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Miraculous Spider-Man the Widows vow reboot 1Flashback 15 years ago St. Petersburg at the docks near a fishing pier a man is strapped down to a chair, his arms and legs tied down with thick rope. He slowly opens his eyes and sees his captor in front of him, a red headed woman wearing a latex black suit with a utility belt and gold wrist gauntlets. “Good you’re awake,” the woman replied in English as she then walked over to him and leaned in. “If you’re willing to cooperate with me, maybe I’ll let you go”. This was Natasha romanoff aka the black widow and she had captured the merc warrior fox.This warrior had mowed through the Russian mafia, cut through their traffic lines and gone toe to toe with three of her fellow widows and now looking at him closely...he had to be nineteen years old at best. He was barely an adult and fought and moved like a tactical machine...and now wasn't making a soundNatasha was staring at him, her arms crossed. She wondered if there were others like him. Killing him would’ve left no clues for her to find what she was looking for. She would try to get him to talk. Pulling up a chair in front of him she sat down face to face. “Now we could do this the easy way or the hard way”, she started. “Where are the rest of your allies?” The direct approach.He didn't look at her, and he didn't seem to acknowledge she was there. Natasha sighed and thought to herself “the hard way it is” she then struck him across the face with a clenched backhand fist. “Talk”He barely registered that as a hit, didn't even make a grunt. She was growing impatient but still she needed to get him to talk now was not the time to get sloppy. She then reached into her holster and pulled out a desert eagle handgun. “This will get him to talk,” she thought as she raised the gun to his head. And in that instant, she saw his face twitch into a smile as he pressed his temple to the barrel of her gun.Natasha was taken aback by this. “What the hell are you doing?” She asked. His eyes now met hers, they burned in the dark mist and glowed as they pierced into hers. When her eyes met his she suddenly felt her gun hand shake while trying to keep it on his temple. “What...what are you?” She asked her voice was now trembling"I am what they want you to be" he spoke at last and his voice was devoid of any humanity in that instant, "The question is, what do you want to be?" Natasha slowly squeezed her finger in the trigger and it could’ve been over in an instant but she then sighed and removed the gun from his head. Frustrated she activated the safety and struck him across the face with her gun.And then he was silent once more. Natasha then put the gun away in her holster and took out a knife. Slowly walking towards him she raised it to his throat. “Last chance start talking...Now,” her voice now angry.He wasn't phased, he was just looking her in the eye almost expectantly. “Why are you so goddamn stubborn?” Natasha replied, adding a little more pressure to his throat."Why are you afraid to kill me?" he asked at last. Then she froze. She didn’t know what to say. This hasn’t happened to her before, previous targets she had hunted down were more cooperative with her than this one."The problem in this situation is this, I am unique and you are replaceable. In a torture situation, the one being tortured is the most important being there...and if they know it well then..."Natasha then moved the knife from his throat and then she cut the restraints on his wrists, a costly mistake. "...." he looked at her once more, mentally counting down. Now she then moved her knife from his wrists to his legs and cut off the rope keeping them restrained."..." his head tilted like a curious animal.Finally she then moved behind him and cut down the rope that was around his torso. She then went back around to face him. She crossed her arms and bowed her head. “So what happens now?” Natasha asked" tell me" Fox added as the exit was in his view an opportunity for him to escape.Natasha then looked at the exit and then back at him. “If you want to get out of here you’ll have to go through me and you’re gonna have to kill me unless YOU are afraid of killing”He chuckled at that "No I don't think so, I can count more ways out of here without ending you and I am certain you couldn't stop me".Natasha then clenched her eyebrows and got into a fighting stance, “so you won’t talk. Fine I’ll beat it out of you myself.” Then she raised her wrist and fired her widows bite at fox’s chest. He took the brunt of it, grit his teeth and took the electricity but made little in the ways of noises to denote pain.Natasha then leapt up wrapping her legs around his neck and used a headscissor takedown to send him on his back. And the moment she did that, he reacted faster than she expected. He grabbed her by her hips and pushed up as he tore in and as his finger nails broke the skin and put pressure her grip slackened and he then grabbed her by the leg and threw her to the wall.Natasha groaned as she slowly rose to her feet. She smirked, “not bad” then she sprinted towards him, leaped up and kicked him in the chest. He absorbed the blow, grabbing her leg and then throwing her back down to the ground. Natasha groaned and her eyes widened she she felt her leg was still in his hands.He then discarded it and took a step back from her. "Okay then, shall I tell you how you win this?"Natasha then slowly rose to her feet. “What do you mean?” She asked, holding her ribs and panting from exhaustion."The only way this ends well for your masters is if you shoot me in the head, it won't end well for you but in the longrun they'll get more out if it" Fox mused.Natasha scoffed, “Maybe I went at this wrong. You won’t talk willingly but I guess if someone you love’s life is on the line then you’ll talk”.He chuckled and then flat out laughed. His laughter infuriated her, her patience was growing even thinner.“What the hells so funny?!” Natasha then replied."Do you want to know the sum total of people I have in my life right now?" Fox mocked.“Wait...are you you’re bluffing...” Natasha replied. “There are some people in your life that are important to you. And I will find them and end them”"Then take the gun and shoot yourself" he said matter of factly, "because at this moment, you're it. You are the one person I give any inclination of feeling towards. That's it"Natasha then froze again by what she had said. “What...what did you say?”"Out of the six billion people on this planet, the only one who matters to me right now is in front of me"Natasha couldn’t believe what he was saying she captured him tried to make him talk and yet she was important to him. She then saw shadows of figures closing in on them. A look of fear then appeared as she realized who those were. Other black widows were coming. “We should go”"We?" he tilted his head and then smirked, "No, there is no we. It's you and me" He sat back down in the chair.“I’m trying to save your life you idiot cmon” Natasha replied. “I’ll help you escape and I’ll tell them you got away”."Some nice words, but I don't believe them" he chuckled.Natasha then groaned. She looked around the room and took out some smoke grenades. “I’m not leaving without you, now get up”. Natasha then noticed a red dot on fox’s face and she then jumped towards fox pushing him out of the way as the sniper fired her shot, missing fox but hitting Natasha in the shoulder.And now and only then did Fox come to life, he moved with speed and drew her gun firing with instinctive and accute accuracy and hitting the legs of the sniper before grabbing ahold of her and they both took a dive into the water.The sniper held her legs in pain and when the other widows entered the room fox and Natasha were long gone. They then went to the pier shining their flashlights. “There’s no one here” one widow replied as they continued to search the pier.Out of the cold water, she was now wrapped in a coat unable to see where she was as he dried her off and placed another device on her to warm her up. He had searched her for anything resembling a weapon and finally he pulled the coat away and she could see his face right in hers.“You...saved me...?” Natasha replied as she flinched the gunshot wound in her shoulder still fresh from the bullet that was meant for fox."I told you at that moment you were the only important person in my life. You were the one giving my life value but only because it served your organisation, but what does my life serve you?"“I don’t know,” Natasha replied she wasn’t sure how to answer his question. “Maybe you’re not just a target in my eyes. could be more than that”."That sounds scripted, it's words black widow, that's all it is", he growled, "...they carved you open didn't they? Hollowed you out? Made you whatever they wanted you to be? Don't speak, just look me in the eyes, I'm right aren't I?"Natasha then looked him in the eyes and asked him with sincerity “So what happens now?”He revealed her gun to her, "Take this" Natasha saw the gun and she slowly took it from him. She looked at the gun and back at him.He then pulled her close, as if to hug her and then he guided her hand to press the gun to the side of his head and aligned it so it would go through them both "Now you have a choice, do you want us to live or do you want us to die?"Natasha was then slowly trembling but not as a performance as she was taught by the widows she was indeed scared. Her gun hand was shaking, she had a chance to end their lives, right there and their death’s wouldn’t have mattered, not even for their organizations. But she didn't; instead she pulled the gun away from their heads, put on the safety and dropped it to the floor.Natasha still felt herself close to him and looked into his eyes. She then moved his arms from her and slowly stepped away from him, her shoulder was still bleeding."End me, and then End yourself" Fox growled, he was still intent on having their lives ended but she refused.Natasha then didn’t say anything else and slowly walked away from him leaving behind her gun."Where the fuck you think you're going?" He called out to her.Natasha stopped briefly “I don’t know...” she finally said. Before she could continue she felt dizzy from the blood loss from her gunshot wound and she collapsed passing out into his arms.Flashback endPresent dayOne month after Gabriel was taken into custody by SHIELD Natasha and Jack were now living together at their home, his penthouse in New York. Natasha was on the computer scouring through different crime bosses on who she and jack would go after first.One boss on the list was hammerhead no doubt he was one of the biggest. With the intel they had gathered Natasha then went down to the fox lab where she had found him working on a new suit of armor. She was wondering how he was doing since they couldn’t save Adrien the first time.Adrien Agreste was a person who mattered to him, At the time she believed she was the only one and during that it was correct. People like Fox need a cause, something to believe in because people had let them down, the same kind of people who let Adrien Agreste down and now he was forced to play in a war he had no business or real choice in burned in Jack's mind and that fire drove him.When he was ready Natasha handed him the list of mob bosses in the city the most notable one being hammerhead. "Cleaning this all out, I'm sure someone will complain about the violation of civil liberties...but it will be easier to catch a criminal when he's got no organisation to hide in"“Agreed we’ve got our target now we just need to plan an attack,” Natasha replied. She then went to get her battle suit wrist gauntlets, her guns and her utility belt. She hasn’t seen his new equipment out of respect and would rather be surprised when it was time to move in.The start of these things is always clear, make a statement. But of course given a chance for common sense and decency to shine a light, Natasha would go to meet with Hammerhead and make him an offer he most likely wouldn't refuse and if he acted like a decent businessman then good show, but if he acted like himself then they'd move onto the statement.Hammerheads base Natasha was in a chair face to face with the crime boss who was cracking his knuckles and two other goons who had their hands close to their guns.They knew damn well you meeting with Black Widow was a once in a lifetime opportunity and they also knew you don't treat a lady like black widow like any other lady. No this was a talk that required finesse, something HammerHead most likely had to look up before the meeting.Hammerhead then leaned in close to black widow “alright let’s talk business” he started. Natasha then nodded and pulled out a bag of money placing it in front of him. "Okay, Okay you have my attention. I am a man of admittedly simple tastes if we compare my operations to the likes of the avengers. What can a simple man like me do to help you Miss widow?"What he could do was provide them information, consistent information.“We believe there are rivals of yours that are plotting to join forces and take you out”, Natasha replied as a coverup for fox. “If you cooperate with us maybe we could settle for immunities from us and you can continue to do whatever you like”. Natasha smirked."Wait a minute, I'm a little confused. Are you saying you want to make a deal where we help you take out some other big guys?" he paused and then smiled, "Oh I see, too dirty a job for the Avengers huh? Civil Liberties a problem? Well ain't this the classic solution"he and his boys chuckled"You know something Miss Widow, I like you. Simple solutions to simple problems, who needs a fancy metal suit when you can just have a guy take out the other guy huh? How very Russain of you" She smiled tightly at him, she'd give him a location to meet and make plans.“So do we have a deal?” Natasha asked. He didn't shake her hand but he agreed, in words at least Natasha then slowly rose from the chair “A pleasure doing business gentlemen”, Natasha replied as she slowly smirked walking away.She knew she had them set up now it just a matter of time before she and fox went on the offensive. Fox viewed organised crime in New York as an empirical structure, like all structures it had key components to keep things moving and working. These components were of course money, people and power and with a mob money protected your people and power scared the other people from trying to fight you or being able to fight you.Once you shut down one others would soon follow as hammerhead would eventually learn the hard wayHammerhead would be under the illusion because the government couldn't admit to reaching out to the mob he could take them for whatever he wanted and no one would say anything. Sure they could bs and blame him but he'd still get the stuff, stuff he could use to edge out competition like Kingpin and the rest of the mobs. So this location to meet for more cash and info, well he would get what he wanted…At the docks where the location was for the cash Natasha was waiting patiently for hammerhead and his accomplices. What they didn’t know was they were walking into a trap conducted by fox and Black Widow. A man like Hammerhead you can always count on to act in his own self interest, and a man like Hammerhead was also assured of his own power. The plate in his head gave him a sense of illusion he was about to shake“Ah good you made and you’re on time,” Natasha replied as she was soon greeted by the gangster and his goons. She knew about his metal plated head and heard stories of the unfortunate victims that had their skulls smashed in by him.Black Widow was supposedly alone and outnumbered, he was waiting for one of them to do either something stupid or honour the deal. “Your men seem uneasy hammerhead,” Natasha started as she noticed one of the goons hand was close to his gun.“It seems too good be true,” the goon started. “What are you doing?” the other one whispered in his ear"You got a reputation" Hammerhead stated, "And this whole thing seems very cloak and dagger, not that I'd put anything past SHIELD but this seems a bit different. So I think I wanna know what your plan is""We already told you" Natasha replied but she kept her guard up preparing for a possible fight."Well I don't trust you as far as I can....well actually I could probably throw you pretty far""What if we took this deal off your hands" a new voice echoed around them.That was the cue to strike Natasha then raised her wrist gauntlet and fired an electric disk at a goon who was too late to remove his gun and she soon jumpkicked into the other goon sending him across the floor."Mr Martello, here is the deal. You can help us dismantle the organised crime circuit in New York City leaving you and the Maggia the only game in town, under our supervision or we can just burn you like the rest. What's it going to be" the voice offered coldly.“Who’s there?!” Hammerhead cried out. “Show yourself!” He then turned to black widow who only smirked. He growled in anger raising his fist ready to charge her. “You double crossing bitch...I’m gonna kill you for...”His fist was caught, and found himself looking into the piercing orange eyes of his destroyer"No, you won't" Hammerheads eyes soon widened in fear realizing who he was face to face with the orange eyes piercing through his soul now the confident crime boss was scared fearing what this armored warrior was gonna do to him.The first blow was to the head, there was a metal clang but then he was dizzy. Hammerhead stumbled, his head was spinning, there was no way he could be that strong? Fox didn't have to be strong, the sonic frequencies imbued in his suit concentrating around his knuckles vibrated enough to rattle the metal in his head. Hammerhead couldn't see clearly so he didn't see Fox unsheathe his sonic blade and slice him across his shins. The burning metal went through the flesh and muscle like a hot knife through butter, the blood was cauterised the instant the cut was made which closed the wound and enhanced the pain bringing Hammerhead to his knees. His head spinning and legs searing in agony he was finding it hard to focus and make any sentient utterance. Fox calmly sheathed the sword and cracked his knuckles, the nano veins from his upper body to arms started working, the strength amplifiers going into effect and he grabbed Hammerhead by the shoulder and his grip nigh clamped the bone as his free hand went right for his face. CLANG! Rattling his brain and delivering a resounding blow. CLANG! Another one. CLANG! And another! Three more clangs and Hammerhead was on his back, blood oozing from his lips and nose he raised his hands to either defend or try and land a blow and then the claws of the beast clamped and crushed his wrists before working on the ribs and then five more clanging blows. With the force of every punch the boardwalk under them threatened to give way, a threat that fell on deaf ears and was not delivered. When Fox was finished Hammerhead was barely breathing, pounded into place like he was encased in the boardwalk and the only signs of life were the pathetic grunts that accompanied his shallow breathing.After Fox was done wiping the floor with the metal plated gangster Natasha then sent a message to client Barton aka Hawkeye to send a clean up crew to their location. She also broke into hammerheads suv and repossessed the funds she had given hammerhead. This was a good start for both of them. The shield agents had come and arrested hammerhead and his goons while fox and black widow returned home to their penthouse out of costume sitting together on the couch in silk robes watching the news on tv.Jack's eyes were focused, she could see the wheels turning in his head. This was the start and he was making connections like planning a circuit and seeing where the currents would lead, making it go where he wanted. This was the Fox she knew.Natasha then pecked him on the cheek with her lips while he was still focused on the tv. And that stopped the wheels turning, he slowly turned his head to look at her. Her eyes were different, almost sparkling in the dim light. Of course, they were alone now, just him and her in each other's arms.“What’s on your mind my king?” Natasha replied as she placed a hand on his cheek."'re calling me that again?" he asked almost unsure this moment was real.“Jack...I thought you enjoyed being called that...” Natasha pouted as a joke."Yes...though not as much as you do I think" he replied.Natasha smirked and nuzzled closer to him. “It’s not gonna stop at least when it’s just the two of us”, Natasha replied."You promise?" He asked as his orange eyes stared into hers.Natasha didn’t say anything but instead pressed her lips against his, and she slowly pulled him down on top of her, pressing the remote turning of the TV. The evening was a small victory but an important one, there was still work to be done, and they would be ready.To be continued...

Mature Content

Mature Content

DWOAH: D'Vorah vs Spider-ManDeadliest warriors of all historyD’Vorah vs Spider-ManDon’t underestimate the power of an InsectoidD’Vorah info:Height: 5 foot 8Weight: 189lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Ovipositors, Insects, VenomStrengths: As a member of the Kytinn race D’Vorah is one of the deadliest beings in Outworld, Superhuman strength (Despite being physically one of the weakest of the Mortal Kombat roster D’Vorah possesses strength far above that of a regular human, Can break bones with single strikes, Broke out of steel chains, Killed an Oni Warlord by flying through him, Can harm God-like beings e.g. Raiden), Superhuman durability (Can tank attacks from the rest of the Mortal Kombat roster, Can continue fighting with shattered bones, Survived being stabbed through the chest by Scorpion’s Chain Kunai and survived being torn in half by Reiko), Superhuman speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can keep up with the rest of the Mortal Kombat roster, Can dodge bullets and Raiden’s Lightning), Has a shrewd intelligence (Managed to convince both Mileena and Kotal Kahn that she was on their side before betraying them), Possesses an extreme healing factor (Survive being torn in half and slowly reformed through her Insects, Can heal others via her Insects), Her Ovipositors are strong enough to repel Baraka’s arm Blades, Can fly, Her Venom is so potent that it killed Scorpion, Her blood is almost as toxic as her Venom, Can control Insects with her body acting as a living Hive, If her main body is killed D’Vorah can live on as a large ‘main’ Insect until her body regrows, Bested and killed Mileena and Baraka.Weaknesses: As mentioned above she is one of the physically weaker characters of the Mortal Kombat roster forcing her to rely mainly on her wits and Venom to take down an enemy, Constantly releases pheromones that can be easily tracked, D’Vorah requires her Insects to heal and reform her body.Peter Parker aka Spider-Man info:Height: 5 foot 10Weight: 210lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Web ShootersStrengths: As Marvel’s flagship and ‘mascot’ character Spider-Man is considered the most famous and beloved Hero in all of fiction narrowly beating Superman, Superhuman strength (Having the proportional strength of a Spider Spider-Man has strength far beyond that of a peak human, Can casually lift 15 tons, Constantly has to pull his punches so he doesn’t accidentally punch peoples heads off when crime fighting, Held up the side of a collapsing building, Stopped a speeding bus by pushing against it), Superhuman durability (Regularly tanks hits from the likes of the Rhino and Lizard, Shrugged off being hit by a train, Survived hits from the likes of Iron Fist, Was beaten to within an inch of his life by the Phoenix Five and still continued to fight), Superhuman speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can sprint at speeds of 200mph, Can dodge bullets with ease and Lasers with difficulty, Casually has reflexes roughly 40 times that of a regular human), High intelligence (Can be considered one of the brightest mind in the world, Is a keen tactician), Possesses a strong resistance to toxins and venom, Possesses an incredible healing factor (A broken arm healed in a few hours, His vision recovered from an acid attack in a single night), His webbing is many times stronger than steel (Can support several tons with ease, Is acid and fireproof, Can contain explosions), Can make any part of his body adhesive to wallcrawl (Can walk and run at a 90% angle whilst stuck to a wall, Once made the skin of his face adhesive so he couldn’t be unmasked), His Spider Sense is the perfect natural radar (Can detect danger from any and all directions as well as the severity of the danger, Is active even when Peter is asleep, Is subtle enough to act as a lie detector).Weaknesses: Certain drugs can deaden his Spider Sense, Being around Anti-Venom removes his Powers, Despite his intelligence Spider-Man can be fairly naive, Is selfless and self loathing to a point.Battle begin!“This morning more bodies were found in several alleyways dotting New York City, each suffering from a single puncture wound and strong levels of toxins in their blood, the main suspect has been stated to be the Scorpion” the news anchorwoman stated through the huge projection screens that dotted the skyscrapers of Times Square as Spider-Man swung through them, the Hero combing the many streets of the city as he hunted for clues as to whether or not Gargan had gone off the deep end and started attacking random people.Swinging by another alleyway Peter then suddenly turned as his Spider Sense went off like a siren prompting him to swing straight into the alleyway “Gargan? You there?” he called out as he landed “come on man I know I’ve been annoying you lately with the whole ‘not letting you kill me’ thing but you can’t just take it out on the homeless”.Even though Peter saw nothing in the heavily shadowed alleyway his Spider Sense continued to go haywire, practically screaming one word at him.DUCK!Immediately responding to the overwhelming urge to dodge Spider-Man ducked down just as an Ovipositor shot out from the shadows narrowly missing his head my inches “whoa! That’s not Scorpions!” he exclaimed as instead of MacDonald Gargan stepping out of the shadows a slender Insect-like Woman emerged.“This one is quicker than the others” the Kytinn commented, her head and hands jittering as her pure black eyes took in what she had intended to be her prey “it is of no matter, it will feed my children yet”.“Feed your kids? Well I know a great Mexican place a few blocks down” Peter wise cracked only to bend over backwards to dodge another stab from one of D’Vorah’s Ovipositors “what? Not a fan of Mexican food? Have you spoken to Wade? He can put anyone off of Mexican with his binges”.“You chatter like Cage!” D’Vorah hissed as she launched herself at Spider-Man, swiping at him with her sharp Fingers and stabbing at him with her Ovipositors whilst Peter dodged each attack thanks to his reflexes and Spider Sense, the Hero then firing two Webs at her top to Ovipositors to attach them to the walls of the two buildings at either side of her.“Whoa there lady! Enough with the stabbing! I’m allergic to that” Peter wise cracked again only to flinch at D’Vorah tore her Ovipositors off at the top joints to free herself before she shot towards him, her wings letting off a deafening buzzing noise as she outright tackled him and took off to the air with him, slamming him into the wall behind him and dragging him up it as she ascended knocking dozens of bricks out of the wall as she carved him through it.Carrying him high into the air D’Vorah then threw Peter down onto a nearby rooftop, the Hero grunting as he bounced and rolled along it before coming to a stop whilst the Kytinn landed nearby and prowled towards him “how come bad guys never appreciate my jokes? Am I the only guy in New York with a decent sense of humour?” Spider-Man groaned as he picked himself up, more for his own benefit than for D’Vorah to hear as he got back onto his feet.The moment he stood Spider-Man backflipped to avoid the horizontal swipes from D’Vorah’s lower Ovipositors before the Kytinn suddenly ripped open her own chest cavity to unleash a swarm of Hornet-like Insects forcing Peter to continue flipped and leaping around to avoid the swarm as it flew towards him in a far more controlled and aggressive manner than any naturally occurring Insect swarm.Web Swinging to the other side of the roof to get a decent distance away from the swarm Spider-Man then dug his fingers into the roof as the swarm bore down on him, with one strong pull he peeled up a good strip of the roofing creating a makeshift shield as the swarm shot at him, causing the Insects to drive their stingers into the roofing trapping them in place.Hissing in annoyance as Spider-Man then left over the upturned roofing and covered it in Webbing to completely trap the swarm “the Kytinn will not be contained!” D’Vorah snapped as she flew towards the Webbed ball that contained her swarm, knocking Peter aside as she started to claw and pull at the Webbing, finding it to be tougher than steel.“Oh no you don’t!” Peter exclaimed Web Shooting the back of D’Vorah’s head and upper back before hauling her away from the Webbing trap, lifting her into the air by the Webbing before throwing her over his head to slam her down to the roof with enough force to crack both the roofing and the keratin that covered her body “now stay down and think about what you’ve done until the police show up!”.To his surprise however D’Vorah borderline shrugged off the damage to shoot straight back up, the torn stumps of her upper Ovipositors now festering before two fresh new stingers burst from the stumps which promptly shot towards Peter, the Hero grabbing them before they could stab into his chest before swinging his hips from side to side to avoid the two lower Ovipositors as D’Vorah then wildly stabbed at him with them.Gripping the top two Ovipositors tighter Peter then used them to pull D’Vorah forward as he jumped up to deliver a brutal double footed kick to her abdomen, further cracking the keratin that covered her body as she spat up thick viscous green blood, her insides perforating from the brutal blow as Peter then released his grasp on her allowing her to fly back across the building and straight across the street into the wall of the building opposite, the Kytinn rebounding off of it to plummet several dozen stories to the ground below.“Oh god I didn’t mean to kick that hard!” Peter exclaimed running full pelt to the side of the building and jumping off in hopes of catching D’Vorah on the way down only for the Kytinn to sucker punch him upside the head the moment he leapt off, D’Vorah having never even hit the ground as her wings took control halfway through her descent.Grabbing the Webhead by the throat D’Vorah then proceeded to spit an Acidic substance at him, Peter quickly covering his face with his arms only to cry out as the Acidic Venom ate through the sleeves of his suit and started to burn the skin of his arms.As Spider-Man recoiled from the Acid burning his forearms D’Vorah struck him hard across the face, cracking his jaw before driving both of her hands to his chest, breaking several ribs before the blow sent him flying down to the streets below, the Webhead rebounding between two buildings several times before he managed to control his fall, shooting a Web string to the wall of the building in front of him allowing him to swing down to land on his feet.Shaking his arms to try to soothe the burning as the Acid stopped eating away at his flesh Peter then covered his forearms in Webbing for makeshift bandages before darting off into the shadows of a nearby alleyway as he heard D’Vorah land nearby .“You cannot hide, this One can smell you!” D’Vorah hissed as she prowled into the alleyway, her head jittering from side to side as her large black eyes scanned the darkness trying to catch sight of Peter whilst he wallcrawled just above her.As D’Vorah’s head then snapped back to look at him Spider-Man struck, diving down to kick her across the face making her slam back against the wall behind her before he followed up the kick with a series of quick jarring punches to her upper body aiming to wind and stun her only for D’Vorah to suddenly block both of his Fists with her hands before gripping them tight and shooting all four Ovipositors at him.Unable to pull away as the Kytinn stabbed her nails into his hands Peter tried his best to dodge, avoiding three of the Stingers by twisting his body only to cry out as the fourth one drove straight into his left thigh, his leg burning as the toxins immediately took effect.Pushing Spider-Man away making him stagger and sway as her Venom took hold weakening his body whilst his superhuman antibodies fought it off D’Vorah flew at him again, grabbing him by the throat before dragging him stories into the air, the Kytinn then smiling wickedly before just dropping him letting the woozy Hero plummet several dozen metres to the pavement below.Landing hard on a manhole cover Peter went straight through it to an old abandoned subway station below, his landing after it being eerily softer and wetter than expected, his Spider Sense going off like crazy as he picked himself up, his vision clearing as his healing dealt with the majority of D’Vorah’s Venom.“What the…?” he gasped as he then looked around, his eyes opening in horror as even in the dim light from the manhole above he saw dozens upon dozens of rotten bodies littering the abandoned station, an unnatural hive being formed from them as hundreds of juvenile Insects flew around feasting on the flesh that remained “oh my god…”.Hearing D’Vorah then land behind him again as the Kytinn flew through the manhole Spider-Man turned to her with rage and disgust burning in his gut “ did this…how many? HOW MANY HAVE YOU MURDERED?!” he shouted to which D’Vorah just chuckled darkly.“This One prefers to not wasting time counting prey” she hissed “it would be wise not to think too much about it, you will be joining them shortly” she added before splitting a stream of Acidic Venom at him once again.This time however Peter weaved out of the way and ran at D’Vorah at full speed catching her by surprise, the Kytinn unable to react before he slammed his Fist to her face with crushing force, both breaking her jaw and sending her flying back before he shot two Webs at her, snagging her and dragging her back to him to which he attacked her jaw again with a jumping knee further cracking it making her spit blood.“No more screwing around” Spider-Man growled as he then dragged D’Vorah down with his Webbing to deliver a crushing roundhouse kick to her arm breaking it outright “Monsters like you don’t deserve me playing nice!”.Crying out as her arm was shattered D’Vorah lashed out with her still functioning one only for Peter to catch her hand and force it all the way back to break her wrist, the Kytinn screaming as she then released Insects from her body to attempt to heal her wounds only for Peter to jump back and start blasting her body with Webbing, trapping her Insects in place preventing them from reaching her wounds.Struggling against the Webbing D’Vorah opened her mouth to spit more Acidic Venom only for Peter to shoot Webbing over her mouth trapping the Venom inside before he shot forward and grabbed hold of her throat, squeezing tight enough to easily crush the keratin that protected it before doing the same with her windpipe making blood spurt from the holes his fingers made.Not done with that Spider-Man then pulled upwards beheading the Kytinn in an instant, the Hero sickened to his stomach with his own act but D’Vorah was too dangerous to let live, the Webhead then tossing the head aside and turning around to head out through the manhole for some much needed air.Before he could however he heard movement from D’Vorah’s still standing headless body and when he turned he found a larger Insect tearing its way out of the neckhole.Before it could fully escape and fly away however Spider-Man shot his arm back to snag it with Webbing and with one brutal tug tore it out of D’Vorah’s body to crush it against the wall ending the Kytinn instantly.Winner: Spider-ManDid it really take me 249 fights for me to finally use the greatest Superhero of all time? I’ve got to get my priorities straight.Anyway why does Peter beat D’Vorah?Well other than D’Vorah having her Venom and arguably ‘back up’ thanks to her Insects Spider-Man has her beat in every category, D’Vorah being able to break bones whilst Spider-Man constantly has to pull his punches to prevent himself from casually punching peoples heads off, Spider-Man being able to tank hits which would instantly squash D’Vorah and both his speed and reaction times make D’Vorah look more like a snail than a...weird...hornet...thing.So after this fight all Peter has to do is wait for Jameson to run a story on Spider-Man murdering an innocent cosplayer or something.
We are Venom by BOSSTHITIWUT
Venom vs Spiderman sketch cover by mdavidct
Spiderman sketch cover on my sketchbook blank by mdavidct
Spider-Gwen sketch cover by mdavidct
SPIDER-GIRL by hclix
RAPTOR by hclix
THE BUZZ by hclix
Spiderman 2099 by kamilkarpinski
Armored Spider-Man - Wall Crawler III by DashingTonyDrake
Venom x Carnage Collab by ParisAlleyne
Project DJ
PS4 Spidey Ambush by ArtOfTDJ
Official Marvel Pages
Spider-man cover- The Lizard by diablo2003
Iron Spider-Man by Rueprez
Spiderman by nevreme
And Spider :D by Rolis092
Portal Spidey by stick-man-11
The Sinister Six by SonicClone


desing costume Spiderman by ArtAlen333 desing costume Spiderman :iconartalen333:ArtAlen333 235 15 Kawarrigan by RedRabbu Kawarrigan :iconredrabbu:RedRabbu 585 8 Spider-man: Homecoming by Dzikawa Spider-man: Homecoming :icondzikawa:Dzikawa 700 67 Quick Colors by lukesparrow Quick Colors :iconlukesparrow:lukesparrow 33 3 Happy Easter! by lukesparrow Happy Easter! :iconlukesparrow:lukesparrow 41 2 beats by Stark  by lukesparrow beats by Stark :iconlukesparrow:lukesparrow 32 2 Ann Arbor Spider-Man Inks by lukesparrow Ann Arbor Spider-Man Inks :iconlukesparrow:lukesparrow 31 8 Spider Bunny Girl by Stylistic86 Spider Bunny Girl :iconstylistic86:Stylistic86 5 0 Marvel Unlimited - SkooB 9/26/16 by SkoobyForever Marvel Unlimited - SkooB 9/26/16 :iconskoobyforever:SkoobyForever 5 0 Spider-verse Squad by tapwater86 Spider-verse Squad :icontapwater86:tapwater86 65 16 SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING 2017 (unofficial) TEASER by skauf99 SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING 2017 (unofficial) TEASER :iconskauf99:skauf99 7 1 SPIDER-VERSE CHIBIS SKETCH CARDS by AHochrein2010 SPIDER-VERSE CHIBIS SKETCH CARDS :iconahochrein2010:AHochrein2010 48 3 Peter's unusually attractive Aunt May. by Lemwell Peter's unusually attractive Aunt May. :iconlemwell:Lemwell 228 63 Peter Parker Underoos by Lemwell Peter Parker Underoos :iconlemwell:Lemwell 372 41 Civil War by Lemwell Civil War :iconlemwell:Lemwell 140 20 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by lukesparrow The Amazing Spider-Man 2 :iconlukesparrow:lukesparrow 81 5
I have not been online all that much this year so I once again apologize for the belated timing  of this message.

This is from Jon / JWBeyond  dated on Oct 8, 2013.  


Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could put a shout out for my groups Spider-man Halloween Contest. Its having a slow start :-p

the contest: ultimatemilesmorales.deviantar…
The Group: ultimatemilesmorales.deviantar…


So there you have it, perhaps it isn't too late and you can check it out if it's something you think you may be interested in.
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