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Lyrical Brushes

By amaya-stock
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Brushes for photoshop 7+
Lyrics from:
within temptation
lacuna coil
leaves' eyes
..also, some poetry.

I'm letting everyone use please credit, if downloaded
..that's all i ask :)

:butterflytwo: Rules are here [link] :butterflytwo:
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Cool. I'm gonna use it but sorry if i forgot to credit if i post it already cause i have tons of brushes and sometimes i forgot who i got it from :) Thanks and Sorry in advance. :) :)
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merci pour les brushes

used here [link]
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Your brushes are beautiful.
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Gorgeous brushes you really made them something!
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Which is the Beseech lyric? I can't seem to find it... I'm guessing it's from Souls Highway, the only lyrics I'm not familiar with...
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"Fly into the sun, but never touch the light " -Between The Lines
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Oh right, thanks, I should've recognised THAT too! Sorry 'bout the late reply by the way. Good to see another Beseech fan on here.
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beautiful brushes :)
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love them, great job!
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This brushset looks great~! :heart: Thanks for sharing!! :D
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*downloaded* thanks! :clap: I will note you when I use them :)!
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the text is so strange !
Love it and download it !
(and then use it )
Thank so much !
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I was just surfing around and came across your lyrical brush, this is my first attempt to use brush in PS.
<img src="" width="240" height="180" alt="" />
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:D well done! hehe
thank you for linking me back :)
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