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Amazon Arrow vs. Frank

Frank is spending this Fourth of July making fireworks with an Amazon that's a little out of his league.

Remember when I said Genesis 8 men look "gorgeous"? Perhaps I should have specified that they are "highly detailed" since "gorgeous" is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure that Frank has a wonderful personality. 


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Very erotic scene!! It will be the most PLEASURABLE moment for Frank..for him to humiliate the curvy and voluptuous Amazon Arrow.. to be inside between those sexy tanned legs and caress , fondle and grope those gigantic breasts!!

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SCP-106 has breached containment again 
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Naturally, I'm rooting for Cousin Franklin ;-)
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I wish there was a full view version of this pic, so I can really see her boots.
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This is a very hot scene! This is the hottest version of her outfit including the boots on the new genesis series. She got carried after being knocked out and having a boob exposed. She was also carried in a way to really humiliate and abuse her, getting a feel of what is in between those legs and those boobs while also feeling her legs and arms. Hair dangling, her costume and back support seen at a good angle. He will smack her butt too.
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Wow! Gotta love a good carry scene! Sexy!
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What a great way to celebrate for Frank. That's quite the shoulder trophy :)
EclipseInPeril's avatar
That's one way to score a 'date' ;)
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I'm sure that the valiant Chryseis is simply overcome with his charms, and Monsieur Frank is simply taking her somewhere comfortable while she recovers her wits. Such a gentleman :)
Annonmous54's avatar
Overthe shoulder carry is nice...but booty showing is better ;) ;) Still nice work
ViniciusTheVile's avatar
The dark zombie of evil anarchy has abducted our heroine. Oh no! :o
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Mr nice guy and his catch of the day :-)
B69comics's avatar
I sense a new book cover coming along :D
amazonarrow's avatar
Dungeon Rapture Book 2: Bound for Love
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Chrys, we've talked to you about hanging around strange men
amazonarrow's avatar
Technically I’m hanging ON a strange man. ;)
A ghoul and his goil.
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Well of course he does.  Just look at that smile.
He was made for you!
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It’s nice to be appreciated?
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The look he's giving Amazon Arrow? I'd say he is not worried about impressing her with his charm. Sexy. 
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