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Princess Ember

Damn, y u so cute. 

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She's my dragon girl! :aww: :heart:
Lovin' that sass of hers, too! :heart: :heart:
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I like how she's all "whatever" XD
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she is a teenage and spike is a boy there is a difference and the boys and the teenages don't become couples nor fall in love and neither shopping just make friendship as Spike taught ember what are friends
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You're a useless princess.
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Now was that necessary?
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I hope we see more of her in later episodes, that she atleast becomes the next Discord/Starlight instead of just being a one-shot
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I like this Dragon
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Yeap, she wasn't easy going at first, until realized. :)
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What is the great!
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"Bitch, please, I'm a dragon."
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One of my new favorite characters!
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She's got that, "Psh, whatever." sassy pose.
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she is adorable
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shes gotta be one of my favourite dragons in Equestria, I hope shes gets included in future episodes.
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Same for me. I really hope we get to see her again
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Это очень приятно
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Weird seeing a dragon with wings in this series... =p
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That mouth is just the best <3
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You gotta admit, she's cute
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