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HI every one :

Thank you for waiting. Now we can sell our art books to overseas!

You can buy a set and a full-color comic book.

The set including three art books(1.2.3) and 1 notebook(a,b(B is sold out)). Not retail. Each art book contains 32 pages.………
(you can flip the page in the end)

The full-color comic book contains 40 pages.…
(you can flip the page in the end)

1. The set is NT$ 800 (about $28USD)

2. The full-color comic book is NT$ 250 (about $9 USD)

You can complete your order as follows:

Step 1. Give me your address (including Country), then I can count how much the freight cost.

Step 2. Let me know what items you're interested.

Step 3. After these two steps, I'll email back tell you how much need pay.

Step 4. Payment by Paypal:

Step 5. Please give me your name and phone number for parcel delivery (it's Important).

Here is my E-mail:

Thank you.


Here are the freight cost on Ship & AIR

And some place we can't send it by Shipped, it's only AIR, sorry

Shipped is about 50~70 Days, AIR is about 15~20 Days

Freight costs are as follows

Australia:  Shipped   NT$280 (about $10 USD) ---- AIR  NT$625 (about $21 USD)

Canada:  Shipped  NT$340 (about $12 USD) ---- AIR  NT$695 (about $24 USD)

Finland:  only AIR  NT$820 (about $28 USD)

France:  Shipped  NT$400 (about $14 USD) ---- in AIR  NT$855 (about $29 USD)

Italy:  Shipped  NT$490 (about $17 USD) ---- AIR  NT$795 (about $27 USD)

Japan:  Shipped  NT$430 (about $15 USD) ---- AIR  NT$590 (about $20 USD)

Mexico:  only AIR  NT$870 (about $30 USD)

Peru:  only AIR  NT$840 (about $30 USD)

Russia:  only AIR  NT$895 (about $30 USD)

United Kingdom:  Shipped  NT$410 (about $14 USD) ----

USA:  Shipped  NT$380 (about $13 USD) ---- AIR  NT$720 (about $24 USD)

We will update when we know other Country price, Thanks all
Dear all:

Please e-mail content:
Letter please specify

1.Your budget

2.The deadline to complete work

3.Work details

Thank you