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Marise Asahina [School Uniform]


I did NOT draw this. This was a commission by *Mikatsune.

Mari at school...working hard or hardly working? XD Haha, well, that was probably the old Mari when she was in high school. For those of you that read Goldilocks, I can't remember which chapter, but she graduated from Karakura High quite a few chapters ago, I believe. Since Mari's grades weren't high enough to get any scholarship to attend university (she was also afraid of leaving home), Marise is currently attending the local community college in Karakura Town, and this is the school uniform. :la:

I've yet to see the Japanese school uniform paired with leather here you are. 8D I thought thigh-highs were overused and I got a little tired of them, so why not go for leather? :heart:

Anywho, Mari's goal is to attain her master's in education so that she can teach dance, it's her dream next to being famous, of course. Let's hope she can achieve it!

Wow, this is the fourth picture I've gotten since last week, exciting! I don't think I'm gonna be commissioning anyone for a while (this was actually one I ordered a while back that was just completed), because I need to start saving some moolah. I'm gonna be working on commissions this week, so hopefully I can open them again by Friday, and I'll also be working on the next chapter of Goldilocks.

Marise Asahina © amber-sky
Bleach © Tite Kubo
Artwork © Mikatsune

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© 2013 - 2021 amber-sky
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Thank you so much, for all of the faves too! ^_^
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My very pleasure! ^^
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She looks really cute in her uniform! ^^
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Thanks, I'm happy you think so! :D
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Dance? She has the legs and thighs for it.
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Haha, she does, doesn't she? Although being short and curvy she has to work hard to keep the pudge off. XD
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I think she's underestimating her metabolism. She looks better than fine.

So how much has Shinji poked her candy pop this week? :)
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Well, I suppose she's been keeping away from the ice cream recently.

More times than Mari can count, but math isn't really her thing, soo... XDDD
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I suppose it's the ice cream scented perfume that just GETS him.
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Very beautiful
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ur welcome u do request?
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I didn't draw this, but no. ^^"
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oh art trades?
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No, I'm only taking PayPal commissions right now.
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