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'Shimmering' Sunset

Reformed Sunny and Sonata are two best things about this movie.

Thanks to ChainChomp2  for the CM.


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Sonata is (Arguably) Best Human by Ambassad0rShimmerbetes by Ambassad0r
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Indeed. Sunset so has developed, as well as is so hot! 😍

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Now this is a human with Equestrian origins, that need some serious SNUGGLES!!!
:backhug: :backhug: :backhug: :backhug: :backhug: :backhug: :backhug: 
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:iconsunsetshimmerplz: Welcome to Canterlot High! Where you cannot leave and will be fucked over at least three times every day if you're lucky!

we also have soap
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I love Sunset Shimmer.
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i just love her face
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wow impressive beautiful sunset shinmer I like :D
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Her reformation-induced adorableness makes her the cutest character in Rainbow Rocks. :D
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yeah I didn't think anyone could beat fluttershy but I was sooo wrong XD
couldnt agree more with your description...
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I completely agree with your description.
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Sunset and Sonata are best humans :heart:
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Makes me wonder where are all the Sunata arts.
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Just... so... adorable!
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That's it!!Sunset shimmer is my #1 awesome character!!!
And is it okay if I use this as a base?I'll creditHatsune Miku-02 (Winks) 
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She wants a cookie! I give her a cookie!
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The entire time I was watching Rainbow Rocks I kept saying to myself, "for bloody sakes, give the poor girl a break already!  Don't you think she's suffered enough?"  I'm glad she smiled more in this one compared to the first.
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Love it! Great to see her smile so much in the movie compared to the first one :D
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