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or Thoughts on a Moral Controversy

Waiting room segue in a series of dreams
AM Jazz radio barely audible
in the muted, awkward space
between bewildered young women.
Eye contact refracts
through anesthetized gazes at annals of pamphlets
divulging an illusional existence
of Choices.
The critical shock of awareness
renders also an understanding:
There is only one decision,
whatever monochromatic brochure character
she fall into.
These sketches read real as comic strips,
trying to cartoon a hellish carnival
of gyrating pain, warping amidst a fury
of picketers parading signs like crucifixes,
raging grey faces contorted balloons,
high off a helium tank of self-righteousness.
How to explain:
Far worse than any physical pain
is the absence of it tomorrow,
when Dante's carousel stops.
The carnies in their lab coats
and the cross bearing sideshow file away.
Only, she's still clutching
that plastic Pegasus
once beheld with phantasmal delight,
a pitted peach,
staring numbly in the
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Nuevo Laredo
6:10 AM, Greyhound Station:
Graffitied busses lurk
The murky auburn sunrise,
Spying bleary touristas
Defying weary travel warnings
Which whisper through the morning
Of the slumbering border town—
Police chief shot twenty times
Mere hours after swearing in.
Five officers
Dead, this month alone.
Highway drug wars, Zetas, Cartels—
Printed words of trepidation
Cut the truth like chemicals
In a dirty white newspaper high.
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Canoe Taco by AmazonHeathen Canoe Taco :iconamazonheathen:AmazonHeathen 0 3
Showdown at Apartment B
Showdown at Apartment B
Philosophical debates of endeavors wrong
Real as spaghetti
Western dialogues—
The pre-shootout exchange,
Poncho's dying monologue.
But who then plays the hero, dear?
Surely not you, but unlikely I,
As in this kitchen tile waltz
I bloom against the stove and sigh
Pretending to keep the beat
But always one step behind.
Now this floor is cold and strange
A silent film too long
And yellowed with age.
We tango through dusty mars-like streets
Fingers toy with burnt leather holsters
Of apocalyptic one liners
Clint Eastwood might fire.
And I will silhouette the stairs,
A shadowed frame
Slipping off your ring,
A sheriff's star
Tossed in the dust of a desert ghost town.
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Donahue Pass
Brine shrimp dart in pools
Sea monkeys in glacial jars
Atop moonlike peaks.
This Saturday Night
We sink in scrap-yard sofas
A mere year later.
Popov martinis
Write of higher summits climbed
In half drunk haikus.
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Bell Jar
I always knew
we'd fade to glass
the present bleeds unto the past
to taint a room
then lock me in
and slam the door. The walls grow thin
exist no more.
A petal wanes,
yet in your bell jar I remain
your Galatia,
a rose on view
until trepid voices waken,
and lackadaisically,
you peer through.
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The Other Green Meat by AmazonHeathen The Other Green Meat :iconamazonheathen:AmazonHeathen 0 5
One in Eight
Like an interrogation light in an old cop drama, the florescent ceiling lights pulsed through my brain and numbed my vision. Everything about the private E.R. waiting room reeked of blinding sterility, from the bare white walls, to the over polished linoleum floor. Every now and then a security guard would pass by and peek at the group of sandy, disheveled college kids, whose over-dilated pupils shifted nervously about.
      Part of my brain tried to tell me I wasn't really at Mad River hospital, that the last 4 hours of evening had just been part of a bad after-school special. Shorty wasn't really on life support, no one had taken any drugs, and the dilemma before us could be turned off with a click of the remote.
      "So who's gonna call his parents?" Laura said it first. The question was met with a few awkward glances.
      "Maybe Jack…?" Shorty's high school friend's eyes widened at the me
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Sun Kissed by AmazonHeathen Sun Kissed :iconamazonheathen:AmazonHeathen 1 4 Infinity by AmazonHeathen Infinity :iconamazonheathen:AmazonHeathen 1 1
Mushroom Tea
Last night I dreamt that you and me
drank half a glass of mushroom tea
and woke in May
on a calendar island paradise
though we knew not
how we arrived
(nor cared)
but smiled mischievously,
and blamed it on the mushroom tea.
White butter sun melts with the sea
(though a Polaroid showed normalcy)
A tropical drizzle
from one to three
as raindrops pitter patter
and drip like pancake batter
to sizzle on the lava bed.
When I awoke, I found just me,
a glass half spilt of memories
some dreamt, some real
(though I never knew you well)
I met you for just one night
with a glass of tea
and a chimera's flight.
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Pelican by AmazonHeathen Pelican :iconamazonheathen:AmazonHeathen 0 2


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I dance in clown shoes.
You compose your conversations.
Fitfully gesturing with whatever you hold,
ending arguments with a flourish.
Make a point, now whirl, quickly.
Make it impossible to counter with your unpunctuation.
You duck and weave, spin, sidestep, pirouette:
One, two, one, two, faster, harder, stronger.
You leave me confused and two steps back,
just far enough behind to appear lost and unsure.
And if I catch up, if I make a point,
you spin again, a trail of words falling like pixie dust
as you make your escape.
And as you storm out, you slam the period behind you,
Ending your sentence with a door.
And I must follow you, my thuds down the stairs preceding my statement,
trying to catch up before the page break.
Now I capitalize a W, and follow with an a, i, t.
And you pause, spin, speak, gesture, spin, continue.
A waltz to counter my four-four.
You don't dance your words-
you speak a dance.
You speak a dance Baryshnikov couldn't follow.
You rapidly reverse the rhythm,
changing tempo in a blur of sound
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A NorCal Carribean Fevor Dream
United States
Current Residence: Arcata CA
Favourite genre of music: Celtic Punk
Skin of choice: pork rines
Favourite cartoon character: Pepermint Patty
Personal Quote: America is a melting pot: all the scum rises to the top while the people on the bottom get burned
After drinking wine and catching up with Holly Berry for four hours, I realize it's time for a SLObian update.
For one, Jerad and I have been together for a couple months, and it's awesome. When you find someone else who plays music as loud as you do, you'd best hang on to them.

On another note, the Spring Break that emerged with a shakey start is comming to a triumphant end, as Wednessday marked the afternoon in which I checked off one of my life goals. For one glorious moment, I was high in Splash Mountain's laughing place, at Disneyland.

This was, of course, thanks to Juan's superb baking skills, and the fact that he kept feeding me mysterious snickerdoodles all afternoon with my vicoden chaser. Splash Mountain had eluded us the year before with maitenance work, despite our artillary of pot brownies. But not this year-- that slightly out-dated, anamatronic, drug induced ride was mine.

Somehow I find the weeks adventures centered around edible destinations. I went to Founder's Hall to eat shrooms. We drove to Disneyland to munch on pot cookies. A side trip to Castroville brought me deep fried artichokes at the Giant Artichoke. Tomorrow, Linnea and I will embark on a spiritual pillgrimage to the Loleta Cheese Factory, a rugby girl's haven.
And Sunday, that damn Mexican Buffet will be open, so help me god, and I will eat the entire state of California out of Guacamole. That place has foiled us for the last time.


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kallemari Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2005
Look Look, I feel so main stream now...


ilyast Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2005
thank you so much for +fav on Planet.tower :thanks:
furyfull Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2005
where has all the Heather gone?
i miss the Heather!!
I will be in SLO again for a breif week at the beggining of August!!
if you DARE to tell me that you wont be about I will have to kill you
SouthernBurn Featured By Owner May 23, 2005
ill take the digging job too... manual labor = getting paid to work out.
Seele-Zerkleinerungs Featured By Owner May 7, 2005
thanks a ton for the :+fav: on Absinthe. [link] =)
kallemari Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2005
Done w/ school June 9th- but will still have to pack and all that shit. I'm living in SD during the summer but plan on coming home for a little while.

My houseing shit is all worked out (YA!), and I'm so happy that my parents are cool w/ me living w/ guys, not that their is really anything they could do...

Don't you hate it how ppl on deviant art talk about you like you won't read it? Shit, now I feel like a bitch...

By-the-bye, I don't have your cell number anymore. I tried calling you during spring break and I got a dude- and you room phone had some jacked up as hell answering machine. Give me a call sometime so I can get your number. Mine's still the same.

bittersweet2 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2005
fab gallery
your poems are great! =)
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