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The Son of the Sea - Dragon!Iceland x Reader
~ The Overture ~
. . .
"Mm . . ."
. . .
A soft murmur pierced the clockwork rumble of the carriage's wheels treading over the rocky path. The weary traveler stirred in his sleep, craning his neck to lean on the walls of the lush, velvet lined carriage. So accustomed was this traveler used to the periodic jolts and jumps of the thin wooden wheels as it rolled over stones and pebbles, shards of steel and whatnots. It was no surprise that this creature was able to sleep soundly even throughout any peace or chaos.
. . .
"Nngh . . ."
. . .
The traveler stirred again; agitated by the absence of the rocky path's playful shoves as the carriage rolled onto smooth ground. How long has it been since this creature has stepped foot outside of this luxurious centaur-driven carriage? No one was quite sure for this creature has been commuting from one city to the next for quite some time. Not once did this traveler stop to take in the sights or receive some proper sleep at a nearby inn or
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 56 28
Because You're Worth It - Haruka x Reader
The air was filled with the sweet floral scent of cherry blossoms as the pink petals danced in the wind. Butterflies of all colors gently waltzed through the sky and the sound of chirping birds echoed happily in the distance.
It was a perfect spring day.
The clear blue water sparkled as the sun shone down upon it. Today was just too good of a day to waste practicing. Haru relaxed his muscles and allowed himself to float on the pool's surface. He closed his eyes in bliss, relishing the warm water filled with cherry blossom petals, the smile of the bright sun, the clear blue –

You and the rest of the staff groaned as the director's voice blew up your eardrums. Once again, Haru acted out of script for the commercial shooting.
"For goodness sake – (Y/N)!!!!"
You squeaked, quickly rushing over to the beyond angry director. "I-I'm sorry sir! It won't happen again!"
"That's what you said last time but –" He pointed at the d
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 70 40
Wake the Sleeping Dragon Epilogue- Norway x Reader
~ Oppvåknet ~

The full moon floated over Lunitaria, its pale, white light banishing the abyssal darkness of the night.
The land was quiet and calm,
Serene and tranquil.
Lunitaria slept blissfully.
. . .
Save for a certain frozen kingdom.
The soft sound of clothes ruffling together and the clicking of clasps and buttons echoed across the large room as a certain dragon began to dress himself for the upcoming day. Lukas held his head up high as he began to button up his collar and vest. He sighed, quickly belting his white trousers and tucking them into his boots. If there was one thing that he hated about being royalty, it was the clothes.
That fact never changed since he was just a young dragon. Lukas absolutely despised having to dedicate more than an hour in wearing these overly flashy clothes. Although they did look appealing, the clothes of royalty were never really practical for daily wear.
Throwing a heavy cape over his shoulder, he was finally finished.
Lukas turn
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 127 161
A Reason to Smile II by amayashi418 A Reason to Smile II :iconamayashi418:amayashi418 47 23 A Reason to Smile by amayashi418 A Reason to Smile :iconamayashi418:amayashi418 21 13
Wake the Sleeping Dragon Finale - Norway x Reader
~  Kjærlighet ~
Minutes continued to tick by and not a single creature dared to speak. Emil stared at the angel and devil across from him. Their faces seemed to be twisted in agony as they began to break out in cold sweat. They had spiritually traveled to the realm between the dead and the living, but they were taking longer than he had expected. Incoherent mumbles left Arthur's lips as he gritted his teeth and one of Alfred's wings was turning an ominous shade of black.
"Do you think. . ." Tino exchanged a worried glance with the Water Dragon, "Do you think they'll be all right?"
Vlad stared at the angel's black wing, a serious expression dawning on his face. Vlad clenched his fists and nodded, "They'll get through this. I'm sure."
"This is (Y/n), Arthur, and Alfred we're talking about," Lukas, who had not once lifted his head from prayer, reassured them. "They've always came through. I'm sure all three of them will come back to us."
"Mm," Berwald nodded.
"You're righ
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 97 162
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XXX - Norway x Reader
~ Life Existed Within Her ~
Death understood what it was like to live, to walk amongst the breathing. Death understood that and saw some stowed away fragment of its lost self within you, a human girl.
Death saw itself within you.

Death saw Life within you.
~ * ~
"Arthur, this is it! I sense her, she's here!"
"Merlin, what is this place? What are they?!"
"Those voices. . ." You turned your head at the sound of those familiar voices and gaped at the two creatures in the distance -- at the devil and the angel. You jumped onto your feet. "Arthur! Alfred!"
Alfred made an attempt to run to you, but Arthur quickly held an arm out. "Alfred, stop."
The angel looked at him in confusion, "Arthur what are you doing? We have to hurry and--"
"Calm down and look around you." Arthur ordered. Alfred blinked at him in surprise before taking in the scene before him. You were stuck in the middle of this black abyss surrounded by monsters sprung forth from nightmares. In front
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 78 88
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XXIX - Norway x Reader
~ Death Lived Inside Her ~

'I want to live.'
You stared at the shattered pieces of your imagination, at the shattered pieces of the dawn colored world with Lukas. The bell sounding in the distance was getting louder and closer -- death was coming for you. Your heart began to race within your chest as death came nearer and nearer, but your will to live was growing stronger.

'I don't want to die.'
You crouched down, staring at the beautiful fragments of a broken memory, a broken dream. In these mirror-like shards, you continued to stare longingly at these moving pictures, at the lavender sky, at the blue forget-me-nots, and at the Lukas who was smiling at you so heartbreakingly, so beautifully.

'I can't die yet.'
You bit your lip as you clamped your hands over your ears and screamed in an attempt to drown out the haunting, deafening sound of the ringing bells, of death's coming. This mysterious realm you were trapped in began to shake and suddenly, the pressure within t
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 71 84
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XXVIII - Norway x Reader
~ A Foolish Love ~
"There is so much more to this story, to this tragedy."
"Because she . . ."

"She's alive."
Lukas's head shot up, ". . . Alive?"
"Wait," Emil turned to the angel. "But how? How is this possible? She's . . . she's dead. We all confirmed that she was dead."
"She's neither dead nor alive. She's barely here . . . but she's still alive." Alfred muttered. "She's just barely holding on."
"I--" Lukas broke off, his gaze switching between you and Alfred in confusion. "I thought--"
He paused midsentence as your hand twitched in his, a faint but familiar warmth emitting from your small hand. A sharp gasp of pain left your lips causing the Ice Dragon's heart to leap. He hastily pulled off your glove, placing his fingers on top of your wrist--

There was a pulse.
It was faint and weak, but there was a pulse. His jaw dropped and he suddenly forgot how to breathe. There was no pulse, no trace of life within you before -- he was sure of it, he was a witness of it.
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 70 88
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XXVII - Norway x Reader
~ Wake the Sleeping Human ~

"And I believed that she had to power to turn you into a king that none has ever seen before."
". . ."
". . . . . ."
“. . . . . . . . . . . . .”
Finally, the Ice Dragon crystal faded out, signaling the end of the recording. Lukas has never realized that your meeting . . . was part of a much grander purpose, that the two of you were part of something bigger, part of something so tragically beautiful.
He was wrong about you. The two of you . . . were more alike than he could ever realize.
You were alone, just like him.
You were different, just like him.
And you were constantly in pain,

Just like him.
Finally, the tears that Lukas thought he never had, the tears that he has never shed in his entire life, the tears that Ice Dragons were never capable of producing . . .

Finally began to cascade down his cheeks.
"All along . . ."
Lukas muttered, clenching his hands into fists.

"All along . . ."
Slowly, he held up a shaking hand a
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 75 117
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XXVI - Norway x Reader
~ Rekindled ~

"Since that fateful day, I continued to watch after her, take care of her, and acted as her guardian."
The Dragon King continued, nostalgia dripping in his voice.

"I wanted to bring her into the Shivering Domains . . . but that was impossible. I couldn't even begin to imagine what the other dragons would say if they ever found out that I had snuck a human inside our borders. So instead, I took care of her by this small little cottage I found within the forest. It was difficult sneaking out of the castle at night to care for her, but as the years went by and as I watched both you and (Y/n) grow up . . . it was worth all the effort, all those sleepless nights."
"As I came to care for (Y/n), I became curious about the humans."
"Why do we hate humans in the first place? What exactly happened between our two races in the past?"
"I wanted answers, so I searched for them. I searched through the ghost town of Northwind and through the ancient relics of the Shiverin
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 82 75
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XXV - Norway x Reader
~ In Your Arms ~
Emil couldn't bear the sight of you and his brother. Your face that was once so full of emotions was instead moist with his teardrops and his brother that was renowned for his lack of emotions was filled to the brim with them. The Water Dragon lowered his head as Lukas spoke tear jerking words to you and as sadness wrapped itself around everyone around him.
You were just as important to him as you were to everyone around you, but even more so to his brother, the Ice Dragon King and leader of the Aurora Militia, Lukas Bondevik. Tino continued to pat Emil's back, Berwald's eyes hid behind his glasses, and Arthur, Alfred, and Vlad shed silent tears as Lukas tried desperately to make his words reach you for the first and last time. This was the first time he has seen his family act so out of character and witnessed an angel, vampire, and devil cry.
Somehow . . .

Everything felt so tragic.
In storybooks, the prince would always get a happy ending. He would def
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 74 69
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XXIV - Norway x Reader
~ Heartache ~

“It’s because I love her.”
Lukas breathed those words so gently, so tenderly as if they were as fragile as life itself. For the first time, he was openly expressing his feelings to not just you, but to everyone. He was declaring his love for you, but you weren't even alive to see it, to experience it, to hear it, to bask in it, to drown in it.
The snow began to accumulate on his broad shoulders as he continued to stare at your beautiful sleeping face. He couldn't help it. Looking at the state you're in now brought him so much unbearable pain, but he just couldn't look away.
You were beautiful, you've always been.
Even in death, your beauty remained as frozen as this lonely, cold kingdom of his. Not even a thousand years of death could take away your beauty. You might have been dead, but you still looked like your radiant self; it was as if you were going to wake up like nothing happened. But Lukas knew that any moment from now, you were going
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 69 92
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XXIII - Norway x Reader
~ The Coward in Love ~
Lukas and the Dragon Kings quietly watched the Fire Dragon's disappearing form as he walked off into the distance. None of them spoke a word, but their silence uttered every ounce of emotion they were experiencing. Lukas glanced down at the faint outline of Matthias's footprints on the snow before smiling softly. One day in the future, Matthias was going to walk back into their lives and then finally . . . finally, they can be the happy family they once were many years ago.

"So this must mean that the war's over?"
Lukas, no, everyone never would have imagined to hear those words within these past five years. This never ending worldwide war . . . was finally coming to a glorious end.
". . .yeah," Lukas turned to Tino and nodded. "It's . . . finally over."
"I've sent a message to Arthur, Alfred, and the rest." Berwald reported. "They'll be here soon and I expect that Matthias will cease the fighting on his side as well."
A grin broke
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 73 88
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XXII - Norway x Reader
~ Of Fairytales and Tragedies ~
Your vision turned black as the little twinkling ring bursted into a silver cloud of dust before your eyes; and that was about all you could remember before the world spun before you. Were your eyes open or closed? Was this onyx abyss reality or a space created by your sub consciousness?
You couldn't tell.

You were oh so dizzy, so confused, so lost in that one moment. It was like someone had completely stripped you out of oxygen and sucked out your very essence. What was happening to you? Were you alive or dead? Has death finally come to pick up what was left of you?
You didn’t know.

You weren't sure if what you were seeing -- what you were feeling -- was real. Everything was pitch black, but your sense of touch remained. The ground was hard and warm . . . The sun rays kissing your skin was warm and soothing -- you didn't like it. If you were going to die, then you wanted to die with goose bumps crawlin
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 68 72
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XXI - Norway x Reader
~ The Tale of Fire and Ice ~
The battle continued and the war raged on, but predicting the winner was obvious.
Emil lifted an arm to shield himself from puffs of smoke as ice collided with fire. He coughed, squinting his eyes through the dense clouds to make out the situation. The second fight between Matthias and Lukas only raged on for a good ten minutes, but it was already about to end. Lukas fought with so much speed and power; it was unbelievable. It was almost impossible to believe considering that he had miraculously risen from the dead.
So this was Lukas's -- the Ice Dragon King's -- full potential?
Mighty, ear piercing roars echoed throughout the land as the two dragons danced a dangerous, bloody waltz. With every strike, Lukas became faster and stronger while Matthias grew slower and weaker. The Fire Dragon clicked his tongue in annoyance as he barely managed to swivel out of Lukas's way. He couldn't keep up. Even with all these magic enchantments, there was no way Mat
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 75 76
Hello there! Are you bored? Check out some of my most recent deviations! There's something for everyone in here~


Norwegian Tears by alyjaana Norwegian Tears :iconalyjaana:alyjaana 53 7 - Lukas Bondevik Sketch- by Smaggitty - Lukas Bondevik Sketch- :iconsmaggitty:Smaggitty 11 1 Wake The Sleeping Dragon Fan Art by cupcakelover05 Wake The Sleeping Dragon Fan Art :iconcupcakelover05:cupcakelover05 2 6 .:Moana:. by the-little-empress .:Moana:. :iconthe-little-empress:the-little-empress 12 10 Reaching by PinkCarnations Reaching :iconpinkcarnations:PinkCarnations 4 3 e n c h a n t e d by the-little-empress e n c h a n t e d :iconthe-little-empress:the-little-empress 15 4 His Queen by Animeboi19 His Queen :iconanimeboi19:Animeboi19 14 4 Gone But Not Forgotten by Animeboi19 Gone But Not Forgotten :iconanimeboi19:Animeboi19 18 3
Did You Wake? {Song}
Did You Wake?
Did you wake?
Or are you dying now?
Did you wake?
Or are you dead in my arms?
Did you die in my arms?
Are you growing cold here?
Or did you live and wake once more?
Are you awake and living right now?
Did you wake?
Or are you sleeping now?
Did you leave?
Or are you awake right now?
Are you alive?
Or are you dead in my arms?
Are you living?
Or are you missing our wedding?
Are we going to have that wedding?
Or do we need a funeral?
All you need to answer
Is the question of
D i d Y o u W a k e ?
{Note: Another 'Wake the Sleeping Dragon' song. This is for the finale. amayashi418 arE WE DEAD OR ALIVE-}
:iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 3 3
t a i n t e d by the-little-empress t a i n t e d :iconthe-little-empress:the-little-empress 41 26 e t h e r e a l by the-little-empress e t h e r e a l :iconthe-little-empress:the-little-empress 37 26 Hes a real dragon~ by GhostQueen-CHB Hes a real dragon~ :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 5 6 Dragon!Norway - Traditional Drawing  by KiwiZuperCake Dragon!Norway - Traditional Drawing :iconkiwizupercake:KiwiZuperCake 6 9 Thank you... by spacegeek17 Thank you... :iconspacegeek17:spacegeek17 6 2
Dont Leave {Song}
Dont Leave
Please dont leave
If you leave, I'll break in two
Please dont leave
You're all I have, all I need
So please dont leave me here
Dont leave me here
Open your eyes and tell me you're not leaving
Open your eyes and tell me Im dreaming
I wont accept you're gone
I need you here, you're all I have
Please dont close your eyes, please stay here
Im breaking inside, dont leave me alone
If you leave me
If you go
If your soul leaves
I'll break into shards
Please dont go
Please dont make this a reality
If you go, my soul will break
If you go, I'll be so broken without you
Please dont let your soul leave me
I'll break into shards if you go
Open your eyes and tell me Im dreaming
Open your eyes and just
D o n t L e a v e
{Note 1:I got inspiration from 
:iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 3 8
facing D E A T H by the-little-empress facing D E A T H :iconthe-little-empress:the-little-empress 23 10


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I write reader inserts for Hetalia and Free! My fanfics ranges from deep and personal to just utterly insane. If you're normal, you just might question my sanity level but if you're pro crackfic, then welcome to the club! Most of the time, I'm just writing with the hope that maybe it can bring a smile to your face with maybe a couple of laughs here and there. I'm not really one for angst but I do enjoy some sad stories from time to time. Other than that, I'm just trying to spread some smiles and fluffy moments~ Hope you take some time off to read my fanfics. And if you enjoyed it, please leave a comment :) I'd love to hear your thoughts and it's what keeps me going and writing~ Don't worry, I'm in the process of editing my stories and getting them ready for uploading. There's more x reader madness to come!

Also I'm in a major hiatus right now cuz of college but don't worry, I'm alive haha

Thanks for visiting~

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Tempt the Vampire - Romania x Reader
And surprises!

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Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] 

Hello fandom pals!!

Bunny Emoji-32 (Waving) [V2] 

I've never had a day of free time for such a long time! It feels so nice to not be doing school work kaomoji set 2 12/67 
Speaking of which, how is the semester treating you guys? Better than me I hope! kaomoji set 2 30/67 My professor was so savage today. She rejected EVERYONE'S papers and told each group to rewrite it all over again. I don't mind rewriting the paper . . . I'm just upset that I have to suffer two more days with my mess of a group Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]   (please pray that I don't murder someone)
One of my grp members was really impressed with my passage and he asked me how I learned to write. Onionhead he - Onion headtrollplz Hon, some things are better left unsaid ohohoho Psyco  *couch* fanfiction *cough* hot anime guys *cough*

But anyways, today I came to class an hour early this morning like super early. In my university, no one goes to school that early so it was me and the janitor lol. I decided to be studious and start reading my law books inside my class. It was going nifty and awesome and I had my videogame playlist plugged in. And then after a while, the lights switched off. 

Eh, no big deal right? Dumb university and their low funds. So I got up to switch the lights back on but just as I did . . . . the lights turned back on. 

TOP Crazy 

Brushed it off again and sat back down to concentrate on my readings. So I'm minding my business again and then after a few more minutes, I hear that 'tick' and then the lights go off . . . again. Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] 

Now I started to get suspicious. I've had a couple of courses in this classroom and NEVER, NOT ONCE, did the lights ever switch on and off by themselves like that. And there's no one in the room that had access to the lights except me! 

So . . . I got up again and guess what happened?


I should have been freaked out, but I was just plain pissed. That little son of a ghost was effing around with me I JUST KNOW IT. I was listening to Gladion's theme and this ghost had the AUDACITY to interrupt me?!Undertale - Full of Angry Chara Screams I just let Nosferatu do whatever the heck he wanted with the light switches.Kyouya Angry Icon  Do they not teach manners in the afterlife?! Angry Suga Frustrated Icon 
You might have heard this from me before, but I'm writing Vlad's story and oh my goodness, its darker than a korean idol's eyeliner. 

But other than that, I have bigger news!!

tokyo ghoul gif ken kaneki 

Hoshitani Shock [ YURI ON ICE ] YEEEES !  :bademoticon: 



 Ukai Shock  magi gif alibaba KENN squeal 

[ YURI ON ICE ] Huuuuug 

(Okay so technically, DA counts this as a deviation but let's pretend it's not the 100th lol)

I just noticed it a while ago when Haru was the 99th deviation and I'm so hyped for this milestone!! I want to upload something super special to you guys for helping me get there! Chitanda Excited Icon excited / happy emoji  I've made it a habit to write loads on Sundays and I REALLY WANT TO UPLOAD ALL OF IT ALL AT ONCE. It was so much fun to write but I MUST BE FRUGAL FOR THE 100TH! I'll keep it on the downlow for now. But because I wrote so much shit, I'm really conflicted on what to upload as the milestone deviation. Something new? Something old? Whatever its going to be, I hope that you'll enjoy reading it! ... I think I have a good idea on what I'm going to upload and trust,

You're going to get wet [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: 

. . . 

Hinata Excited Icon 

. . . 

NO, NOT IN THAT WAY Shouting Suga 

Huuhuu okay, I've exhausted too much of your time. It's always so much fun talking with about little things like this. I hope you guys are having a fantastic day, if not . . . MY FRIDGE AND INBOX DOOR ARE ALWAYS OPEN!Noya Grin Icon 

[ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: let's chat again soon and hopefully the next time we meet will be at that 100th deviation! Oikawa Fist Icon 

[ YURI ON ICE ]  Nope. 
See you later! 

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