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Patreon Page paused / closed
My dear Patrons and Deviants, as you can see I deacitvated my Patreon Page...again. Many of you remember that I had a heavy bicycle accident in the beginning of June and that I was away for many weeks. As I returnd home, one and a half week ago I hoped that I already can restart, but I hoped to much. The bones are healing up, but not as fast as I hoped. To work with my computer mouse to create pictures or comics is actually more or less useless. My arm is still shaking / Shivering and it is not easy to create pictures with a arm who is blocked in some positions and is shivering like a mess. The doctores said that it need time. I createt 3
terrible news
My dear people, maybe some of you wonderd why I didn't post any thing in the last weeks. I had a terrible accident with my bicycle on June 10th. A six year old child crossed my way without looking to the left or right and we crashed together and I was thrown from my own bike. The child is, Thank god, completly okay...I am not. The first 3 days and nights i layed in a intensive care unit from the nearby hospital. I had a lot of luck, the death was near at my side. I have on the right side four broken ribs, the collarbone is five time broken and needed an operation last week on tuesday, the cheek bone under my right eye is broken too. I also g
Patreon Page need to be closed for 1 1/2 Months
Hey everybody, sometimes the german medical system is acting strange. As I wrote in my last posting after my stomach operation I have to visit a medical rehabilitation center for two or three weeks. Today I got a letter from the ReHa Clinic. And this brings me into a stupid situation. I should visit them next monday (11th March) and stay there for six weeks. I've called them and asked why I need to stay so long, my doctor here told me something from two or three weeks, but not six weeks. They told my that my pension insurance, who pay this ReHa, gave them the instruction for this time. And so I don't have a chance to change it now. I have t


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powermogriHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello people... I have really sad news. Amaz had quite the terrible accident and is currently on intensive care. I dont know much, but he wont be able to post about his condition for a while. I am posting this to the comments because I dont know how to reach all of you otherwise. Let's hope he will recover and that we will hear about him soon.
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broad86newHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks pal for the fav!!:D
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Amaz2k12Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome my friend :)
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voradorstHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy cow, Jim! Willkommen auf meiner Seite!
Danke für dein + watch!
Btw Da ich weiß was du magst schau doch mal mein ordner an!…
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Amaz2k12Professional Digital Artist
Bitte gern :) Bin gespannt was du noch so bringen wirst :D
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voradorstHobbyist Digital Artist
Mein notizbuch is voll von ideen! Und das schöne Alle ideen sind machbar für alle gebiete der TF community! Content für MOOONATE!
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Amaz2k12Professional Digital Artist
Na, denn man tau :D