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Night Glider

By Ambassad0r
(Wow, haven't done a show pony vector in ages)
That cute pegasus from S5 premiere.

Crescent Aura is her temporary name (thanks to Yanoda for that), since I haven't seen anything else yet. Night Glider is her official name.

Colors provided by :iconmasemj: masemj.

UPD: The cutie mark is wrong (it's actually 2 feathers), so I'll wait for the Itunes ep to get it absolutely right and then also post it separately.
UPD2: Finally accurate colors and proper cutie mark


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she's cute and beautiful
SurprisePi's avatar
She is so cute!!! I'm a big Night Glider fan
PinkieThePowerpuff's avatar
Night Glider... Is she related to one of the Wonderbolts :?
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DJDavid98's avatar
There seems to be an issue with the SVG:
Ambassad0r's avatar
Outside of Ponyscape, inverse clipping turns into normal clipping. :iconderpyshrugplz:
DJDavid98's avatar
The problem happens when the SVG is used on a website, such as Pony Clicker, where the browser renders the image without left eyelashes and that stroke. See here:…
Ambassad0r's avatar
Hm, well then, guess I'll have to fix it now, since Pony Clickers uses it.
DJDavid98's avatar
You might want to see… before rushing, but it should be fixed regardless, since other projects may use it later on as well.
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luxidoptera's avatar
Her cutie mark is so pretty.
KawaiiNikki's avatar
am I the only one that thinks that Night Glider looks like Silverlay?
candygirlblanc23's avatar
she is cool lookking
SailorTrekkie92's avatar
Hope you don't mind I used it for a wallpaper…
Man-Child's avatar
My favorite pony from The Village!  She's so beautiful!
GreenMint4265's avatar
Okay, Ambassad0r, is Official, Night is now one of my Favorites! Mainly cause she acts a little like Rainbow Dash, the flying part that is! ;) :D
Makenshi179's avatar
YES, I've been awaiting your update :D Thank you for this!
joshiepopop's avatar
I like nightglider but party favor is still my favorite x3
sHAAkurAs's avatar
i used in here with your image :3

[ this :3 ]

thanks for share the Vector image ^^ . 
SondowverDarKRose's avatar
could i use this? i give credit
Ambassad0r's avatar
The cutie mark is wrong and I plan to update it after Itunes version comes out, so if you want right now - sure.
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