innocent flutter in her stomach.
Eren hates titans. He finds them to be pests, and what do we do with pests? Sometimes we poison, maim, rip, but most importantly. “Eren!” She calls. Mikasa tries to grasp for Eren. He's running away, Mikasa blinks. Pests need to be killed. The scouting legion flag waves itself.
You tug at her sleeve, Mikasa turns. You smile, the fluttering grows stronger inside her stomach. Hands weave together, Mikasa's grey eyes widen. Her hands are clammy. “It's okay, we'll catch him. Together
:iconsodaselkie:sodaselkie 157 91
Prostitute!Fem!France x Younger!Reader Pt 1
Prostitute!Fem!France x Younger!Reader Pt 1
A seventeen year old girl stood on the sidewalk alone, wearing skimpy, pink lingerie and tall, unbearable platform shoes that matched. Her brown hair was lightly tucked into a soft side bun with some stubborn strands of hair sticking out. The girl had dropped out of high school two years ago and began selling her body to wealthy men, desperate to save up enough money to be able to support herself financially.
She came from a dysfunctional household in France, feeling alone all the time. Her father was nonexistent and her mother was always working late night shifts when she would come home from school. She couldn't help but feel worthless, as if she were a waste of space, or scum of the Earth.
It began to rain, teardrops sprinkling onto her pale, delicate yet bruised skin. She would earn them if she disobeyed her pimp, or abusive clients. Françoise shivered and wrapped her arms around her upper body, sitting down on the curb as she watc
:iconnatalierose13:NatalieRose13 187 17
Mature content
Strangeness and Charm (Succubus!Reader x Ukraine) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 84 22
'About Time' - MikasaxFem!Reader
  You knew she'd never love you, but you couldn't help but wish she would. You, (F/n) (L/n) were helplessly in love with Mikasa Ackerman, one of the most powerful soldiers in all of humanity. You didn't know if she liked anyone in particular, but you were damn sure she wouldn't love you, a woman. 'Does she like women? Does she even like any gender?'  you found yourself (Creepily, at that.) pondering this for a good portion of your hours alone. Why were you wondering this? You already established that she would never love you. But... there was always a small part in you that secretly hoped she would; you would never be able to give that up. Your mind wouldn't allow you to.
    You looked up to Mikasa... she was strong, independent, and without even trying, she was fucking gorgeous. When she stepped into the Scouting Legion, newly graduated, you almost had a heart attack. Other females were pretty: Hanji, Petra, etc. But none of them could
:iconfanime21:Fanime21 134 20




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