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Suited for Success Once Again

By Ambassad0r
I don't even know... This was really exhausting.

Archive contains 6 separate .png/.svg, and .svg/.png with everypony.

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They look beautiful, nice work.

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Is that yellow part of Pinkie Pie's dress look like cheese?  Here comes the CheesePie/Pinkie Sandwich shippers.
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To me, these dresses look like water down versions of Season 1's gala dresses
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How can they be watered down when they're completely different?
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Keep in mind that this is my honest opinion and I'm not sounding like a winning brat
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You know how the first gala dresses fit each of the mane 6's personalities? These dresses felt plain and generic that honestly, makes the custom-made dresses look more convincing.
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Plain or generic? Only Twilight's fit that and it's not even bad b/c she prefers that (see Sweet and Elite). Other dresses still match their personalities perfectly, heck, AJ and FS look waaaay better than S1 designs.
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Ok well, Twilight's dress isn't horrible, and Rainbow Dash's dress doesn't have any rainbow which is a breath of fresh air and almost like the dress she wore in Secret of my Excess…, and plain and simple clothes are not horrible.
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I didn't really like AJ or FL's new dresses that much, but this is my opinion.  Twilight's isn't horrible though, it reminds me of that dress from Sweet and Elite.
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Oh Yeah, but this is your opinion.  By the way, I like your Colgate avatar.
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Oh, they just don't look as good as the older outfits
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None of them wore shoes this year. :p
Awesome vectors. :D
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Applejack (nope) plz  "We don't normally wear clothes."
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I love Fluttershy's and Applejack's dresses :D
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Wow.....Rainbow Dash actually looks fancy.....
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Can I use? I'll credit you
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:33< much better then gala
Yo hey
I have a vector Request
will it be cool if you made a seperate vector of each of the gala main 6 but start with my favorite of the main 6 Rainbow Dash she's so cute especially in her gala outfit
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"Archive contains 6 separate .png/.svg, and .svg/.png with everypony."
thanks I have them saved separate now
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