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Vinyl v.2

So, this is from cutiemarks song preview, and Vinyl looks slightly different now. Right one is edited just in case you wanna see her smiling. A little part of her mane was closed so I made it up.


- [link]

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The bass has been doubled. =D
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Hi, I used and credited this vector here if that's okay with you…
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Hi Ambassad0r,

I'd like to use this in a video project. (Just the smiling head as a portrait. I can work with the SVG to get just that.) You'll totally get credit and I'll post a link back here when it's done. Let me know if you have any objections :)
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Nah, sure, use it. That's why it's here.
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Looks very nice (I also liked the tune)
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i think her mane is beter this way [link]
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And it was submitted 2 weeks before this episode aired.
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isn't this image from episode 13 season 3 when twilight becomes an alicorn
DoubleRainbowSplash's avatar
o never mind i whasent reading your discription corety
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Haha I tried looking with the stereoscopic way on this picture...sad Vinyl..glad Vinyl...sad Vinyl...glad Vinyl
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I think she still looks pretty much the same. We've just never seen her from the front before.
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At least they made something new for her.
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I think she grew her hair out a bit
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I like the front view of Vinyl, it's pretty cool.
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wow awesome vinyl
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Finally, we see her from the front!
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