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Miguel - NPC sheet for Sybal Heim



Associated Player Character: Matilda
Link to app colors here:

Name: Miguel

Nicknames:  Mushroom boy, kille, ché, son of a [censored] were all used in RPs

Physical age: 13

Actual age: 17 as of 1894 (entered in 1890)

Height: Four feet two inches

Hair color: black

Eye color: dark brown

Faction: He has attached himself to Matilda: as she wants desperately to go Outside, he will do what he can to make that happen.

Occupation: he works at the Doxa postal service (thanks to Embla, who is regretting getting him the job)

Sybal Form: Mushy-Squishy-Roo
    You’ll know he is coming before you see him: every step he takes makes a squishy sound. He has very short arms on his side and two tentacles on his back that can serve as two extra arms. His eyes always switch colors- sometimes holding more than one at once. Just look at him: he is a colourful mushroom! A meter and a half tall! Isn’t he adorable?

    Power: Miguel is capable of creating a or many shields round and one meter wide. They can appear anywhere around Miguel within ten meters.
- can withstand attacks;
- can serve as platforms to escape like stairs;
- only appear a maximum of 4 at a time;
- cannot be moved once they appear: they're stuck there until they're broken or disappear;
- can only last for one minute maximum (requires a lot of concentration that prevents him from calling on to other shields beyond 45 seconds)

    Docile or Feral
: Feral.
He rarely if ever regrets anything that happens at night; it's still him, just more impulsive, less verbally coherent and easier to goad or panic.

   Personality: He enjoys drawing and is growing good at it. Playful, he can be a bit of a prankster. He is loyal to Matilda and holds the same feelings towards her as those for a big sister. An occasionally annoying, controlling big sister, but still. Her feelings towards him are appropriate for an impulsive, objectionable, insufferable little brother, so it’s a mutual relationship. Pickpocket thief, he is quick and sneaky – and never stays for a fight he cannot win. He may still provoke them, he just doesn’t wait around to be defeated. He is the kid who would stick “kick me” signs on people’s back and then take distance to eat popcorn and watch chaos erupt. He prefers annoying people and then running away, sometimes daring them to follow him in some childish race. If you're someone he knows, he probably came up with a nickname for you.

   History: Essentially, he was a kid who grew up in the streets with prostitutes, and learned to have a wonky moral compass: several things people might find outrageous, he grew up with and finds perfectly normal. When he lost those that took care of him, his world crumbled, and that's when he found Sybal Heim. After a month at the Heiros estate, he ran into Matilda and stayed with her ever since.


- Matilda (no nickname): His 'big sister' he loves and treasures.
- Adien Nitvel ("Bird Dad"): someone towards whom he holds conflicted feelings, but is generally pleased and even admirative of this man, and he holds close to his heart. He one day hopes to even, maybe, make him proud.
- Tuku (no nickname): one of the people he cares about the most in the city: she is family and someone he loves very much, sometimes to unhealthy limits.
- Nadiya ("Torbillona"): a friend who knows how to have fun and that he trusts.
- Emil ("Herrerojo"): the source of the 'kille' nickname, someone whose presence Miguel enjoys, and he hopes the adult gets a family he deserves. He is also the one who made the swordcatcher (the metal glove on the art) as a commission for Miguel. (By the way, thanks to LittlePirhana for doing the scars for me!!!)
- Sweets (her name is already a sort-of nickname): Someone who is teaching him watercolors, and he finds that fascinating! (And she has pretty freckles, too!)
- Deyri ("Plantmom"): someone he views as strong and capable of showing enormous support to those around her. So much, in fact, that he worries that she might need others to rely on herself. When he is in need of comfort, though, he knows he can rely on her.
- Chau ("Arabella"): a woman he feels doesn't like him, but that he admires for her kindness and very charitable soul anyway.
- Embla ("Luz"): a pretty but grouchy girl who landed him a job, and that he sometimes thinks can be too stuck to the rules. She can learn to have fun! But she is someone who helps friends when they need her, so she's loyal, too.
- Cayo ("Naniki"): someone Miguel holds in VERY high esteem. Cayo has been a friend of Miguel for almost 3 years, now, but recent events have made Cayo move on, and Miguel is hurt and tries hard to win him back.
- Saul ("Sizzler"): a big buffy man with a child's soul; a fun friend to play with, but recent events with Matilda have started tensions.
- Tiago ("Toggs" or "Caballero"): initially another robbing victim, Miguel learned to appreciate Tiago's good spirit, his principles and his horrible, horrible bad luck. Like, seriously give the guy a break! Even Miguel stopped throwing pies at him, it just wasn't fun anymore!


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