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Steampunk Goggles 11-1

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Part of my new collection. You can find it at my Etsy shop:
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Jun 6, 2010, 9:58:25 AM
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i want a pair to my character Dragon King Space Pirates ........ u make it or you sell this googles ambassador ?? 
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I recently reopened my Etsy store.
You may want to check it out -
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I don't see these at your Etsy shop link... :-( Do you not make them anymore?
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I would totally wear those!!! Awesome job!!!!
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You can't wear them. I bought them, and love them... their mine, mine mine!! <coveting>
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i was wondering if i can use the design for a character im creating?
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I was working on a project for school, and just realized that I found your design on google and used it ^^;
I'm here to ask your permission if I can still use this art for my project. I did give credit to you, and here's the link for which I used it: [link]
If you want me to deleted your design from my artwork, please let me know.
All I ask is don't sue me and I'm really sorry!
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Please, please, you don't need to be sorry aboy that! I believe in free flow of information, and I ecourage you to use whatever picture from my gallery that you like, and whenever you like.

I also want to thank you for giving me credit, and I do apriciate this very much.

Also here is the link to newer version of the same goggles' design - [link] - I uploaded it recently.
You can use it instead (if you want, of course), since the picture itself is much better, as well as the design itslef, that was improoved - the cogs are now real-deal authentic cogs, instead of a faux "jewelery" gears that I used in past version.
Anyway, feel free to use my artworks as you wish. And good luck!
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*whew* Thank you so much! =)
I think I'll keep the old one since I already have it in my project layout and stuff. But your new goggles look great! I love the new details you put on the rims =)
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your a beast ilu <3
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Great design and great color combination. I dig the detail even inside the glass.
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hey man, I was wondering, I need gears, like the ones on this one, or just the same size at least, how do you useally get your gears? I was thinking about getting an old clock and getting the gears out, but maybe you have a better suggestion?
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hello mate! I was wondering, I really adore this colour combination, can I have your permission to use the colour combination on my new pair?
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But of cource!! No need to ask for my permission, mate -you're welcomed to use any of my ideas, concepts or designs. As anybody else, who may want to do so. I belive in free flow of information and dislike the idea of intellectual property - there is no such thing. My designs are part of everyday legacy of collective work of millions of artist in our world :) Or something like that :D
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man that's really something great you just said mate! but ofcourse Ill credit you when it comes on DA:D
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Thanx man! Wish you luck on your project - it'll be great to see your work.
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thanks alot!:D they're almost finished :D
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my my! youve done it again my friend:D awesome job, the red/gold/black leathered goggle combination is just an beautiful sight, great job!
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It took me some time and effort to do so, but I guess that I managed to refine this design to its peak point, after all.... Thanx again for a kind word, mate :)
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hell yeah :D and no problem!
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Thank you very much, Ladies and Gentlemen, for your warm comments!
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